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  2. U.S. Media Politics Opinion Business Entertainment Crime and law enforcement Crime and Law Enforcement - Published December 2, 2023 12:26 am EDT LCPD sees large numbers of officers resigning, faces budget cuts by Lockhart Administration Over 3,000 members of the LCPD quit or retired in the last year, severely straining the department The LCPD has lost thousands of members since last year and is on track to lose more according to leaders of Police Benevolent Association. Now the Department faces budget cuts by Mayor Charles Lockhart that may jeopardize its effectiveness even more. Most of the resignations and retirements seem to have been caused by the working conditions and low salaries that officers have been forced to contend with for a long time, but the perceived lack of support by local political figures in the face of protests against the police of the last few years also seems to play a role in these decisions. In this environment, last week City Hall unveiled a plan that announced unprecedented cuts to the budget of the Liberty City Police Department, whose executives will now have to deal with the consequences. “The LCPD staffing emergency is approaching the point of no return,” said a Police Benevolent Association (PBA) spokesman. "Every day one or two cops leave their job. Last March the Department lost 21 officers to resignations and retirements in the course of a single day. They simply cannot be replaced fast enough, and even if they were, recruits have nowhere the same amount of experience and knowledge about the job." According to former and current members of the Department who have spoken with Weazel 5 under the condition of anonymity, the main reasons behind the decision of many employees to leave are the taxing situations in which the Liberty City's Finest, especially precinct officers, are put. "The amount of overtime we are forced to go through is absolutely insane," commented a veteran Algonquin officer. "I've seen cops work two 12-hours tours consecutively, work a week straight, work on their days off. It kills whatever family life you might have at home and the sacrifice is simply not worth the effort for the wage we get, compared to the cost of living." The political climate is also creating turmoil inside the Department. Many uniformed members of the service, the official designation of sworn officers, don't feel represented by the Liberty City Administration and are convinced that Mayor Charles Lockhart is attempting to dismantle the LCPD through his actions. This view was also shared by former Chief of the Department Brian Turner, who himself resigned earlier this year and has previously accused the incumbent mayor of incompetency. Just last week Mayor Lockhart unveiled a new budgeting plan for the City of Liberty that includes an unprecedented 12.5% cuts to the Police Department. The move was made to fund a new municipally-sponsored aid scheme that seeks to assist business owners affected by the recent pandemic to re-open and to encourage entrepreneurs from all over the country to make Liberty City their new home with the goal of improving the economic situation of the "greatest city in the world". The PBA defined the plan "ludicrous" and "offensive to all hard-working officers", encouraging officers to stage "sick-outs" in an effort to make the Mayor change his mind and reverse the cuts. Mayor Lockhart was also criticized by several Republican opponents, including former Chief Turner, but defended his plan stating that the benefits will be seen long term. It hardly is the first time the Liberty City Police Department finds itself in the middle of a difficult situation and, in fact, in the last two years the Department has faced crisis after crisis. The appointment of Commissioner Timothy Wright was seen as a possible stabilizing move, however it was a short-lived hope as Wright resigned less than an year within his mandate and after a very public split with Chief Turner concerning the direction of the Department. His successor, Commissioner Andrew Antonelli, did not last long in spite of his efforts to reform the agency, and was eventually replaced by the current Commissioner, Shawn Laggan, a few months in. Sources internal to 1 Police Plaza allege that the police executives are already working to consolidate the Department to meet the new budget constraints and that the Patrol Services Bureau, the largest and most visible Bureau, will be particularly affected, with several citywide commands, including the famous Highway Patrol, being abolished and reassigned under the command of local precincts in an effort to pool as many resources as possible. A spokesperson for Lockhart’s office deferred questions to the LCPD about the staffing woes at the LCPD as well as Lynch’s and Snider’s comments. An LCPD spokesperson told Weazel News that "the LCPD remains committed to offering the best service possible to the citizens of Liberty City and plans accordingly to achieve its mission by monitoring attrition and address the loss of officers who entire or leave the Department for a variety of reasons."
