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Mayor Lockhart addresses rising Republican star Brian Turner

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LIBERTY CITY, 11/30/2022


Mayor Lockhart addresses rising Republican star Brian Turner

By JEREMIAH COLLINS, Contributing Writer              


Mayor Lockhart released a written statement condemning the allegations put forward by disgraced former Chief of the Liberty City Police Department. In his statement, Mayor Lockhart writes:


"Unfortunately, mister Turner is a clear representation of arrogance and narcissism caused by a false image created by himself. Not only does his track record show gross incompetence, it further illustrates questionable actions during his history in the LCPD. Mister Turner's resignation from the department is nothing but a political move for the upcoming Mayoral elections. 


Turner is a political operative who has undermined the relationship between our local agencies and continues to do so for his own political and financial gain. I consider him to be one of the worst Chiefs the LCPD has ever had, and I sincerely hope Commissioner Wright will work with the city government towards stabilizing the relations between our agencies."


We remind you that earlier this year, Brian Turner was investigated by a special commission for allegations of misconduct and abuse of power. The results of the investigation were supposed to be released to the public, however, analysts state that Turner was "most likely cleared" of any wrong doings, hence his resignation.


Mayor Lockhart's commitment to eradicating corruption in the LCPD begun in in 2018 with major changes in the department's stop and frisk policy and modernization of community policing, specifically in poor neighborhoods. Contrary to that, Turner's law enforcement career is riddled with allegations of corruptions and misuse of power.


Meanwhile, Turner continues to double support from the Republican Party and far-right supporters. Many experts view this as a danger to the democratic values of our community. Statistics from the Bennett Research Organisation show that baseless conspiracy theories have increased by 200% since Turner's news appearances from last summer. The report further alleges potential violent series of conflict between left and right wing supporters are expected to occur during the next election cycle.

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Username: cvtecvnt.
Comment: a racist, misogynist, xenophobe, classist, cisgender, WASP fascist leaves his office and life just got a whole lot better


fascists can fuck off #ACAB

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