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  1. An internal discussion was held with the staff team getting thoughts on asset transfers. Overall the concensus was: Asset transfers should be allowed It should be application based Steps should be taken in order to prevent hoarding and bad roleplay on alts to benefit a main account (i.e. no roleplay, just script grinding.) With the information gathered durring the discussion, I wanted to hand it off to the community to also get their input on the rules and requirments we've drafted. Feel free to discuss your thoughts and anything you like or would like to change. Keep in mind, most of these rules are made in order to keep the game fair and reduce work load on staff in order to better serve the community with quick turnaround times on requests. Only cash and property will be able to be transferred. 1K minimum transfer. Assets such as vehicles, drugs, weapons etc can not be transferred. Non-cash assets are allowed to be sold prior to requesting the transfer in order to maximize the amount of cash requested to be transferred. All cash asset transfers will come with a 10% "realism tax" to account for transferring money made on one chracter to another character that had no relation. Obviously new characters don't just spawn rich but we don't want to make their actual efforts and grinding go to waste so 10% is a happy medium. It also serves as a money pit to help clear unused/hoarded money in the server to exercise the economy. All requests will have a 24 hour waiting period minimum to prevent abuse and situational advantages. (Example, trying to buy something but realize you don't have enough so you transfer you money within the hour and get what you want. This can be abused for stuff like gang wars to buy weapons, getting bail money, etc.) Players who intentionally and or knowingly circumvent this process (i.e. transfering to a friend, then returning the money to an alt) are subject to ban. Players who submit a request and transfer the money to another player or their alt before getting an approval are also subject punishment.
  2. So recently we've had an discussion on the timezone debate. We appreciate everyone's feedback and we've come to a decision. We understand that traditionally we have been all accustomed to EU time and it has always had its flaws for others around the world. Regardless of physical location, there will always be a timezone that is left out. Understandably the majority of servers come from the EU or eastern countries and this has become sort of a norm. Moving forward, we have made the decision to base the server in NY timezone for 1 month after launch. We will use this time to evaluate and listen to feedback based on the community and how well they can operate within the server during these hours. There are many great points that everyone has made, and we intend to counter many historical issues with the timezone with our policies in game. After this 1 month evaluation period, we will hold another poll, (this time with less timezones, -5GMT and 0GMT) and determine what is best suited for our community. Our community is always growing, especially since we aren't fully launched at the moment, so this is why it's important to get your friends involved with our project. We are well aware of many players who are not registered on the forum or are within the discord. This presents an issue for us in tracking our playerbase and insights into their geographic location. Once again, will evaluate this post launch for a period of 1 month and take feedback based on another poll and determine if we should revert back to the EU time that everyone is familiar with.
  3. Ayyye Can't wait for this one.
  4. https://discord.gg/3mFF3mR4WZ - Liberty Transit Authority discord I think we’re doing a decent job at promoting public transport. But in regards to players owning plenty of cars, that’s up to their characters decisions. We won’t interject ourselves.
  5. Can't wait to see your submissions!
  6. To all of our friends outside the US: https://constitution.congress.gov/constitution/amendment-2/ But today, states have been making it more difficult to aquire weapons and it's a hot button issue with school schootings. The supreme court recently made a ruling that a citizen does not need reason to carry a weapon and states that require a justification to carry one (security jobs, CCW etc.) are no longer required.
  7. Maybe this card should closely resemble a CAC card in the military? A picture, name, what department they work in, (job position possibly), bar code, silicon integrated circuit (IC) chip, and RFID enabled. This way the card grants them access to gates via the RFID reader, access to computers with the IC chip and all other essential information is displayed. Any sensitive info can be stored on the IC chip or in a database via scanning the bar code.
  8. Just take a step back from the computer and look around. Nothing in your life has changed and all of this is 1's and 0's. This is nothing to be upset about. This is all a game and we're trying to cater to the majority(the community) and make an enjoyable server. We do this to have fun. If you can't see yourself having fun here, no one is holding your hand to stay. We hope you find reason in our decision because at the end of the day, we are just GTA enthusiasts trying to make a fun place to hang our hat and play with friends. We're not a corporation, or a multi million dollar company. Just a group of friends. Just a game, pixels on a screen, and a group of people just wanting to have fun and to not argue.
  9. Sounds like someone i wouldn't want to run into
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    Hi matt welcome.
  11. I see your concern here and it is a valid one. We can possibly make different "chambers" if you will or a sub category of faction leaders that can forward concerns to the senate. Possibly they may not have any real weight or decision making other than their valued collective suggestion made to a senate member. It's a valid concern and we should talk more about this as the number of factions pop up. We will more than likely find our selves looking at over a hundred factions at some point in time so it may be a good idea to dive deeper into the criteria for having a seat at the table.
  12. I wanted to add to this since I'm actually involved in aviation IRL. Aviation maintenance is a huge part of flying aircraft. Maintaining records, scheduled inspections, unscheduled inspections, hourly, daily, engine hour inspections, conditional maintenance (lightning strike, bird strike, foreign object debris damage etc.) are just a fraction of how aircraft are kept air-worthy. Aircraft are delicate machines that can live a LONG life if taken care of properly. On average, 1 flight hour requires 10 man hours of work to keep an airplane flying. Providing a company with A&P (Airframe & Powerplant) FAA Certified personnel seems like a great roleplay experience. Airplane parts, tools, hazmat and other things are very costly. Maybe there are opportunities as a supplier to sell these parts to these companies, or even take an illegal route and smuggle them. Make connections with local LCN factions or a CEO and move their "precious" cargo through the skies of Liberty City and make deliveries on rooftops or car garages and make a speedy exit. See what I'm saying here? Any topic you decide on, there is a hustle for it both legal and illegal.
  13. I'm personally not filled in completely on the entire situation but here are my takeaways from what I've read. We want to provide a fair environment for everyone to play in. Management have nothing to gain by making "biased" decisions. That's an odd accusation to accuse someone of considering being in a management position in any community comes with significantly less play time than a new user, almost none since they are constantly working on the server. Unfortunately those who were on the FST team were removed and I can understand they may feel attacked or betrayed. It was a position you held very proudly and were working hard to better our community and if you are genuinely the person I'm describing, we thank you. With servers and video games, changes will come. Staff noticed an issue and a change was made. There are no hard feeling or grudges towards anyone, the simple fact that a correction was seen as needed and it was made. Everything we do is non-permanent. We die in a game and then respawn. Anything that is done can be reversed. The LCN can be taken out of power from the ports and a Chinese gang can be the new kings. If the LCN falls off in terms of roleplay, they may be taken off a permanent faction list. Nothing that we do here is so serious that it can't be undone. Unfortunately for your concern, some things we have done are done to create a "hit the ground running" approach to server launch. People will spawn in, everyone knows the situation with drugs, guns etc. and then it's fair game. We like to see strong emotion when it comes to our community, it lets us know you care. Good or bad opinions, it's all the same because you took the time out of your day to speak about us. Not everything we do will make people happy even though we try to keep it that way. I appreciate everyone's responses to this topic.
  14. What's restrictive about the tons of helicopter landing pads? Maybe create a company that owns a few helicopters and provides transport service for the rich from building to building? Maybe take an executive from the rooftop of his office building to the helipad in Alderney? I think there's plenty of aviation opportunities but it will be heavily helicopter focused.
  15. Welcome! I’m in the navy currently and I would love to see some maritime roleplay.
  16. Thanks again for another successful podcast. A lot of good topics covered. It’ll be up on YouTube soon!
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    👀👀👀👀yes please 😩
  18. Dis' guy looks a lot like Gigi Onions!
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    It’s being developed.
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