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Modding Credits List

Liberty City Roleplay

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I. Introduction


The following is the official, public credit list for LCRP modding. More often than not the hard work of the GTA V modding community goes unnoticed and uncredited by roleplay servers. Through this documentation, LCRP seeks to give thanks to valued members of the GTA V community for their contributions to mods used on the server, whether made for LCRP or not. Modders profiles have been linked where possible.


If you are aware of any credits missing from this list, please reach out to @kristofer to have this list rectified.



II. Player Mods


Civilian Clothing Mods


Pack Assembled by @Misuzu  @Jorgensen & @deBBuu

Pack Credit list - TBA


LCPD Uniforms
















III. Vehicles


Civilian Vehicle Pack - TBA


LCPD Vehicles


Base lcpack by Monkeypolice188

NYPD Based LCPD Mini-Pack by actuallytoxic and Victor Vega

LCPDHWY Pack by SAS994 and Shayeben

Additional Textures by @Derox and @kristofer

Model Edits by @Hellceaser and @Jorgensen


FDLC Vehicles


Base lcpack by Monkeypolice188

Scout Model - @breakehh_

Additional Textures by @Jorgensen and @Kaos

Model Edits by @Marksman, @breakehh_ and @Jorgensen


License Plate Pack by koksu1234567890

Addon Wheel Pack by actuallytoxic


IV. Other Assets


Furniture mapping Props by @Effect and @Mouse

Civilian Props by @Effect @Hellceaser

Custom Civilian animation pack by @Mouse and @Jorgensen


Various FDLC Prop pack by @Effect and Panos1221

Various Fire Department Assets by Panos1221 via Firecallouts 1.4.0 and @Hellceaser

Various LCPD Prop pack by @Xaleya


LC Map Bug Fixes by @Effect, @LackingAName and @Gatsbeh


Additional Server textures by @Mouse

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