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Terrorism and Terrorist Organizations Policy

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The following information is LC:RP’s official stance on terrorism roleplay and emulating terrorist organizations.



Active Terrorist Organizations: 0/X

Policy Introduction


According to Rule 4 (Offensive Roleplay and Freedom of Opportunity) of the LC:RP In-Game Rules, terrorism is allowed and accepted as a valid form of roleplay for LC:RP players.


Due to the controversial nature of terrorism roleplay, it is important to set strong boundaries to maintain a high-quality and fair environment. For this reason, it is also important to provide a policy for players who wish to pursue this type of roleplay, impose certain limitations, provide a general standard of terrorism roleplay, and create a guideline to ensure adequate roleplay standards when performing In-Character terrorist activities.


Throughout this policy, more information was included to serve as a general guideline to improve the approach for this roleplay niche. This policy shall hold the weight of a server rule and will be enforced as such, including its guidelines. This rule does not intend to promote, sponsor, commend or support any of the actions described below, nor does LC:RP attempt to justify or approve of any terrorist organizations or acts. For this reason, the level of terrorist roleplay activity shall be closely regulated, monitored and limited to create a coherent and diverse In-Character environment for our players. However, we will not stop or limit the desire of players to pursue such activity, but shall fully adhere to the standard herein.





Terrorism roleplay provides players the opportunity to explore and develop a previously undeveloped roleplay niche in GTA Roleplay communities. Liberty City Roleplay prides itself with its philosophy of Creative Freedom, where the community rules shall provide the liberty for its players to pursue any roleplay endeavor. 


Because terrorism roleplay had strong negative connotations and was either used as a trolling method or OOC-motivated disruption tactic, it is important to constrain it within well-defined, unambiguous boundaries. By defining the limits and options for this roleplay niche, this policy is hoped to transform a toxic and disruptive niche into a consistent roleplay provider, creating roleplay opportunities for many other factions.


1. Scope and Faction Activity




(A) Players are allowed to create factions that can be classified as domestic terrorist organizations. Foreign terrorist organizations and proxies shall be covered in Rule 5 and 6 of this policy.


(B) A terrorist organization shall be considered a terrorist faction, and be separated from Out-of-Character legal and illegal faction classifications. Script and technical support shall be that of an illegal faction.


(C) All illegal faction rules, FST guidelines and policies, Rules of Engagement, and all relevant faction-related rules beside this policy shall apply to a terrorist faction. The leadership of the faction will play close attention, obey and enforce these rules within their terrorist faction.


(C) A terrorist faction requires the approval of the Events Team before it is created. It shall be closely monitored, supervised and advised by the Events Team throughout its existence.


(D) A terrorist faction shall have at least 5 active members on its creation and shall not go below that number of members.


(E) Players are given the ability to create a terrorist organization of their own, with an unique background, ideology or motivations of their choosing. However, their goals and motivations must be realistic and fall within traditional ideological lines found in Section 3, 'Terrorist Faction Types'.

Players may also choose to depict a real organization or a splinter of such an organization, regardless of being active or inactive in the current day.


(F) A terrorist faction's depiction or history may not go prior to the year 1960. 


(G) A terrorist faction depicting a foreign organization needs to have a justification for its geographical presence in the United States. Factions may not depict organizations such as the Irish Republican Army (IRA) or the Kurdish Workers' Party, as there is no reason for such organizations to operate in the United States.


(H) The faction must have clear ideological goals and motivations that fit realistically to its background. The faction will not be restricted to full ideological adherence, but must stay within the scope of its existence.


(I) The faction must stay consistent to its ethnic composition or background. However, the faction won't be restricted from having characters with other ethnicities. The leadership shall stay within the ethnic demographic it originates from. For example, a Russian character may not coordinate a Puerto Rican nationalist cell.


(J) In order to create a terrorist faction, the group seeking an available position for a terrorist organization must provide an application to the Events Team.




(A) The terrorist faction must provide a monthly report of its activities to the Events team and document all important events related to their faction to provide as evidence when required to do so by the Events Team. 


(B) Once a terrorist faction reaches a membership below 5 members for any reason, it shall be considered inactive or disbanded as a faction. The former members remaining may continue to roleplay as former active members of the organization or as individual terror perpetrators, covered in Rule 4 of this policy.


(C) The terror organization shall disband once over 50% of its members have either been killed, arrested, or incapacitated in less than a week.


(D) Once a terror organization has been disbanded as a faction and former members are still alive In-Character, the former members may reinstate their organization.


(E) Depending on the type of a terrorist faction, no multiple terrorist factions of the same type shall be allowed. For example, there may not be two communist terrorist organizations operating at once, or multiple white supremacist terrorist groups operating at once. However, there may be two factions of the same group. For example, there may be an anarchist terrorist faction existing at the same time with a communist terrorist faction, but no two or more anarchist factions may exist at the same time; a right-wing Christian identity militia may exist alongside a neo-fascist paramilitary group, but no two or more Christian identity militias may exist at the same time.


(F) The number of total active terrorist organizations shall be limited. The limit of terrorist factions shall be flexible and can be changed at the server's administration discretion with due considerations of the In-Character environment and other factions.


