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In-game Rules

Liberty City Roleplay

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Server Rules


Introduction & Definitions

The following topic concerns all in-game rules & regulations that members of the community must follow. The rules are written in the following manner for maximum clarification and easy use:


1. Rule overview

2. Rule definitions (if applicable)

3. Rule examples (if applicable)

4. Frequently asked questions


Common definitions:

  1. Involved party - witness, reporting party, reported party
  2. Witness - player(s) who observed a specific incident first hand and not through any other 3rd party
  3. Reporting party - player(s) who are creating a forum/in-game/discord report.
  4. Reported party - player(s) who have been reported through a forum/in-game/discord report.



Any in-game rule violations shall be reported only through the following channels of communication:


  1. In-game report system
  2. Forum report system
  3. Discord DM only for incidents that concern the stability of the server (hacking and mass DM)


If the correct channels of communication are disregarded by the reporting party, their reports will not be reviewed and will be discarded.


Administrative Punishments & Appeals

All in-game rule violations will be sanctioned in accordance with a unified baseline for administrative punishments which may be found HERE.


If you are an involved party in an administrative dispute/report and you are not satisfied with its outcome, you must forward a report to Management, as outlined HERE.


1 — Common Courtesy


  • OOC chat - any other chat excluding IC, phone, radio, /me, /do, /ame. 
  • Disruption of roleplay - intentional or unintentional actions on behalf of 1 player or more in a roleplay scenario, that have led to the scenario being paused or focused on OOC chats, as opposed to IC chats.
  • Clarification - question(s) directed to any involved party regarding a roleplay scenario that you are involved in. The questions should be limited and not continuous in order to stall/prevent roleplay.



Players are expected to remain civil with each other when out-of-character. Do not intentionally disrupt, harass, spam, troll or degrade the experience of other community members. 


1.2.1. Administrative Disputes

Instructions from a server administrator are final and may not be disputed in-game. If you believe an administrator's decision is unjustified, discuss it with the administrator through private messages on the forums or report it to the server's management through the above-mentioned channels.


1.2.2. Disruptive Roleplay

Players must remain in-character at all times and use logic when interacting with others. Logging in-game for the purpose of robbing, DMing, evading the police, or any other action that does not contribute to the meaningful development of your characters, will be sanctioned. If questioned, players are expected to justify their actions and explain their character's IC motivation with plausible and consistent reasons. The detail of RP involved is also considered.


1.2.3. Pausing & Voiding Roleplay

Players may not ignore, pause, or skip roleplay without permission from an administrator. Out-of-character (OOC) chat must be limited and if used, not be disruptive to roleplay. Players are not required to respond to out-of-character chats UNLESS a server administrator is interfering in a situation OR a player is seeking for clarification during or after a roleplay scenario in which they are directly involved in.


If you are the player who seeks clarification, you must do so via a private in-game/forum/discord message unless such are disabled. The usage of /b must be a last resort and should not be used in situations involving more than 4 players. 


Players are allowed to disregard a roleplay scene as long as ALL parties involved agree to it.


1.2.4. Administrative Response

LCRP has adopted the "NO PAUSE" policy in regard to roleplay scenes. This means that an administrator will usually NOT pause the scene and will spectate until it is concluded. If the administrator makes the determination to question all involved parties afterwards, they might do so in-game. It is then that you are allowed to ignore IC chats and dispute the legitimacy of the scene. 


In addition, some reports will not be handled in-game and you will be referred to the forums. If the outcome of the report is in your favor, an admin can identify your scene as "voided".




  • Players A and B have engaged in a roleplay scenario. Player A is attempting to rob player B, however, the victim disputes the roleplay via OOC chats and refuses to roleplay.
  • Players A and B are actively roleplaying. Player A uses OOC chats to extract more information, however is ignored. Player A quits the game as a result.



  • Players A and B have engaged in a roleplay scenario. Player A is attempting to rob player B, however, the victim makes a report and proceeds with the roleplay.
  • Players A and B are actively roleplaying. Player A used OOC chats to extract more information, however is ignored. Player A does not quit the game and proceeds with the roleplay, then submits a report against player B for failure to cooperate with providing clarification.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Am I allowed to skip a car crash?

