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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules


1 — Accounts

The responsibility of securing your forum account is yours. Ensure that you do NOT:

  • share your forum account information with anyone (including staff members)
  • click on any suspicious links
  • generate a weak and easily predictable password (e.g. 12345)

Creating more than one forum account is allowed, but if it is used for malicious purposes, you will be permanently banned.


You are allowed to send private messages to anyone unless they ask you not to. 


You are not allowed to advertise real-life products on the forums, including via private messages, unless another person has asked you to.


Users have a reasonable expectation of privacy. You are not forced to reveal IRL information or character names unless you feel comfortable.


Profile pictures and signatures must not display hatred or overly sexual content. If any text is present, it must be written in the English language.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I just got my forum account breached. How do I proceed?

A: Immediately inform a member of the Staff Team and if you still have access to the account, change your password. Either way, you must inform a member of the Staff Team.


Q: Can I have 3 forum accounts?

A: You can have 3 forum accounts, but if you are found to be abusing them (for instance, using an anonymous account to insult someone) you will be permanently banned.


2 — Participating in discussions

As a member of the community, you have the right to state your opinion on topics concerning the well-being of the community. You are allowed to reply to any topic you are interested in. Members of the Staff Team may not intervene and prevent you from sharing your opinion, unless:

  • you are making racist comments
  • you are making insults using sexual orientation, gender, religion or a disability 
  • you are posting pornographic material
  • you are spamming the respective discussion (spam is considered multiple posting after already having posted, emoji spam, or single word spam on a topic.)
  • you are engaging in an argument as opposed to having a civil debate
  • refrain from posting 1 word replies to topics as this is considered spamming. Alternatively, ensure when you reply it is in full sentences and conveys a message relevant to the topic explaining your response. 

We are a mature community and we expect the same from our community members. Arguing in discussion topics will not be tolerated. 


In addition to the abovementioned, ensure that comments being made on your behalf are written in the English language.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I share my opinion on something without knowing much about it?

A: Yes, you can. However, please make sure your comment is actually contributing to the discussion and is not there to simply exist.


Q: Some guy just quoted me and is trying to start beef, how do I proceed?

A: You simply report the person and ignore their comment.


3 — Being a forum content creator

As a content creator, you are allowed to request your topic to be locked/unlocked at any point. You can do so by reaching out to a member of the Staff Team.


As a content creator, you must ensure the topic you are creating is relevant to the forum category. For instance, creating a topic about videogames in the character and group development section is inappropriate. 


4 — Punishments


Punishments can vary from a warning to a temporary or permanent ban depending on severity. We expect all players to follow the forum rules at all times in order to ensure a good roleplay environment for others as well. If you believe someone has breached the forum rules, we encourage you to report the respective player.

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