(G) When necessary, members of the Events Team may create characters to supplement the roleplay of a terrorist organization. For example, if a faction wishes to roleplay contacts from outside of Liberty City, an Events Team member may step in and create a one-time fictive character to roleplay with the faction. The level of assistance received by the Events Team will be taken into account by every individual request, but may not extend to assistance in faction wars and terror acts. The characters created by the Events Team, while fictive and of minimal role within the factions being assisted, will be considered members of the terrorist faction and shall be considered as such during In-Character investigations by law enforcement or by other illegal & terrorist factions. Such Events Team characters can be assassinated, arrested or be subject to repercussions as any other character.


(H) While a terrorist organization is not classified as an illegal faction, it is given the same possibilities as an illegal faction while given the capability of committing terror acts found in this policy. 


(I) Any member of a terrorist faction is susceptible to a Character Kill for any reason, at any time. If a member of a terrorist faction is killed for any justifiable In-Character reason by any member of another faction, or killed by other members of the same terrorist faction, their death shall be a Character Kill (CK). Such a Character Kill may be disputed through player reports, or internally by the Events Team at the faction leadership's discretion. Accidents and miscellaneous deaths, such as entering a script death from a car crash, getting randomly beaten by rule-breakers, being the victim of a Deathmatch, or other such reasons, shall not count as a Character Kill. 


(J) While doing any act of terror and/or any illegal act, a member of a terrorist faction can be Character Killed for their actions, either by law enforcement, other terrorist factions, or other illegal factions. The killing must be justified and proportional to the acts being committed, either as but not limited to: retaliation, interdiction, prevention or simple assassination.




(A) Domestic Terrorist Organization Types:

  • Far-Left
  1. Anarchist
  2. Communist
  3. Democratic-Socialist
  4. Marxist or Marxist-Leninist
  5. Maoist or Trotskyist
  6. Black Liberation or Black Nationalist
  7. Ethnic Liberation (*)
  8. Left-Wing Ecologist
  • Far-Right
  1. Accelerationist
  2. Neo-Nazi
  3. Neo-Fascist
  4. White Supremacist or White Nationalist
  5. Ethnic Nationalist (*)
  6. Christian Identity
  7. Right-Wing Ecologist
  • Narco-Terrorist Cells
  • Vigilante Groups


(B) Foreign Terrorist Organization Types:

  • Islamic Fundamentalists
  1. Salafist
  2. Wahhabist
  3. Jihadist
  4. Iranian Paramilitary Proxies
  • Foreign Espionage Organizations
  1. Chinese Foreign Intelligence
  2. Russian Foreign Intelligence
  3. Venezuelan Foreign Intelligence
  4. Iranian Foreign Intelligence




(A) An illegal faction can seek terrorist faction status to supplement its roleplay if it is realistically fit to do so.


This is only applicable to factions who portray a real-world organization which engages in insurgency or acts of terrorism. For example, semi-militarized Mexican drug cartels.


This process shall be done through an application and follow the same process as applying for the creation of a terrorist faction.




(A) Illegal factions are allowed to create two types of special terrorist factions:


  • Narco-Terrorist Cells
  • Vigilante Groups


These groups act as extensions of the illegal faction that creates them. They shall be considered part of the same illegal faction, but in a separate group entirely.


(B) These two groups shall be separate factions entirely and follow the same application process as a terrorist faction. Politically, they shall have full allegiance to the illegal faction that founded the group. The illegal faction shall hold Character Kill rights, disbandment rights, control, funding and resources.


(C) Any punishable Out-of-Character activity committed by a special domestic terrorist faction shall lead the founding illegal faction to be punished.


(D) A narco-terrorist cell is a type of special domestic terrorist faction that is affiliated to an illegal faction specialized in drug trafficking. 

This type of of cell may only be created by illegal factions depicting cartels or drug trafficking organizations.


(E) A vigilante group is a type of special domestic terrorist faction that is affiliated to any illegal faction who wishes to enforce a certain goal by armed means. Such goals can be, but not limited to, the removal of certain members of another faction, the removal of drug dealers from a certain turf, or committing sabotage against another faction.


(F) The special domestic terrorist faction may not be used in a faction war. If a special domestic terrorist faction engages another illegal faction, it shall be considered a war between the cell or vigilante group and the illegal faction in question.


NOTE: This rule shall not be a fixed rule. Faction war conditions can be decided in a custom faction conflict. Read the FST Rules of Engagement for more information. If no faction conditions are set, this rule shall be enforced.


(G) The existence of a special domestic terrorist faction created by another illegal faction must have strong justification and clear goals behind it.


2. Terror Activity




(A) This section shall define a list of activities considered terrorist in nature by this policy. This list is not exhaustive, but indicative. 


(B) The terror activities with an asterisk attached to them require approval from the Events Team. As every terrorist faction will have a separate private faction thread in the Events Team section without any public access, the factions will be given the ability to apply for these acts in their respective threads. 


(C) Once a terrorist act is approved by the Events Team, it shall be scheduled, highly elaborated and orchestrated, and done fully with the supervision of an Administrator who shall reply to the request announcing their availability to supervise the event at the scheduled date. 


(D) Some terrorist acts require a mandatory timeframe before they're committed. During this timeframe, it is expected that the perpetrators prepare, organize, and orchestrate the act accordingly. They shall document every step of this process and ensure that they give law enforcement a fair and reasonable chance to intercept and disrupt these processes when necessary or discovered by law enforcement factions.


(E) The following acts will hold indicative value for terrorist factions. Any other acts may be requested through an appropriate form in the terrorist faction's forum thread and will be subject to Events Team approval. If something cannot be found in this list and it becomes unclear to a terrorist faction about whether or not an act is allowed, an application should be submitted regardless.