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  4. Clientside mods will be available on launch
  5. Oh! Encountering a minor setback – the server lacks clientside mods activation. Personally, this is the only obstacle hindering my progress. Nrega
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  7. Dynamic Environment Guide What factors are affecting the general server environment? Political Corruption & Influence Bribery & Corruption Leveraging connections within the political sphere by bribing officials for protection or favors can secure you and your faction smoother operations, reducing risks of crackdowns or investigations and might give you leverage over a rival faction. For example, using connections in PD to organize a bust against your biggest competitor. World Impact: Corruption can lead to altered law enforcement behavior, affecting the frequency and severity of raids or investigations in the server. Political alliances can shape legal leniency or harshness toward certain factions or activities, impacting the risk levels of engaging in illegal activities. High corruption may result in civilian unrest with the help of friendly media, which you can use to make the necessary political maneuvers. Political Alignment & Different Interests Establishing alliances with influential figures or factions in politics could yield favoritism, potentially leading to relaxed law enforcement or exclusive access to resources. World Impact: The culmination of various legal and illegal interests may lead to unexpected events. If you are tired of the basic civilian roleplay you normally engage in, you should try forming a circle of people to truly experience what power in Liberty City feels like. Engaging with media outlets or influencing public narratives can sway public opinion, concealing or glorifying illegal activities. Utilizing media manipulation could serve to distract or cover up nefarious deeds or steer public sentiments favorably. World Impact: Positive media coverage might result in fewer law enforcement initiatives or civilian concerns, whereas negative press could heighten risks and prompt increased surveillance or raids. Networking, Collaboration & Diplomatic Maneuvers Cultivating strong relationships with other factions or suppliers for mutual benefit can secure reliable supply chains and strengthen market dominance. World Impact: Criminals may have stronger control of resources when they work together as opposed to resorting to wars. Why trigger police spotlight when you can make a deal with a rival with connections in the PD Detective Bureau? Negotiating with faction leaders has never been so exciting. Monopoly Tactics & Sabotage Monopolize certain goods by eliminating competition or controlling their distribution channels to gain advantage over others. Using spies or informants to gather crucial data on competitor movements, supply routes, or law enforcement crackdowns can inform strategic decisions. Targeting rival factions' supply chains or operations through espionage can disrupt their flow, weakening their position in the market. Other Information Gathering Using spies or informants to gather crucial data on competitor movements, supply routes, or law enforcement crackdowns can inform strategic decisions. Sabotage and Disruption Targeting rival factions' supply chains or operations through espionage can disrupt their flow, weakening their position in the market.
  8. Looks pretty damn interesting! Good luck, it's going to be !
  9. EARLY 2000s FRAUDS: PHONE SEX HOTLINE SCAMS TELETEXT, 1-800-LIPS on the right, 2002 In the 90s and early 2000s, grifters were swindling money through pre-authorization scams. These scams would function by the clientele calling in to the advertisement of a hotline which were displayed on payphone booth flyers or by running into a seductive television “tele-text” channel. Upon the caller's connection to an operator, an automated message would reply before the grifter on the other end of the phone line would begin conversations with a girl to carry out the sexual introductions. Or probably a guy with masculine features but a feminine vocal chord. The caller gets charged for additional time as they talk on the line, and the line gets the payment through the granted verbal authorization. Albert Sorisi's connection to small-scale easy money goes back to the late 90’s. His involvement in setting up a phone sex line as an associate alongside James "Jimmy Smalls" Heeney, (nephew of Charles Stango) in Sorisi's earlier days was short-lived due to the indictments announced by the U.S. attorney in Broker, which stated that Gambino crime family members advertised "free" samples of phone sex, horoscope or dating services but once customers made the call, a $40 monthly fee would be automatically added to their telephone bills. With the transpired scamming method in public media, Sorisi and Heeney's lowkey scamming gig broke off without any blowback. Sorisi later joined with his peers, Anthony "Whitey" Stango, son of Charles "The Hat" Stango, and Heeney around the prominently known mob hotspot "Honkers" during the mid and late 2000s as well as hitting scored with associate William Vitullo who leeched local businesses and set up gaming machines in and out of Alderney. James Reno, now a well-connected soldier helped orchestrate these scores before Sorisi's incarceration in 2012 due to extortion and assault charges. Affiliate, ALBERT SORISI, a/k/a "Pervie" not charged or mentioned in this complaint. LATE 2010s and 2020s, LIBERTY CITY'S ECONOMIC TURNDOWN After the Criminal Complaints against the DCF enterprise, Frank "Shipe/Frankie the Goombah" Nigro and unknown affiliates leaving the Honkers. Circa 2015 Following the recent pandemic, many Liberty City businesses have gone bankrupt. With the fallout in the DeCavalcante organization and the pandemic, Reno has taken the streetside upper hierarchical position for the crew in Leftwood. Upon the new status quo, the Reno Crew gained access to the Honkers Gentlemens Club. Allegedly, Frank "Shipe" Nigro has had access to the club as a silent partner who then allowed Reno and Reno's button-man Sorisi to run the club in a legitimate manner. Sorisi's persistent perverted nature with women and his history from a decade ago allowed him to close in on the Honkers Gentlemen's Club as its preliminary owner. Subsequently, he ended up owning the club legally with mundane paperwork. Between the mid-2000s and early 2010s, Sorisi used to shakedown ex-manager of the club to rake for weekly tributes. Currently, dirty Alderney across the West River is coveted for adult entertainment enthusiasts in contrast with the other more expensive boroughs in Liberty City. In Alderney, Honkers Gentlemen's Club serves mainly to blue-collars and the lower-middle class coexisting at Tudor, one mile north of Acter Industrial Park among Port Tudor.
