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Hip-Hop: The World's Favorite Genre


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ARTS, 5/7/2023


Hip-Hop: The World's Favorite Genre

By NEVAEH KNIGHT, Executive Editor                

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Hip-Hop, since its initial boom in the 80’s and 90’s has been one of the largest, most profitable and most listened to genres among the population with 26% percent of music listeners world wide preferring the fast-flowing rhyme scheme. Being the most listened to in the US and UK and being placed 6th worldwide, it’s clear that something about its poetry-esque style is alluring to those who listen to it.


Naturally, Hip-Hop comes in many styles. The most frequent being gang rap with rappers like Polo G,  Lil Baby and Lil Dirk to name a few. Vulgar lyrics, drugs and a cruel representation of the streets is what’s presented in this type of music. Some feel attracted to this type of music because it’s what they view as “real”. An uncensored look at the violence and disparity experienced in America’s low-income neighborhoods.


However, Hip-Hop isn’t always so violent as in the cases of rappers like NF, Eminem or JID where lyrics come first. This brand of rap is more akin to poetry. There is an emphasis on lyrics and speed, rhyme schemes and flows. “The Heart of Rap” so to speak. I know I, and many others who grew up in the 90s prefer this breed of Hip-Hop because it’s what originally moved the genre to its current popularity. It takes a certain amount of skill and talent to be able to write songs that are both lyrically impressive and pleasant to listen to. In more recent times, newer rappers such as YNW Melly or Juice WRLD have added melodies to their raps, expressing a vocal talent for singing blended with the flows and rhymes of traditional Hip-Hop.


Hip-Hop has definitely caused a cultural shift, especially among young people who are its primary demographic. With the emergence of SoundCloud, giving everyone a platform to grow as an artist, many of the world’s youth have decided to give it a shot and plunge themselves into the world of Hip-Hop, never to be seen again. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but it’s true! Many young adults are lured in by the chance at money, status and fame acquired by musical talent and it’s a sad reality that few will ever really make it, but why? Well, it’s an oversaturated market. With Hip-Hop being so popular, naturally there are a lot of rappers who are already established with a style, following and a label to advertise them. If you’re thinking about making music, someone has already done what you’re doing and your only option is to try to be better.


Hip-Hop is a staple of modern music and has most definitely proven itself to be one of the most diverse and open genres. One that almost anyone can listen to and at the very least, tap their foot. It’s opened the doors for many different kinds of rap whether it be melodic, gang or lyrical. It’s one of the fastest growing industries in music and is only headed upwards so it’s no surprise that so many people want to jump on that train. It’s left only to the imagination of those who have still yet to come up to decide where that train goes.

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Nevaeh Knight - Executive Editor and Journalist for the Liberty Tree. Host of The Knight Watch podcast.

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