  • Intimidation or Threats (Direct or Anonymous)
  • Blackmailing
  • Bombings (*)


Bombings shall be classified in levels. The level of each bombing shall be regulated.


Level 1 Bombing


A level 1 bombing shall be any bombing that is intended to cause no human casualties and limited property damage. 


Level 2 Bombing (*)


A level 2 bombing shall be any bombing that is intended to cause human harm to a minimal extent, and a medium amount of property damage.


Level 3 Bombing (*)


A level 3 bombing shall be any bombing designated to cause considerable damage.


* — This event requires approval by the Events Team. This event requires a timeframe of at least 1 week before it is committed, starting immediately after event approval. Orchestration, planning, and preparing should start In-Character immediately after approval and should be documented at every process.


Level 3 bombings require a timeframe of at least 2 weeks before they are committed.


  • Assassinations (*)


Assassinations shall require approval if they are committed outside of a faction war and intended to eliminate a character.


Assassinations can be either direct or attempted. An attempted assassination shall be an orchestrated assassination that is intended to maintain the victim alive after the act. A direct assassination would seek the removal of the victim.


The assassination can either be a Character Kill (CK) or Player Kill (PK).


CK rights can be given on a case-by-case basis by the Events Team, given the circumstances, or if the Character Kill (CK) falls within the Character Kill Regulations.


* — This event requires approval by the Events Team. This event requires a timeframe of at least 3 days before it is committed, starting immediately after event approval. Orchestration, planning, and preparing should start In-Character immediately after approval and should be documented at every process.


NOTE: If a terrorist faction risks being discovered, investigated, or for any other strongly justifiable reason to avoid risk, an assassination can be carried out without approval but shall require documentation in the relevant Events faction thread.


  • Sabotage
  • Kidnappings
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Biological or Chemical Attacks (*)


A biological attack shall be any attack using biological toxin, agents, germs, or chemicals.


A faction that carries out a biological or chemical attack needs an agent. An agent can only be acquired through Foreign Espionage Organizations, found in Rule 3, "Foreign Organizations", found in this policy. The agent can only be obtained through In-Character means only.


Any other unconventional attacks such as radiological or nuclear attacks are not allowed due to the extreme unlikelihood of such acts occurring in the real world.


* — This event requires approval by the Events Team. This event requires a timeframe of at least 2 weeks before it is committed, starting immediately after event approval. Orchestration, planning, and preparing should start In-Character immediately after approval and should be documented at every process.


  • Urban Guerilla Warfare


Urban Guerilla Warfare can be defined as engaging in heavy combat with any other combatant, either a legal faction, illegal faction, or another terrorist faction. 


A terrorist faction may only engage in urban warfare with a maximum of 8 faction members. 


Some non-exhaustive reasons for engaging in urban guerilla warfare can be to defend an on-going arrest or search warrant, engaging in a faction war, committing a heist of any sort, or defending a compound against a police raid.


ATTENTION: Engaging in urban guerilla warfare, as per the Character Kill Regulations, represents taking part in undue risk for your character. If a character within a terrorist organization is engaged in urban warfare, their death shall amount to a Character Kill (CK).


  • Mass Shootings (*)


Mass shootings shall be defined as using firearms directed towards a certain mass of people that exceeds 8 individuals.


A mass shooting should not be confused with a faction attack, and should be treated separately. A mass shooting is a non-conflict related attack aimed to at disrupting, incapacitating, or eliminating certain targets.


* — This event requires approval by the Events Team. This event requires a timeframe of at least 2 weeks before it is committed, starting immediately after event approval. Orchestration, planning, and preparing should start In-Character immediately after approval and should be documented at every process.


  • Hostage Situations (*)


A hostage situation requires a compelling factor, an end goal, and an ultimatum. 


A hostage situation can also be dynamic, meaning that any active situation may turn into a hostage situation if it's reasonably possible to do so. A dynamic hostage situation does NOT require Events Team approval.


There is no limit to the amount of hostages that can be taken as long as the hostage taker has the ability to maintain the hostages reasonably subdued.


* — This event requires approval by the Events Team. This event requires a timeframe of at least 2 weeks before it is committed, starting immediately after event approval. Orchestration, planning, and preparing should start In-Character immediately after approval and should be documented at every process.


  • Heists (*)


A heist shall be defined as a hostile, armed takeover of a building, perimeter or other space with the purpose of enforcing a certain goal. 


Some non-exhaustive reasons for committing a heist can be the robbery of an institution, carrying out a hostage situation, the disruption of any activity through armed means, or the abduction or kidnapping of an individual. Heists are not restricted to armed robbery.


* — This event requires approval by the Events Team. This event requires a timeframe of at least 1 week before it is committed, starting immediately after event approval. Orchestration, planning, and preparing should start In-Character immediately after approval and should be documented at every process.




(A) In order to secure funds, a terrorist faction may commit any illegal activity as any other illegal faction. 


(B) Terrorist factions may be funded by foreign espionage organizations. The means and circumstances of such funding shall remain In-Character exclusively.


(C) Members of terrorist factions may do civilian jobs to either maintain the identity of an innocent civilian or simply earn a living. However, legal or script jobs may not be used as the only source of income for a terrorist faction. Grinding script money in order to fund a terrorist faction shall not be allowed under any circumstances.




Blatant hate crimes, in any shape or form, shall not be allowed.


However, racial prejudice shall be tolerated within common sense limits. A far-right organization may purposefully seek to avoid interaction with black liberation factions due to prejudice, for example. They may not, however, kidnap an Afro-American character to torture them solely based on the character of their ideology.