A: You are allowed to skip a car crash as long as you have consent from the other party involved.


Q: Am I allowed to AFK during roleplay?

A: Yes, as long as you don't stay AFK for a large period of time that will affect the roleplay scene. However, you should avoid being AFK in public.


Q: Am I allowed to pause roleplay and wait for an administrator?

A: No, you must proceed with the roleplay scene until it is concluded. An admin may respond to your report and specate, however, they will usually await until the scene is concluded.


2 — Complying with unscripted roleplay


  • Unscripted roleplay - any in-game and in-character action that is not supported via script, but is within the boundaries of real world possibilities. In most cases, those include law enforcement investigations and FST schemes.
  • Relevant party - any in-game, IC and/or OOC parties that must extract specific and relevant information aiding their roleplay.
  • Evidence - any in-game IC material relevant to the scene.



Some roleplay scenarios do not have a script to support them. In such cases, you are required to comply with a request from a relevant party. 


2.2.1. Challenging & Disputing Requests

If you wish to challenge a request, you must provide evidence of your roleplay that could counter the argument provided. The evidence must be obtained through legitimate means within the rules of the server with unedited screenshots and/or videos. Chatlogs may be used as supplementary evidence only unless confirmed to be legitimate by a member of the admin team, through clearly defined staff investigation guidelines.


You are not allowed to ignore such requests at any time unless an administrator has granted such permission.


2.2.2. Refusal to comply

Refusal to comply will allow the investigator to answer all their questions on your behalf and proceed with their investigation without consulting you OOCly. You will also receive an administrative punishment.




  • Your DNA or fingermarks being left at a crime scene - They can and might be retrieved ICly unless you provide the investigating party with evidence of you wearing protective equipment that would realistically avoid your character leaving their fingermarks at the scene. 
  • CCTV cameras - any CCTV camera that may have realistically caught your character's appearance, face, or vehicle, will be used in an investigation or other means of roleplay. You are exempt from that rule only if you provide the relevant party with evidence such as your face being covered with a facemask or your vehicle's license plate being concealed. 
  • Recording devices - a player you are interacting with may RP that they have secretly recorded your conversation. If that player has evidence to prove how they realistically conducted the recording, you are required to comply.
  • Criminal and civil investigations - you are required to answer any OOC questions forwarded by a relevant investigating authority, whether it is criminal or civil. You are required to provide truthful OOC answers to the questions you are being asked.



  • An investigator DMs you with request to provide any evidence of attempts to conceal your identity during a crime you were suspected of committing. You ignore the request.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I provide a relevant party with evidence?

A: You compile your evidence and provide it to the relevant party via a forum or discord message.



Q: An investigator challenged my evidence and told me it is not legitimate. What do I do?

A: You are to proceed with the roleplay and create a forum report under 2 -- Complying with unscripted roleplay. An administrator will review your evidence and make a final decision as whether it is legitimate or not.


3 — Cheating, bugs and usage of 3rd party modifications


Players may not cheat, hack, or in any other way use 3rd party game modifications that affect or give an unfair advantage over other players. You are not allowed to harbor such behavior either.


Modifications that only alter the gameplay experience for the person using the modification are allowed. If you are unsure whether a modification is allowed or not, do not use it or consult with a member of the admin team.


Players cannot abuse bugs in the game or script and have an obligation to report any known bugs or flaws in the game.


Due to the diversity of modifications, each will be treated on a case-by-case basis.


Harboring players who use prohibited modifications is a breach of this rule.




  • Modifications that alter your vehicle/clothing/weapons mods but do not do so for other players.



  • Modifications such as flying, infinite HP, ability to spawn money, etc. Any modification that gives you an unfair advantage over other players.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I've accidentally stumbled upon a bug and received money as a result of it. What do I do?

A: You need to immediately notify a member of the staff team or report the bug on the forums.


