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  2. If you remove Teamspeak, then people will just call on Discord and then it becomes completely unregulated. Currently, TS has always been regulated as best as it can. People will VOIP no matter what, and it's best it's done where things can be seen by faction management
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  4. This might help explain more. https://unreachednewyork.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Jamaican-Profile-Final.pdf
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  6. Reading the comments I feel like I'm a little out of touch and should read rather than write. It's one thing for PD to use it which technically has valid reasoning behind it even if I think it's advantageous for them and should be revamped. However I never knew VOIP was used that extensively for chatting. I remember a time people frowned upon /pming each other in-game, using OOC group chats, etc. because most of them turned into mixing IC/OOC sooner or later and started the whole OOC relationships phenomenon not to mention faction reports and drama when people accused each other of metagaming in situations that should've been resolved solely through roleplay. Times have definitely changed because any major OOC communication and or VOIP was considered poor standards for most factions that cared about organic and authentic in-game roleplay. Anyway, I reckon it's difficult to regulate and the mindset has shifted so it may be better to let the ball roll than try to push a rock uphill. Though I'm glad for the discussion.
  7. I mean okay remove TS channels, but we still have Discord and, y'know, phones. This isn't an issue. Making any regulation against people talking to other people on Teamspeak or Discord is futile as it is asinine. The game's better with friends. As for actual utility, what you have described is exactly how it already works (or, well, has worked since we don't actually have any policies on TS usage right now, but this is pretty common sense). You only use it for any IC comms when there's a situation where typing out things is just not feasible e.g. a chase. We're not all braindead who can't differentiate when is a good time to use it and when it is not. You didn't say this, but I'm just putting it out there for anyone who might think that way. And, naturally, if you don't want to talk to other people while you're roleplaying - just don't. Mute everything and do your own thing. Totally cool. I'm actually with you where I sometimes struggle with keeping up ICly because there's a bunch of shit being shot in the TS channel. But that's why I can mute so I can pay attention. For an added sense of realism, people roleplaying PD should call other cops frequently on the phone ICly. To shoot shit, order food, talk about some BS call they were just on, whatever. This way you can convert all that OOC talk into IC since this is what cops across the whole county I work at do all the time.
  8. Matty Mangano at a Brooklyn restaurant, 2021. Matthew “Matty” Mangano was born December 13th, 1958 in Hove Beach, Broker. Matthew had an older brother, Ronald Mangano, who was four years older than Matthew. Matthew’s father, Ciro Mangano, was a blue-collar, hard working first generation Italian-American immigrant, who immigrated to America with his parents when he was just a young boy. Ciro raised Matthew and Ronald with the principal of treating others with respect and not cheating your way through life. Ciro would often ask Matthew and his brother to shovel snow from their old neighborhood’s driveway, because he was too old to do it himself. Matthew’s mother was a beautiful Italian woman, who everyone in the neighborhood liked. She was well-educated, but married young, and in return spent most of her life as a housewife. Ronald and Matthew were complete opposites: Ronald was drawn to books and Matthew to toy guns. In High-school, Ronald thrived, getting strictly A’s, while Matthew struggled just to get a C. It wasn’t that Matthew was dumb, in fact, people described him as highly intelligent, it was the fact that Matthew simply couldn’t be bothered to keep his nose in the books. When Matthew was 19, he got himself a job at a local auto-shop in the neighborhood. Out of courtesy for his employer, Matthew showed up early to work. Matthew waited hours, before a garnet-colored, 1970 Cadillac Coupe DeVille pulled up in front of the shop. The door swung open, and out stepped a husky, grey haired man, kitted in a light-blue, patterned bowling shirt, a gold cartier watch and a small, gold pinky-ring. The man was Carmine Muscatelli, a respected member of the Lucchese Crime Family. Carmine sincerely smiled at Matthew and shook his hand with a firm grip. Within the first ten minutes of knowing Carmine, Matthew would have followed him through the gates of hell. Everyone loved Carmine Muscatelli. Carmine took a liking to Matthew and vice versa. With time, Carmine slowly started delegating tasks and jobs to Matthew. For once in his life, Matthew