Seeking to disrupt, harass, intimidate, or undermine others shall be done solely within common sense boundaries and with very strong In-Character character development. 




(A) Unlike illegal factions, terrorist factions are allowed to initiate faction wars against both legal and illegal factions.


(B) Any war where a terrorist faction is engaged against an illegal faction shall be subject to the FST rules, statutes, memorandums and the Rules of Engagement as any other illegal faction war.


(C) A terrorist faction can initiate wars against legal factions. The circumstances, motivations and justifications for declaring a war against a legal faction should be very strong.


By the rules of engagement, a terrorist faction engaging against a legal faction shall be treated as a custom faction conflict, without exception. The leadership of both factions must agree on the conditions of the war. If no agreement is reached, no war may be carried out against a legal faction.


The level of conflict a terrorist faction may initiate against a legal faction shall be disruptive in nature, with violent incidents kept to a minimum. As a general rule of thumb, it is highly encouraged to stay within realism and common sense limits. No mass shootings, murders, or any other type of violent criminal activity may be committed with the only justification being the participation in a war against a legal faction. Any other acts are allowed as long as they fit within the In-Game rules and are strongly justified.


(D) A war initiated by a terrorist faction may be suspended or terminated at any time by the Events Team if deemed necessary.




(A) Wars between terrorist factions fall under the same rules, guidelines and Rules of Engagement as any other illegal faction.



3. Foreign Organizations









(A) A foreign espionage organization is a special type of terrorist faction and is classed differently from other terrorist factions. While it is classified as a terrorist faction by Out-of-Character rules, a foreign espionage organization is differentiated by scope, motivations, its actions and its goals.


(B) A foreign espionage organization does not require any concrete faction background or ideology, as it portrays a real foreign intelligence agency.


(C) The foreign espionage organization must be portrayed as realistically as possible through competent roleplayers and strong research into espionage activities of the organization being portrayed.


(D) The number of foreign espionage organizations shall be limited, and not take over 50% of the total number of terrorist factions. The limit of foreign espionage organizations shall be decided organically by the Events Team with consideration to the In-Character environment.


(E) The membership of foreign espionage organizations shall be limited and secret. The number of operatives shall be decided once the faction is accepted by the Events Team, and be changed at the team's discretion, taking into account the In-Character implications of the faction and the In-Character environment as a whole into consideration.


(F) If a foreign espionage organization has proof, knowledge, or a reasonable belief that another player may help get the faction discovered by authorities, they shall be given the ability to assassinate any such player. The assassination shall count as a Character Kill (CK). There shall be no restriction to the amount of assassinations committed in self-defense.


(G) The same Character Kill regulations apply to foreign espionage organizations as any other terrorist faction.


(H) Operatives of a foreign espionage organization are subject to Character Kill regulations as any other player from an illegal or terrorist faction. Once joining such a faction, they automatically acknowledge the possibility of being Character Killed by that faction's leadership.


(I) A foreign espionage organization shall not have a forum thread, post screenshots, or any other form of faction media. The presence of such a faction shall remain an absolute secret, even to other players. The only players allowed to know the existence of such a faction are the Events Team, Lead Administrator Team, Management, and the local or federal law enforcement factions investigating the espionage organization.


(J) For faction media, a special category in the Events Team section shall exist where the foreign espionage organization will be given a fixed, predetermined faction thread and faction media may be posted there for personal keeping. This forum category will only be accessible by faction members and relevant staff.


(K) The foreign espionage organization may only emulate real world intelligence agencies found in the list of authorized depictions of terror organizations.




(A) Foreign intelligence organizations will be given a multitude of tools and abilities to create an In-Character clandestine espionage operation.


(B) The end goal of such a faction is to commit espionage. In roleplay terms, espionage holds no roleplay value as the information cannot be sent back to a government that can act upon it. As such, this espionage will be an abstract objective of such a faction. Intelligence gathering shall take most of a foreign intelligence organization's activity.


The duties and activity of such a faction shall consist of real espionage operations, such as: 


  • Human intelligence (HUMINT);
  • Signal intelligence (SIGINT);
  • Cyber intelligence;
  • Any other form of reasonable intelligence gathering doable and plausible in a GTA Roleplay environment.


Some objectives for such a factions can be:


  • The disruption of government agencies;
  • Interference in government agencies;
  • Interfering in elections;
  • Corrupting, blackmailing, or persuading politicians;
  • Assisting other terrorist factions;
  • Cooperating or taking down illegal factions that originate from the same nation as the espionage faction.



(C) Foreign espionage organizations will not be able to commit terror acts on their own. They are not limited, however, in the level they assist other terrorist factions. There is no restriction for foreign espionage organizations assisting, enabling or requesting other terrorist factions to commit terrorism.


(D) The illegal activity of a foreign espionage organization shall be limited and done with the covert nature of the faction in mind. Blatant illegal activity such as drug dealing and smuggling is not allowed. Arms trafficking, however, may be tolerated on a limited scale for the purposes of enabling other terror activity, committing acts of self-defense, or assassinations.


(E) Foreign espionage organizations have the possibility of supplying chemical or biological agents to other terrorist factions in order to carry out biological or chemical attacks, being the only factions able to supply such agents. Common sense in this regard is highly advised; a foreign espionage organization must not facilitate biological attacks frequently. Such agents only hold roleplay value only, and the way in which they are supplied shall be an exclusively In-Character process.


