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Looking for music producers, mixers and technicians. | ITM Records


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Executive Music Producer

Music Producer

Assistant Producer

Probationary Producer



Varied based on experience and position; least being high-above average and most being upper 10%.


Job Description

Being a music producer at ITM records hosts numerous opportunities, whilst expanding your knowledge and abilities as a music producer there will also be numerous opportunities to earn bonuses and extra pay-slips. ((RP Intensive)). We are keen in teaching music to younger generations, and there will be numerous opportunities for those looking to build a healthy resume.

ITM Records was founded in 1995 and since then have seen the success of numerous musicians under their label. Being a full-time music producer at ITM is a gateway to fame, you could be working on some of LC's hottest singles and albums. We're looking for people of all skill, training programs are available.










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Ths is what lc needs !

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