 4 — Uncommon Roleplay and Creative Freedom


  • Uncommon roleplay - any roleplay act that is not mainstream and requires consent, admin permission or both.
  • Creative freedom - the creative freedom that every player is entitled to.
  • Consent - agreement by a relevant party to partake in your roleplay.



LCRP has adopted the "freedom of opportunity" policy, however, certain acts have specific restrictions to ensure they are not misused and that all involved parties are comfortable with them. In this section, you will find information pertaining to some of the most controversial acts and whether you are allowed to RP them or not.


4.2.1. Disallowed Concepts

LCRP has restricted players from roleplaying below the age of 16. This also restricts any roleplay surrounding pedophilia, therefore such is absolutely prohibited. Any other roleplay is not regulated and falls under creative freedom.


4.2.2. Uncommon Roleplay Concepts

Uncommon roleplay concepts MUST ONLY be conducted when ALL of the following requirements are met:

  • The act is taking place indoors.
  • The act is taking place outdoors, however, not visible to the public. This means that no IC chats visible by any players close to you, who is not directly involved in the scene.
  • The act has been approved by all relevant party and consent has been obtained from the "victim".
  • The act has been approved by a member of the admin team.


With regard to uncommon concepts, LCRP has adopted the "VAGUE LANGUAGE" policy which disallows players from engaging in detailed explanation of their acts, no matter if all relevant parties agree to detailed language.


Vague or simple language refers to the use of language that is not detailed or explicit in its description. It generally involves using general terms and phrases to convey a basic understanding of a situation without going into too much detail or providing specific information. For example, using the phrase "he hit him" instead of "he punched him with a closed fist" would be an example of using vague or simple language.


4.2.3. Uncommon Roleplay Scenarios (URS) 

The following mandates the requirements listed in 4.2.2.

  • Rape
  • Sexual harassment (including acts ranging from inappropriate touching to rape) 
  • Necrophilia
  • Cannibalism 


4.2.4. URS which only require admin approval


  • Serial killer RP (granted on the grounds that your character has valid reasoning. Usually, CK permission is given in order to facilitate RP and induce IC fear, as well as to motivate the respective law enforcement agency to conduct proper investigations). The number of serial killers may not exceed 1 per month. If there is an active serial killer, you will not be granted permission. When a serial killer is no longer active, there is a cooldown period of 2 months to ensure that the system is not abused. The level of detail is not regulated, however, any requests on behalf of the victims with this regard must be respected, otherwise you will be breaking the rules.
  • Terrorism (CK rights may be granted, but you will need to provide detailed reasoning for your actions and your character will be spectated for a certain period of time to ensure that you are roleplaying your development properly, prior to you receiving permission).
  • Bank robbery (refer to rule 7)
  • Destroying residences and business (refer to rule 9)


4.2.4. Roleplay Scenarios which do not fall under URS

  1. Robbing a business
  2. Shooting inside a business (of all kinds, excluding safe zones) 
  3. Racism


  1. Serial killer RP (granted on the grounds that your character has valid reasoning. Usually, CK permission is given in order to facilitate RP and induce IC fear, as well as to motivate the respective law enforcement agency to conduct proper investigations). The number of serial killers may not exceed 1 per month. If there is an active serial killer, you will not be granted permission. When a serial killer is no longer active, there is a cooldown period of 2 months to ensure that the system is not abused. The level of detail is not regulated, however, any requests on behalf of the victims with this regard must be respected, otherwise you will be breaking the rules.
  2. Terrorism (CK rights may be granted, but you will need to provide detailed reasoning for your actions and your character will be spectated for a certain period of time to ensure that you are roleplaying your development properly, prior to you receiving permission).
  3. Bank robbery (more explained in rule 7)
  4. Destroying residences and business (more explained in rule 9)
  5. Rape (this requires both player consent and admin permission)


4.2.5. Corruption

Corruption falls within the boundaries of creative freedom, therefore no OOC entity will govern ANY corruption regulations within factions, with the exception of Judiciary and the FBI. Therefore, corruption must be handled entirely ICly unless specifically instructed by an administrator.