(F) Foreign espionage organizations can receive monthly funding injections from the Events Team, in the same way they would receive resources from their government to continue their covert operations. Such funds may be used in any way deemed appropriate by the espionage organization, but should be solely used in the faction's interests. Terrorist factions may be funded with the money received without restriction.


(G) Foreign espionage organizations may have political goals. The political goals can be decided at every foreign intelligence organization's leadership discretion. They must take in account the organic and active developments within the In-Character political scene and act upon those to meet their political goals.


(H) Some terror acts found in the terror acts list in Rule 2 may not be committed by a foreign espionage faction, such as:


  • Major robberies;
  • Bomb attacks.


Acts such as kidnapping and torture are allowed. However, there must be strong justification behind them. Strong justification can mean anything from preventing the ring to be discovered to punishing traitors.


(I) Members of a foreign espionage organization must maintain absolute secrecy, even Out-of-Character.



4. Individual Perpetrators


(A) If an individual player wishes to commit terror acts but is not affiliated with a group and wishes to carry out such roleplay, may be authorized by the Events Team to be an individual perpetrator.


(B) An individual perpetrator must commit all acts on their own without any assistance in carrying out terrorist roleplay. They may, however, cooperate, be supplied, or be inspired by other actors or factions.


(C) An individual perpetrator must have a solid character background to justify their motivations behind committing terrorism. 


(D) The extent of terror acts committed by individual perpetrators shall be limited to the ability of a single person having the capacity to commit terrorism. They may, however, repeat terror acts as many times as they wish to do so if they are not caught or killed.


(E) An application must be submitted to become an individual perpetrator the same way a terrorist faction is created. The number of individual perpetrators shall be limited by Events Team needs and policies.


(F) An individual perpetrator may have one single associated perpetrator to work together with. For this rule, the maximum number of individual perpetrators shall not exceed the number of two. The associated perpetrator may be added in the individual perpetrator application without requiring both players to submit an application.




(F) An accepted and formerly active terrorist faction, once it reaches the disbandment criteria in Rule 1, Section 2, Point E, shall be considered disbanded. If members of the disbanded faction wish to continue roleplaying with their former terrorist faction characters, they shall be automatically be considered individual perpetrators without following an application process.




(G) An individual perpetrator may pledge allegiance to an organization. There is no restriction as to what organization the player wishes to pledge allegiance to.


(H) As an individual perpetrator, the player may not commit any act in the name of an already approved and existing terrorist organization. They may, however, commit an act in the name of an organization found in the list of authorized terrorist faction depictions as long as they have not been claimed by an existing faction.


(I) Allegiance does not mean membership. An individual perpetrator may only act in the name of an organization and not portray being a member of it.



5. Fictional Terrorist Organizations


(A) In order to increase variety, diversity, and player freedom, it is possible to create a player-made fictional terrorist organization. 


(B) A player-made terrorist organization must be derived from the list of terrorist organizations found at the end of this policy. 


(C) The player-made terrorist organization must have an elaborate faction story, where it must either specify if:


  • It is the continuation of a formerly existent organization;
  • It splintered from an existing organization;
  • Is a merger of multiple terror organizations;
  • It is a proxy of a different organization;
  • It is an ally organization of an existing organization, with no link to it besides ideological similarities.


(D) The faction must employ the highest standards of roleplay and stay within the boundaries of its historical orientation, ideology, motivations and scope.


6. List of Authorized Depictions of Terror Organizations


Players may derive their terrorist faction or may fully depict one from the list of organizations below. 


Inactive organizations may be depicted. Read Rule 1 (Scope and Faction Activity), Section 1, Point E, in this policy.


The list is an accumulation of both domestic and foreign organizations and can be updated. Some types of factions listed in Rule 1, Section 3 ("Terrorist Faction Types") may not be available to be portrayed. If they are not on the list, no terrorist factions of that type may be created.


N.B.: A faction found in this list may not be fully terrorist, or have the interest in committing terrorism in the real world. This is simply an Out-of-Character classification which enables creators of such factions to raise the scope and allow flexibility for their membership. Terrorism classifications are an exclusively In-Character issue handled by the In-Character government, local and federal law enforcement factions.








2048px-Antifalogo.svg.pngAnti-Fascist Action or (Antifa)

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Left, Anarchist

Ideology: Anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, anti-state

Active in the present day


Anti-Fascist Action or Antifa is a left-wing political movement active in the United States and many other parts of the world. Its membership is comprised mostly of anarchists, with a considerable number of communists and socialists taking part in Antifa actions. The organization is highly decentralized and autonomous groups operate all across the United States. 


While most of the political activism of Antifa is relatively nonviolent, the organization has participated in civil disobedience, political violence and vandalism. Antifa actively targets far-right political opponents and organizations, including law enforcement and politicians.



aofj8RhN_400x400.jpgChristian Movement for Life or MOVE

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Anarchist, Left-Wing Ecologist

Ideology: Anarcho-primitivism, left-wing ecologism, communalism, black nationalism

Active in the present day


The Christian Movement for Life or MOVE is an Afro-American communal organization following anarcho-primitivist and left-wing ecologist ideology. The movement was based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and comprised of members of the Black Panther Party and other black nationalist organizations. MOVE is colloquially known as a deeply religious Christian cult following radical green political ideas.


The movement is known for a major standoff with the Philadelphia Police in 1978, where the movement killed one police officer and injured 18 others, resulting in the Philadelphia Police Department to controversially use a helicopter bomb over the MOVE compound, killing multiple MOVE members and their children.


