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Community Update - #004 - It's Time to Wind Up


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This post is dedicated to all current and former staff members






Screenshot 2023-03-06 152536.pngHi, all.


We have made great progress over the past month. Day-to-day development, testing and bug fixing allowed us to rapidly speed up the development progress whilst ensuring a quality product is on the way.


V2 of LCRP contains 74 major scripts, some of which include sub-scripts. At this moment, 71 of those scripts are completed or in the process of being completed (resolving bugs), with 4 scripts remaining to be developed. This measures a development progress of 95.95%.


You can refer to the newly updated version of the development roadmap to see more details.


The "COMMUNITY PROGRESS" bar showcases the readiness of various staff teams for launch, including various community systems and schemes which will be published soon.


A big contributor to this success is @phyziyx who recently got promoted to Senior Developer. Congratulations and a big thank you for your devotion to this project!


Big thanks to @Effect and @LackingAName for the non-stop work on our map!


Our thanks extend to @Nikolai and @Nature for their devotion to this project. Whilst Nikolai will be away during approximately 25th of this month, development will continue, although slowed.


As a community manager, I am proud of our team for not giving up on a nearly 3 year effort with numerous obstacles, issues, arguments and essentially having to start development from scratch just a few months ago. I hope this fact proves that this team cares about the community and that we do not give up no matter what difficulties we face. Whilst I can write numerous paragraphs about the nature of issues we've faced, I don't think you guys would be interested in that. I want to thank the rest of the staff teams for essentially working for free, some of them doing so for nearly 3 years. Spending huge chunks of their free time on a daily basis is not easy, especially when we were being accused of being scammers. There are no words to explain my gratitude towards everyone involved in this project.


We also wish good luck to another famous project (LSRP) which is entering its final testing period as well.


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We are excited to share that the majority of March will be dedicated to testing, in order to ensure that we deliver a quality product.


We are taking a deliberate and calculated approach to ensure the production of a high-quality product, one that stands apart from poor replicas and serves as a testament to our dedication to excellence. As we cautioned, hastily-produced imitations are destined for a failure. This outcome comes as no surprise, as it was motivated by malice and executed without the necessary care and attention to detail required for success. 


A product is not simply a script, a UCP, a map. A product is an organism, a totality of numerous factors. When rushed, it only leads to failure. With a roleplay product, the quality should be measured by the server's long-term direction, scripts, staff representation and competence, and a multitude of other critical details. Theft and mockery not guarantee success. 


We want to reassure you all that our team is taking the necessary steps to create an enjoyable, story-telling RP server and we will differentiate why the real LCRP will be better:


  • New management - a team that is open-minded, cooperative and always willing to explore new concepts.
  • Better map - we have spent months fixing all major map bugs and we will continue to do that after launch.
  • A story - we allow you to become part of the LC lore and be a factor when it comes to how the city will evolve.
  • Realistic economy - say goodbye to the unrealistic pricing you are used to and enter the new world.
  • Cutting down on admin bureaucracy - we support roleplay and denounce any bureaucracy that hinders it.
  • Fair treatment and transparency - we hold our staff members accountable and we treat respectful people with respect.
  • Events - you will experience a plethora of IC events during your experience on LCRP.
  • Surprise, surprise (TBA)


We do not claim that LCRP will be the next big thing, but we are proud to claim that we offer an actual alternative. One that is based on story-telling which is the foundation of the RP concept. 


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1. Preparing for public testing in ending of March/early April

2. Finalizing the new version of LCRP's landing page

3. Preparing upcoming discord changes

4. Pushing major map fixes

5. Continuous testing of map + server features 

6. Creating new topics for server documentation including media footage to reflect V2 changes

7. Server security


As we approach the public testing phase, which marks the final stage before the official server launch, we are pleased to announce that we are working towards releasing the final trailer and confirming the official launch date following the first initial public testing sessions in March. While we are optimistic that we will meet the planned launch date, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we will refrain from disclosing the official launch date until after the initial public testing sessions have concluded.


Congratulations to the entire team for reaching this milestone!


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public testing as in we can get in game and roleplay and test the features, or empty server, test and wait for server launch? @Biography

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Been a long road, Bio. Happy to see the rapid approach to launch. Well done all involved.

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Much love to all Staff Members who've worked tirelessly on this project.


@Brett @Biography @Crunchy Great people and even better friends. 







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Lead Administrator





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