Government officials who engage in corruption activities immediately grant relevant parties with CK permission (refer to rule 7).


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If I have been granted serial killer permission, am I excluded from offensive role-play?

A: No, you are not. You must still abide by the consent rule.


Q: If a person has not given me consent to conduct cannibalism but they have been PKed, am I allowed to do so?

A: You are not allowed to do so.


Q: Can I be corrupt as a probationary officer or a Bureau Chief in the LCPD?

A: Yes.


5 — Metagaming


The use of out-of-character information to affect a player's in-character decisions is prohibited. Any actions made by a player must be based on the knowledge that the player has gathered through in-character means only. The descriptions of a player's actions cannot describe anything other than the specific action being carried out. Sharing information that other characters would not possibly interpret is not allowed.


5.1.1. Sharing of OOC  Information

Players may not act on, or pass on information from an alternative character to their main character for the purpose of gaining an advantage over a situation. Sharing miscellaneous information within your own characters is allowed, as long as it is not giving you an advantage. 


For example, if one character has access to information that another character does not, and that information would significantly impact the outcome of a situation, sharing that information would not be allowed. Similarly, if a character is able to use out-of-character knowledge to make a decision that would not be possible based on in-character information alone, that would also be prohibited.


Sharing OOC information with other players pertaining to IC situations is prohibited.


5.1.2. The LCRP Forums

The community forums and their subdomains are out-of-character unless it is stated that content in a forum section may be used in-character (ex. news articles section, business section). Therefore, any information obtained from OOC sources must not be used ICly.


The only exception to this rule are faction topics which contain any information associated with news/government reports. In such cases, law enforcement has access to that and may use it against you in their casefiles.


5.1.3. Usage of software for OOC communication

Players are not allowed to utilize any software for the purpose of OOCly communicating in-game events and scenarios. This includes both written and verbal communication.


5.1.4. List of factions allowed to utilize software for OOC communication

Members of the following factions must ONLY utilize voice communication for specific incidents as regulated by their respective faction leadership. Usage of voice communication for any other purpose is a breach of this rule.

  • LCPD
  • FDLC (Fire Marshal Bureau)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation - Liberty City Field Office


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Am I allowed to use VOIO for my faction?

A: Only if your faction is listed in 5.1.4.


6 — Powergaming


It is prohibited to give your own character an unrealistic or unfair advantage over other players via in-game emotes or actions. Unrealistic behaviors and character traits that do not exist in real life, such as superhuman strength, are prohibited. This also means players are expected to RP fear accordingly.


6.1.1. Injuries

Players must avoid abusing limitations of the script. This means that players should not disregard injuries or other setbacks their character might experience, in order to gain an advantage in the game.


6.1.2. Fair Play

Players must allow other players to react to their character's actions in a reasonable and realistic manner, rather than simply dictating the outcome of a situation. This ensures that all players have an equal chance to participate and contribute to the game.


In the event of uncertainty, players are encouraged to seek clarification from PST or administrator. 


6.1.3. Usage of NPCs

NPCs are not entities which are visible in the server, however, a common sense approach dictates that LC consists of a big population. Due to player limitations, players are expected to accept that NPCs are in the city. 


NPCs such as forensic experts, shop keepers, bank accountants, etc. are allowed and players may use this if such actual players are not available.


You may not use this loophole to abuse the system by claiming to have obtained information about other players from NPCs unless approved by an administrator.




  • Player A uses specific narcotics (stimulants). Player A proceeds to act erratically and conduct actions which may not be considered "normal".



  • Player A using other players' nametags and pretending they know their identity without having such IC information.
  • Player A forcing their actions on another player's character without giving them a fair chance to react.
  • Player A abusing the limitations of the script, and roleplaying surviving serious and severe injuries which historically have resulted in fatalities.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Am I allowed to shoot a cop whilst being arrested?

A: You are allowed to open fire on the grounds that you are not surrounded by a group of officers. You are allowed to open fire on the grounds that you are role-playing fear properly.


Q: I run a news network, can I use other agencies such as FOX, CNN, OAN etc. for references or sources for my articles?

