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Some numbers I've been going over.


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22 hours ago, GioSerpo said:

That is reassuring. Very much so. As a former business owner myself, I understand the strategy around not wanting to disclose future growth potential. I had originally stated when I was creating the topic, that a simple yes or no would suffice, but i removed that line before posting because, reading it out loud, it had an assholeish sound to it, and I'm not trying to be that guy. Sounds to me like you've lost less than you had predicted which, in my eyes is a very good sign. I think we can safely lock this discussion now. I see great things ahead.


Haha, that's understandable. Appreciate the understanding as you probably know the headaches concerning operations planning. I am happy you feel reassured because our team is doing its best to deliver something good. 


I really look forward to the future - whether the playerbase likes this community or not. The skills we've all learned during the last 2 years have changed many of us and allowed us to develop new skills, so I'll forever be grateful to this community and it's supporters. 


Will be locking this per @GioSerpo's request. 

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