The movement is still active to this day.








200px-Weather_Underground_logo.svg.pngWeather Underground Organization

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Left, Communist, Marxist

Ideology: Communism, anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism

Inactive in the present day


The Weather Underground Organization was an umbrella organization that carried out terrorist attacks aimed at the United States Government during the 1970s. The group's goal was to create a revolutionary political party in order to overthrow the United States Government. The organization employed a variety of crimes and violent attacks to achieve their goals, including jail breaks, assassinations and bombings. 


The Weather Underground Organization declared 'war' against the United States Government in May 1970, and disintegrated around 1976. The dissolution of the organization created many other splinter groups of the same ideological nature.



Hammer_and_sickle_black_large_on_transparent.svgMay 19th Communist Organization

 Type: Domestic, Far-Left, Communist, Marxist-Leninist

Ideology: Marxism-Leninism, anti-capitalism, radical feminism

Inactive in the present day



The May 19th Communist Organization was a female-led, far-left armed group that was founded by former members of the Weather Underground Organization. The group was responsible for a long number of bombings. The group is known for bombing the United States Capitol, its all-female leadership, and a decade-long bombing spree against United States federal properties.








200px-Symbionese_Liberation_Army_Flag.svg.pngSymbionese Liberation Army

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Left, Marxist

Ideology: Anti-capitalism, vanguardism, radical feminism

Inactive in the present day



The Symbionese Liberation Army was the first left-wing urban guerilla warfare group to be uncovered by federal agencies in the United States.

The group's actions were less politically motivated in contrast to other far-left domestic terrorism groups. The group is responsible for killing law enforcement officers, committing armed and bank robberies, and bombings. Its activity consisted mostly of armed disobedience and urban guerilla warfare with the government.








Republic of North Afrika or RNA

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic,  Black Nationalist

Ideology: Black nationalism, black separatism, revolutionary socialism

Active in the present day


The Republic of New Afrika is a black nationalist and black separatism organization in the United States founded in 1968. The organization's goal is to establish an all-Afro-American state in the Southeastern United States. It advocates communalism among Afro-American communities and proposed the establishment of armed Afro-American militia groups and a full standing army called the 'Black Legion' to enforce secessionism from the United States.




Black Riders Liberation Party or BRLP

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic,  Black Nationalist, Marxist-Leninist

Ideology: Black nationalism, revolutionary socialism, anti-capitalism

Active in the present day



The Black Riders Liberation Party is an active black nationalist organization who claims active continuity to the Black Panther Party. The organization follows far-left ideology and adheres to revolutionary socialism as a means to liberate Afro-Americans in the United States. The BRLP was founded in California and has chapters all across the United States. The movement has organized various marches, armed protests, and armed patrols.



200px-Bpp_logo.PNG Black Panther Party

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Left, Black Nationalist, Marxist-Leninist

Ideology: Black nationalism, Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, vanguardism

Inactive in the present day


The Black Panther Party was the biggest underground, black nationalist party in the United States. Initially started as an armed civilian militia to defend Afro-Americans against police brutality, the BPP created social programs such as food drives and community health clinics for black Americans as it formed into the largest far-left parties in the United States. As a strong actor in the civil rights movement and a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War, the BPP slowly disintegrated as the party became the victim of strong disinformation and counterintelligence operations from the government. Members of the party began to appease the idea of armed struggle, and many shooting incidents with law enforcement were recorded throughout its existence.


As a result, the party became increasingly fragmented and eventually succumbed to in-fighting and decentralization. Successor organizations of the Black Panther Party range from street and prison gangs, Muslim associations, to short-lived terrorist cells.




Black Liberation Army

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Left, Black Nationalist, Marxist-Leninist

Ideology: Black nationalism, black separatism, socialism, Marxism-Leninism

Inactive in the present day



The Black Liberation Army was a revolutionary paramilitary organization that operated underground against the United States Government and local authority. The organization was founded by former Black Panther Party members to carry out an armed revolutionary struggle against the United States of America. The group's goal was black separatism and ensuring self-determination for Afro-American in the United States. 


The Black Liberation Army was the most violent far-left terrorist organization in the United States, having engaged the United States government and local authority directly through armed insurrection, police shootings and assassinations, robberies, and prison breaks for BLA members and associates.




Revolutionary Action Movement

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic,  Black Nationalist, Maoist or Trotskyist

Ideology: Black nationalism, Maoism, Marxism-Leninism

Inactive in the present day



The Revolutionary Action Movement was a Maoist, black nationalist movement active in the United States between 1962 and 1969. The group set itself apart from other black liberation movements through its adherence to Maoist ideology and sought to implement Maoist politics in the conditions and liberation of Afro-Americans. It's known for being the first movement that Malcolm X joined. The organization was highly influential to the Black Panther Party and other black liberation movements.




Black Revolutionary Assault Team

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic,  Black Nationalist

Ideology: Black nationalism, black separatism

Inactive in the present day


The Black Revolutionary Assault Team was a small group of former Black Liberation Army & Black Panther Party members who organized a small terrorist cell in New York City in the early 1970s. The BRAT organized bombings against diplomatic missions of South Africa in the US to protest Apartheid and various other African diplomatic institutions in America. 








Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña or FALN

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Left,  Ethnic Liberation, Communist

Ideology: Puerto Rican independence, communism, Marxism-Leninism

Partially active in the present day




The Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña were a clandestine paramilitary Marxist-Leninist organization fighting for the independence of Puerto Rico from the United States. The FALN was the biggest and most violent terror organization in the United States. As a Marxist-Leninist group by its orientation, the FALN used direct action to fight for Puerto Rican liberation. The group is responsible for over 130 bomb attacks, incendiary actions and various low-level assassinations.


Currently, the FALN is partially disbanded and it is largely inactive as a paramilitary organization. Most of its former leadership has either been killed, is dead, or has been absorbed into the successor of the FALN, the Boricua Popular Army.




Boricua Popular Army

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Left,  Ethnic Liberation

Ideology: Puerto Rican independence, revolutionary socialism, left-wing nationalism

Active in the present day



The Boricua Popular Army is the biggest clandestine militant, insurgent, paramilitary organization active in United States territory, with its membership thought to be between 1,100 — 5,500 members. It campaigns for an independent, Marxist-Leninist Puerto Rico. During its early years, the Boricua Popular Army organized over two domestic terror actions per year. The organization is active in both Puerto Rico and many U.S. states, especially within areas with a large Puerto Rican population such as New York City. 


The BPA has dormant commando cells all across the United States. It is very well organized and has a strict disciplinary code. The group explicitly avoids illegal activity and is known to have committed assassinations against drug organizations. The group avoids areas with high crime rates as to not attract law enforcement attention to Puerto Ricans, and works together with various seditious organizations in the United States.








100px-Atomwaffen_Division_logo.svg.pngNational Socialist Resistance Front or Atomwaffen Division

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Right, Neo-Nazi

Ideology: Accelerationism, Neo-Nazism

Active in the present day




The National Socialist Resistance Front, known online as the Atomwaffen Division, is an international Neo-Nazi terror network founded in 2013. Founded by like-minded individuals on an online forum, the group is responsible for murders, terrorist attacks and other criminal actions in various countries. The group is very active and operates branches in 9 European countries. 



200px-Flag_of_The_Base.svg.pngThe Base

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Right, Neo-Nazi

Ideology: Accelerationism, white nationalism

Active in the present day


The Base is an accelerationist, white-nationalist paramilitary network operating in North America. It advocates the establishment of white ethnostates through the overthrow of the federal government by armed struggle. It is believed that The Base operates off-the-grid paramilitary training camps in the United States and Canada.







National Socialist Liberation Front

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Right, Neo-Nazi

Ideology: Revolutionary National-Socialism, white nationalism

Inactive in the present day




The National Socialist Liberation Front was a short-lived direct action group splintered from the National Socialist White People's Party, a Nazi party active in the 1970s. The group was founded by a former leader of the NSWPP who created to group to initiate a militant group focused on white nationalist revolutionary action. The NSLF was coordinated from university campuses to confront various New Left violent movements present in American university campuses.







Proud Boys

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Right, Neo-Fascist

Ideology: Neo-fascism, Trumpism, alternative right

Active in the present day





The Proud Boys are a political movement that developed following the 2016 presidential election. It is an all-male street movement. A large part of their activism consists of confronting far-left protest groups such as Antifa. The group is known for street fights, armed patrols, and participating in political rallies.






1920px-Logo_of_Aryan_Nations.svg.pngAryan Nations

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Right, White Supremacist

Ideology: White nationalism, white supremacism, Christian identity

Active in the present day



The Aryan Nations is a white supremacist group based in Idaho. It has been classified as a terrorist organization by the United States government. The Aryan Nations have membership and chapters in various parts of the United States. The terrorist activity of the Aryan Nations is comprised of advising, facilitating and ordering other far-right groups to enforce their ideology.






150px-USAREUR_Insignia.svg.pngThe Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord or CSA

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Right, Christian Identity

Ideology: White nationalism, Christian identity

Inactive in the present day




The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord was a far-right militant Christian organization dedicated to survivalism and Christianity. Initially a Baptist congregation, it developed into an extremist militant organization. The group operated from a large off-the-grid compound in northern Arkansas where the group used intimidation against local law enforcement to use the property, as the property was not owned by any of the CSA members. The group trained for performing assassinations and bomb attacks. The CSA gained notoriety after a 300-man FBI siege successfully dismantled the organization.



phineas-priesthood-1.jpg?itok=-jc__rXYPhineas Priesthood

Terrorist Faction Type: Domestic, Far-Right, Christian Identity

Ideology: White nationalism, Christian identity

Active in the present day



The Phineas Priesthood is a decentralized cult-like domestic terrorist group that adheres to militant Christianity. The group has no discernible leadership or institutional structure. A Phineas Priesthood member is considered any individual who adheres to to their Phineas ideology. As the Phineas Priesthood has no structure, leadership, or even membership, it cannot be classified as an organization. Phineas adherents refer to their actions as 'Phineas actions'. The group's activity is mostly focused on opposing interracial relationships and maintaining an alleged form of racial purity derived from the Old Testament.





200px-Flag_of_Jihad.svg.pngQaedat al-Jihad or Al-Qai'da

Terrorist Faction Type: Foreign, Islamic Fundamentalist

Ideology: Salafist jihadism, islamic fundamentalism

Active in the present day



Qaedat al-Jihad is a worldwide Sunni Islamic extremist and fundamentalist network that operates cells all over the world. The group's main objectives is to combat what it perceives to be the enemies of Islam, led by a 'Christian-Jewish' alliance centered in the United States. The group maintains a Sunni fundamentalist view, thus sharing no association with other sects of Islam or what it perceives as heretical. While some Al-Qai'da groups are organized, most of the activity of this organization has been committed by lone-wolf attackers who have pledged allegiance to the organization; most of said attacks had no direct relation to the group besides the allegiance of the attackers.







Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)

Служба внешней разведки Российской Федерации

Sluzhba vneshney razvedki Rossiyskoy Federatsii


Foreign Intelligence Agency of the Russian Federation 



The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, colloquially known by its Russian acronym "SVR",  is the civilian external intelligence agency of the Russian Federation. The SVR reports directly to the civilian political leadership of Russia. 


The SVR engages in civilian intelligence collection through various spy rings all over the world. It is known to have carried out political assassinations abroad against Russian citizens, carrying out internet disinformation, and cooperating with other allied foreign intelligence services to reach mutual foreign policy goals.





Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (GRU)

Гла́вное управле́ние Генера́льного шта́ба Вооружённых сил Росси́йской Федера́ции

Glavnoje upravlenije General'nogo shtaba Vooruzhonnykh sil Rossiyskoy Federatsii


Military Intelligence Agency of the Russian Federation



The Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation or 'GRU' for short, is a military intelligence agency of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Unlike its SVR counterpart that is a civilian intelligence agency, the GRU reports directly to the Minister for Defense and Chief of General Staff of the Russian Federation. 


The GRU employs twice the amount of spies and foreign intelligence operatives than the SVR. Within the last 10 years, the GRU has carried out most foreign activity for the Russian Federation. Members of the GRU are military personnel, and the service also employs Spetnaz troops and other special forces.


The GRU is widely known for its 'black' operations. While most of their activity is secret and difficult to associate to the GRU, they have carried out a long list of assassinations, have interfered with electoral activity in many states including the U.S., engaged in disinformation and psychological operations, engaged in sabotage in various theatres, and operate listening posts all over the world.


GRU operatives are organized in rings classified as 'legal' and 'illegal'. 'Legal' operatives are undercover operatives who work under diplomatic protection in Russian embassies in consulates or even as press attachés of Russian media abroad. 'Illegal' operatives are infiltrated GRU agents working undercover with illegal documentation and fake identities, serving a wide range of duties. 





Ministry of State Security (MSS)


Guójiā Ānquán Bù


Civilian Intelligence Agency of the People's Republic of China




The Ministry of State Security is a civilian secret police, security and intelligence agency of the People's Republic of China. It is known as one of the most secretive intelligence agencies in the world. While most of its activity remains internal to China, the MSS has foreign intelligence capabilities. It is still unknown as to what extent the MSS operates at a foreign level, however, known activity revolves around stealing technology and trade secrets through industrial espionage, corporate espionage, and possesses a strong cyber espionage service.


The MSS' also uses a wide range of foreign intelligence assets to monitor its Chinese diaspora for dissident activity. Chinese citizens abroad are known for cooperating with the MSS. Most of MSS spy rings exist covertly within Chinese communities outside of China.



100px-PLA_Joint_Staff_Department_of_the_Central_Military_Commission_patch.svg.png Intelligence Bureau of the Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission (Intelligence Bureau of the JSD)


Lián cān qíngbào jú


Military Intelligence Agency of the People's Republic of China



The Intelligence Bureau of the Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission, shortened the Intelligence Bureau of the JSD, is a military intelligence agency of the People's Liberation Army of the People's Republic of China. It is a new agency created by the Chinese Paramount Leader Xi Jinping's military reforms of 2016.


As the Intelligence Bureau of the JSD is less than 10 years old, the extent of their operations, their activity, their manpower and their scope remains unknown. This Intelligence Bureau was a merger of multiple PLA intelligence units, and has taken the responsibilities of other intelligence units within the Chinese Government that have been disbanded. The former units it absorbed carried out signals intelligence, human intelligence (HUMINT), strategic intelligence and analysis, electronic intelligence and cyber intelligence.


The Chinese Government never acknowledged the existence of this Bureau.


Due to being a brand new military agency, those who wish to portray this agency can emulate the same activity as the Russian GRU.




 Quds Force

نیروی قدس

niru-ye qods


Military Intelligence Agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran



The Quds Force is the foreign intelligence, military intelligence, and military extraterritorial operations branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran. It has been described as an analogous combination of the CIA and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in the United States. It actively supports many non-state actors in the Middle East, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad, among others.


The Quds Force is the only government department of another nation to be classed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the U.S. Department of State. 


While mostly focused on the military foreign policy of Iran in the Middle East, the Quds Force has carried out foreign intelligence operations in Europe and the United States. Such activity intensified especially in the United States following the assassination of Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani in 2020 by the Trump administration.




Bolivarian Intelligence Service or SEBIN

Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional


All-Purpose Intelligence Agency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela




The Bolivarian Intelligence Service is Venezuela's premier intelligence agency, serving as a secret police, domestic and foreign intelligence service. There is little information about SEBIN and their activity. SEBIN is the only Venezuelan government agency that does not interact with the public, and maintains no public presence whatsoever. 


Most of the activity of SEBIN abroad is focused on the Venezuelan diaspora and government opposition organizations operating from the United States. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro alleged that "[Venezuela] maintains a network of spies in the United States, formed by supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution who are paid handsomely".


In 2012, a spy ring of SEBIN agents was disbanded by various United States agencies after foiling an attempt by 10 SEBIN agents to commit a cyber attack aimed at the White House, the Pentagon, the FBI and various nuclear plants in the United States.


Credits to @Celibano for this amazing work. 

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