A: Mention the usage of media that is not used in-game. FOX, for example, is known as Weazel 5. 


7 — Deathmatching


  • Physical attack - any attack by a character against another, with or without the usage of any objects.
  • Serious provocation - continuous psychological pressure by a character against another, including derogatory language, insults, threats. A single incident does not define continuous provocations.
  • Internal serious faction conflict - any faction conflict between 2 or more faction members, regardless of the faction type, who have engaged in serious conflict such as coups, bribery, corruption, physical attacks.
  • Corruption kills - any member of a legal faction who engages in a corruption scheme with you automatically grants you a CK permission. You may CK the player for any reason.



Players may not attack or kill other players without a relevant in-character reason. Within the boundaries of the game, murder is a serious act and cannot be carried out without realistic provocation or reasoning.


7.1.1. Types of IG kills

In-game kills are divided into 2 categories: player kills (PK) and character kills (CK). 


7.1.2. PK Justification

  • Robbery
  • Attempted murder
  • A physical attack by another player (provoking the player so they can attack you and grant you PK is a breach of this rule)
  • Extortion 
  • Blackmail
  • Serious provocations (such must be direct or through a 3rd party. Note that abusing this loophole will result in serious punishments)
  • Internal serious faction conflict
  • Theft of any personal objects/belongings
  • Any other justification not listed, but approved by an administrator


7.1.3. CK Justification

  • Internal serious faction conflict
  • Corruption
  • Blackmail
  • Extortion 
  • Agreement to CK rules by a specific faction
  • Extradition in case of characters roleplaying as illegal immigrants
  • Any other justification listed HERE
  • Any other justification not listed, but approved by an administrator


If a player is killed, they lose all knowledge of the characters and events surrounding the death, and may not seek revenge in response to their own death, ever.


7.1.4. Ambiguity 

Deathmatch is a complex rule and difficult to define with accuracy. Therefore, players are encouraged to seek advice from an administrator in cases where they are uncertain. If they haven't done so and committed death match unintentionally, they will still be punished with administrative action.


As a general tip, avoid risking your character's life if you are pulled over with drugs, weapons, etc. Such situations will be treated on a case-by-case basis.




  • Player A kills player B who is a police officer and has engaged in a corruption scheme with player A.
  • Player A kills player B who is a police officer. Player B has no incriminating evidence, but has roleplayed serious mental health issues and is able to prove that with evidence, if enquired.
  • Player A kills player B who has threatened to kill or injure player A more than 2 times.
  • Player A kills player B who had attacked player A 1 week ago.
  • Player A kills player B as a result of a bar fight. Player B was the provoker and the aggressor. 



  • Player A kills player B who told him he is an idiot.
  • Player A kills player B for pulling him over when player A has no outstanding charges or incriminating evidence. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I kill someone for stealing my car?

A: You should avoid doing that, but it depends on the incident and its context. If you are not sure, refer to PST or an admin for clarification.


Q: Someone insulted and robbed me, can I kill them?

A: You are allowed to kill someone that has robbed you, but you must bear in mind that that must be done properly and you should RP fear and the possible consequences of your action.


8 — Robberies and Scams


Players can participate in robberies or be victims of robberies and scams, regardless of their in-game level. However, players who use low-level accounts exclusively for scamming will face administrative punishment. There is no limit on the number of times a player can be scammed and/or robbed. Players may not name change within one week after scamming another player.


8.1.1. Money limits:

There is no limit to the amount of money that can be robbed from a player and there is no limit on the amount of money that can be obtained via scams. 


8.1.2. Personal possessions:

Players should be aware that any in-game possessions they carry on their person, including large amounts of cash, are subject to being stolen by other players. It is encouraged that players store large amounts of cash in their bank accounts to avoid losing it during robberies or scams.


8.1.3. Bank Robberies:

Bank robberies can be performed but would require admin approval beforehand. The rules that apply for bank robberies are as follows:


  • There must be at least 15 LCPD members on duty
  • You need to explain the planning details to the admin handling the heist approval
  • Legal casinos or betting shops are allowed to scam players
  • Illegal gambling is allowed


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: A level 1 player just stole 5,000$ from me! Is that allowed?

