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    • 1. There won't be a relaunch until it's fully ready. It's why there is no date, but we're playing it month by month to see how things look before we announce any new date. 2. Different code in the earlier portions. There are some salvageable points of it that are being used, but some of it has to be re-coded. A dev would have to shed more light on that part though. 3. Mainly working on 4, and down the line we can expand to 8, 12, etc post.  4. Image is fixed.  Live progress can be found by connecting onto the server which is public for people to join, just as it was before launch. Nobody ever needed to "take our word," they just needed to connect to the very same server the devs work on that has been public for months. Unfortunately, some didn't do that and then wanted to claim something was hidden when it wasn't. We can lead a horse to water, but we can't make it drink. 
    • Got to agree with Adam here. Code improvements / streamlining / backend technical work have seemed to be the recurring theme of posts prior to both launches, and yet we still are here today. While Management might relay that there have been improvements and streamlining, I don't buy it, and with the lack of general activity and interest in LCRP it seems the community shares a similar sentiment. Prove us wrong by showcasing live progress, even if it's error ridden. I think the community will agree that we're all past the point of "taking your word" for testifying your own success. Unless you want to include the 1 non-staff member who liked this post, I don't, but you can.   While Garbage job was on V1 it worked at its foundation, unsure if it would be good enough to scrape the good chunks, I'd assume not. 
    • 1. Given that a lack of script jobs was a major factor in this whole relaunch thing - is little progress in two jobs (in almost two and a half months) enough progress to seriously consider a relaunch at all? 2. Garbage job was completed in an earlier version of the script - is this not salvageable to speed up development? 3. Roadmap is lacklustre to say the least - how many jobs would you like to see in the script before relaunch?   Also yes, the image link is broken.
    • Photo not working sir   Keep it going
    • April Update Introduction Hello everyone,   We have made it one month down the line from our March Announcement on the new path we would be taking. In that timeframe, we have been focusing on a lot of technical work behind the scenes to resolve some stability issues, and streamline some of the existing systems to make them more user friendly and accessible. We have also worked on ensuring some more foreign partners for the project for other language versions of LCRP to eventually be released to a wide audience of nationalities. We still have a long way to go, but we are steadily working towards our eventual re-release. The current partnerships we have compose of the following nations; Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Poland, South Korea, and Spain.  Founder Departure This may not be known to all, but the original founder of this project @papa ore has officially had to resign from the project and has been working to transition access and other necessary material to @Biography & @Brett. The reason for such a decision has been a long time in the works due to personal time limitations and real life work that prevented them from being anywhere near as active as they had hoped to be for months even before the original release of the product. In in the interest of transparency I will share his public message to the entire staff team;      We have full appreciation for oRe as none of this would have been possible without him starting it up, and although he can't remain with us we wish him the best of luck in future endeavors and will ensure he maintains a tag of honorary founder for all their work and contributions.    Staff Member of the Month We would like to give a special shout out to @phyziyx who is currently apart of the Development Team & Admin Team. Phyziyx has since they day they joined the project, been extraordinarily active and motivated to the project to even try to work on it in times they were supposed to be off fully from it. The amount of bug fixing, script creation, and development advice has been invaluable to the project and we are both honored and proud to have such a dedicated individual pouring countless hours and time into such a project in both it's high moments and low. We would like to extend a warm thank you to him for all this work, and to show that we really do appreciate all that they do behind the scenes even though people may not always get to see who it is that is driving some of the updates they may desperately want.    Scripting Updates As usual coding continues to work on the project, although the load will be a little lighter then last month due to working on some of the streamlining of current scripts and also having dedicated work to making the script be functional and workable to our international partners who will be using this code base as well. On top of this, some of the updates are made to administrative systems that players will not be interacting with and thus will not be mentioned. In short, we'll just provide some of the miscellaneous updates that have been getting worked on that can be said in a short list;   Command localisation.  (this means that each partner can do their own locale for cmds which was once hardcoded) One [account] can not create another character with the same name as their other characters (e.g. Phyziyx can have one character called Jack_Campbell, without affecting another player's ability to create another character also called Jack_Campbell.) Poker Script (Early-Stages.) Garbage Job (Early-Stages) Fishing Job (Mini-Game Completed, Early-Stages) Updated Uniform Script. (This was covered last month, but it is fully completed now. Video here.)  Smart Teleports (Ability to set an access point between two locations for an instant teleport.)    As usual, no where near an exhaustive list, but some of the high-lights.    Development Roadmap Planned Features This is the same list from last month, however as you can see we have made progress on quite a few items on this list already. This is not an exhaustive list, however once we manage to clear this section of the list we will focus on other features that are requested or necessary. But for now, the roadmap remains basically the same.    Job Script Fishing Job  Garbage Truck Job  Economic Script Hourly Paychecks based upon activity, Weekly Mortgages. Gambling Script Blackjack (With UI) Poker (With UI) Gaming Scripts (TBD. Subject to RageMP limitations on what this can be. Pool, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, etc being looked into.) Character Customization Plastic Surgeon (To change character appearance post-creation.) Tutorial Script   Closing Remarks Closing Statement Thank you for reading the April update. Progress has been made, and will continue to be made. We also acknowledge we have been a bit quiet then what we would usually be, but we are still very much doing our best to take our time and work this project into something people will actually enjoy and want to play. No date yet to be announced for when the re-release will happen at this time, you will need to stay tuned on future updates for when we officially change this status. Thank you for everyones contributions, and thank you for reading!   
    • looks like lcrp listened to what players wanted, hope the momentum can be maintained and updates are given on a more frequent basis
    • Looking forward for the re-release, amazing additions ahead!
    • This is just the beginning of a lot more to come for this community. Thank you everyone for sticking with us and we hope to bring you a great product very soon! 
    • It's been a hard journey so far. We will make it. We're still here, waiting. 
    • Pool hall, let's go!!!
    • Glad to see another update! 🙂
    • Good work to everyone involved!
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