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  11. So it looks like the majority want December. I recommend 23rd which is a Saturday so people can come in and get established, enjoy the holidays, then hop back in after Christmas is over.
  12. I feel privileged to be included in this group with such admirable individuals. Let's do our best together. Goodluck & Have fun.
  13. it is what it is people who want to rp, rp people who dont, get banned eventually
  14. StefanM

    Remove PKs

    I don't think that at this point, removing PKs will drastically reduce deathmatching or throwaway characters. As mentioned previously, removing PKs and forcing CKs upon everyone would hurt people who value character development. We have a set of CK rules that will be heavily enforced and players that are here only to troll and shoot will be punished. Seeing as the community mainly voted to keep the current system and the discussion is just going back and forth, I'll lock this thread for now.
  15. We're open for business! In our push to launch, we will begin to review business applications for people who are interested in having a business ready and waiting on Day One of server launch. We are committed to having a creative, dynamic, and fulfilling business environment to accompany our realistic economy to ensure players will have options to roleplay in a manner that fits their development, while also making profits for people who have the business savy to make major gains in the market. Information on the economics of the server may be found below for those who may have forgotten the plan. There has been some updates since then, but 99% of the framework as presented in the spoiler is still as accurate today as it was with only minor changes (EX: Commands are not accurate.) This is again still to be used in conjunction with the Simulated Market (Which will have more announcements post-launch), with the information also being found below. Business Regulations As we believe in LCRP that the grind of a server should not prevent you from roleplaying your characters appropriately, we are committed to ensuring that businesses are given to players for free, however there are some rules that must be followed that will be expanded upon in a separate topic but here are the highlights for now; You must roleplay with the business actively. Exact activity requirement will be set down the line, but if you are found to not be roleplaying with the business it will be taken away from you and you will have to wait a certain amount of time before you can repeat the process of gaining a new business. You must follow all server rules and regulations regarding how businesses must operate and function. (EX: Money placed in a business menu for salaries & basic utility bills, cannot just be stolen by a player as those are server protected assets. Only profits can be robbed as that is from the players rather then the server.) You must maintain a forum presence as well as an in-game presence with your business. As long as you are able to follow those basic three, you should be fine in the operation in your business. Additional regulation, procedures, and protocols will be released down the line and moderated by the Faction Support Team. Application If you would like a business, this is the place to request it. Keep in mind that any custom mapping will be the players responsibility, but with our in-game furniture script, this should be an easy task even for the most inexperienced person to easily custom map their business property once it is given. You will also before launch be given the opportunity to create your character, and go in-game to map your property if approved before server launch. Additional details on this process will come later, but questions are always welcome. The only requirement for you to apply, is that you have an accepted UCP application at the time of submission. Otherwise, this will result in an auto-denial.
  16. The factions initial pay can be found below. There has been one change to the way our ranking works. The initial goal was to do Firefighter I - IV as a sort of progression path without actually being a new rank per say. Due to the way the budgeting system is going to work I've decided to hold off on that for now. The biggest drawback with this system is if we fill the slots at say Firefighter IV then no one else can progress up to that level unless someone above them leaves the faction. While this is fine for Officer spots it is not entirely normal for regular members. We will be using BFI as the testbed for that sort of progression system to see how it works. If seen to be successful we will implement it across other parts of the Faction. In the meantime @Skygee and @Jorgensen have ideas on other forms of progression for Firefighters and I will be working on some for the EMS side as well.
  17. Ras

    Remove PKs

    I pretty much agree with every aspect of this.
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