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Koreatown 코리아타운


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    We are looking to portray a realistic Korean American community in Liberty City with an emphasis on plot development of the various groups in said community. With that being said, we are not solely focusing on one aspect of roleplay, whether that be legal or illegal. If you’re looking for a guns blazing faction or one that spoon feeds you content, then this is definitely the wrong faction for you.

    We will be starting our roleplay from the bottom to foster a natural sense of growth and development. If you would like to help shape the direction of roleplay in the Koreatown area, then this is definitely the right time to join. 


    How you roleplay your character is up to you but we expect that you take the time to research and seek advice when it comes to realistic portrayal. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to character kill any individual who associates themselves with the community. Please send a character kill agreement to myself if you intend on joining.



If you are interested in joining, please contact:





Special thanks to these sources for providing a wealth of knowledge on Korean organized crime!


Directly relating to Korean OCG in New York: 


Korean OCG in the United States: 


Korean OCG in General: 


Top Ten Best media for roleplay inspiration and capturing the atmosphere of Korean organized crime:

  1. A Dirty Carnival
  2. Nameless Gangster
  3. The Outlaws:
  4. New World
  5.  Rough Cut
  6. The Drug King:
  7. A Bittersweet Life
  8. The Show Must Go On
  9.  Breathless
  10. Outrage Series
  11. Sunflower



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Afrosamurai leading faction? this server is a joke


jk i love u so much i hope u are the greatest faction on this server



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I like the content, but the graphics could use some help. Good luck anyway, LC is a fun place for this sort of RP.

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