A: Yes, that is allowed as there is no in-game level rule that restricts a player from committing a robbery.


Q: I was traveling with a suitcase containing 500,000$. That was stolen from me. Is that allowed?

A: Yes, what is on you is on you. 


9 — Crime Free Zones


  • violent crime - any crime involving the risk of human life.



The following locations are 'crime-free zones', meaning you are not allowed to commit violent crimes in those areas unless the roleplay leads to them:


  • New player spawns.

  • All governmental buildings.

  • Scripted job locations.

  • Prison (exception applies when there's at least 4 correction officers online).


Types of crimes you may not commit in those areas:


  • Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Beatings
  • Robberies


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I was attacked in front of the player spawn for no reason. Is that allowed?

A: No, that is not allowed and you should report the player that attacked you.


10 — Miscellaneous Property Rules


Players may not damage or destroy another player's residence property without a proper in-character reason. If a player wants to severely damage or destroy a house or a business, they must require permission from the Admin Team. Depending on the severity of the damage to the property/business, access to it may be restricted by the administrator for a period of time, which will be provided to both the perpetrator and victim of the crime via an IG or forum notification. Any severe damage or destruction to the property will result in a notification to both the perpetrator and the victim, and access to the property may be restricted for a period of time as deemed appropriate by the administrator.


Property Inactivity

Houses will automatically be sold if a player has not logged in for more than 3 weeks. Donators may keep their houses for a certain period of time despite inactivity, depending on the player's donation level.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: My gang wishes to destroy a business because our member was attacked by our rival gang which holds the business. Is that allowed?

A: You will most likely be denied as destroying a business requires a more serious reason. If you have been attacked constantly or if your criminal activity has been disrupted by your rivals, then you will be granted such permission.


11 — Asset Transfers


Players are allowed to transfer assets via OOC means, with administration approval and logical justification.


11.1.1. Types of Asset Transfers

  • Only cash and property will be able to be transferred.
  • Assets such as vehicles, drugs, weapons etc can not be transferred.


11.1.2. Other Regulations

  • Non-cash assets are allowed to be sold prior to requesting the transfer in order to maximize the amount of cash requested to be transferred.
  • All cash asset transfers will come with a 10% reduction from the original sum.
  • All requests will have a 24 hour waiting period minimum to prevent abuse and situational advantages.
  • Players who intentionally and or knowingly circumvent this process (i.e. transfering to a friend, then returning the money to an alt) are subject to punishment. Players who submit a request and transfer the money to another player or their alt before getting an approval are also subject punishment.
  • The request must be logical, meaning that you have a valid reason to request it. Transferring assets to a character who is suddenly roleplaying your family sibling or a long time friend with no evidence to confirm your history will be denied.


12 — Miscellaneous Rules

  • Management reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend you from playing if they deem you unfit for the server, regardless of your account status.
  • Players may not have more than one UCP account and should not share their account information to another person.
  • Character applications cannot be shared and must be written solely by the player submitting the application.
  • Players are responsible for any other players sharing their IP address. Punishments for rule violations may be applied to all players using the same IP address, including permanent bans from the server.
  • Players may not use a VPN or proxy server to access the community forums or game server.
  • Players may not sell, buy, or trade in-game assets for real-life assets.
  • Players may not name change if they are being sued.
  • Players are not allowed to name-change if they are aware that their character is being investigated by an agency. If a player is caught doing that, their old name will be restored and the money they have paid for the NC will not be refunded. 
  • Characters must have realistic names. The names of celebrities and fictional characters cannot be used unless the name is common and coincidental.
  • Users have a reasonable expectation of privacy. You are not forced to reveal IRL information or character names via OOC means unless you feel comfortable.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I name changed without knowing that my character was being investigated, what do I do?

A: In such situations, you will not be punished. Legal factions with investigative powers will have to inform you OOCly that you are being investigated if they wish to stop you from NCing.


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