felt important, being the “bodyguard” of a well-respected Lucchese button. Matthew wasn’t shy of confrontation and he was eager to show that. Matthew started handling Carmine’s collections. Carmine gave Matthew the nickname “Caterpillar Matty” due to his caterpillar-like eyebrows. Matthew ran with Carmine for years, and when Carmine made captain, Matthew was first in line to getting made. December 10th, 1998, 3 days before his birthday, Matthew “Caterpillar Matty” was inducted into the Lucchese crime family. Matty was far from a big earner; he was a loyal dog, who stood beside Carmine for over twenty years before getting his button. In 1999, Matthew married his longtime girlfriend, Lorraine. In 2000 Lorraine gave birth to their first child, Michelle. Two years later, she gave birth to a boy, Anthony Mangani. In 2004, Matthew ran an investment firm in Lower Manhattan named TTF Investments. TTF operated under the Lucchese flag, and for the first time ever, Matthew was raking in serious money. TTF Investments generated 30 million dollars through stock fraud, until the FBI shut it down in 2006. Daniel Lucala (a young man on record with Matthew) testified against Matthew, not only mentioning the stock fraud, but also other lucrative businesses Matthew was involved in. Matthew was sentenced to 15 years in prison. In 2013, Matthew’s beloved wife, Lorraine, passed away from skin cancer, leaving their two children to live with Lorraine’s parents. Matthew was released from prison in 2021
  9. I mean, IT IS up to them whether to enact it or not.
  10. And this will be approved by the admins? xDDDDD
  11. Can I ask how strong is their presence is in New York? In term of population. I know Haitians would have strong presence due to many of them escaping the dictatorship of Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier but not the Jamaicans
  12. Maybe I'm old but in my day nobody ever used VOIP and it was prohibited by every faction I've been in. Times must've changed if you consider this normal. Well okay then. Forget about it. Actually, let me edit and correct myself. All the cases I know of illegal roleplayers using VOIP were reports for metagaming, and these were the ones they got suspected or caught not all the actual cases when they mixed IC/OOC. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I don't know you so it'd be judgmental to say you do.
  13. Haitians and Jamacians. Both have a large presence in certain areas of NYC and it'd be something new to see. I'd like to see any Asian Faction that pops up that isn't Korean, Japanese or Chinese. That'd be something new and neat. But to WatchingEye's point I am looking forward to all the cultures and seeing how they interact with eachother.
  14. If you can't type and talk at the same time well then that's your own short fall. It's quite easy to do and quite easy to keep the two separate. Kind of like how I am on a voice call right now typing this. It's quite easy to do and will easily be done. To counter your argument many many illegal roleplayers RP while in a discord VC, it's going to happen and you can't convince me otherwise that it won't. You'd be over-moderating something that isn't an issue, if it becomes one then that's a different story. But currently I don't think any factions plan on limiting the use of TS unless its on-duty channels and/or TAC. Sometimes the person that isn't in-game is working on casework or other forum work but just want to be able to talk to their friends. It's a game, we're here to play a game. To tell someone they cannot talk to their friend's is absolutely ridiculous.
  15. idk about you mfs, but when I see Rasta ass Jamaican RPers it just makes me happy, so yeah hope someone does that, cus I sure as fuck ain't gonna LOL
  16. The Irish, I would love to see more of them actually in places like Purgatory which is based off of Hell's Kitchen that had a large Irish presence, and I would love to see that community thrive. Of course, the Irish mob would be amazing to say the very least, I'd be down to help be apart of that and be apart of the community.
  17. With all due respect but are you fucking kidding me? Regular players can't use VOIP under any circumstances and you're over there shooting the breeze with your homies? You can't convince me there's no mixing IC/OOC when you're literally sitting on TeamSpeak roleplaying and talking about real life simultaneously. It distracts you from roleplay and there's major potential for metagaming. All the more reason VOIP should be limited to highly specific situations or prohibited altogether.
  18. Detective and investigative work can become quite stale at times. While yes we are here to roleplay but we are also here to play a game. If I am on a stakeout, I want to be able to roleplay actively, passively and then able to maybe talk to my friends about maybe something going on in the world or something going on in their life like a relationship or even death. Some of my best friends have been formed on Teamspeak.
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