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Motorcycle Clubs Roleplay

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Motorcycle Clubs Roleplay


CHAPTER I — Introduction


A motorcycle club by definition is a group of individuals whose interest and activities involve motorcycles. There are groups of individuals who ride based on bike type such as the Harley Owners Group, BMW owners of America, etc. Looking at one of the largest motorcyclist organizations, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), counts for over 200,000 active members and over 1,200 chartered clubs.


Now the separation in terms of roleplay is the focus on outlaw motorcycle clubs, those non-AMA sanctioned clubs. These clubs mainly ride Harley-Davidsons and choppers and are usually a requirement to achieve membership within these outlaw clubs. These clubs support freedom, nonconformity to mainstream culture, and loyalty to their biker group like many other underworld organizations. Most "outlaw" clubs have their own set of rules which are deemed bylaws that reflect their culture which each member must stand by.


CHAPTER II — Creating a Character


biker-clubs-feature-image.jpgA character is something you must be attached to and believe in both the past and present story of. When creating a character you can base the history of him on being someone from a position of struggle. No one would get involved in the life of an outlaw motorcycle club based on boredom or entertainment as it is a serious life commitment.


Name: Obviously, any realistic, non-famous, American first names and surnames will work fine. Create something that you enjoy and that could possibly have a unique nickname equipped to it. Make sure to Google the name before selecting it as you may run into famous characters and such. It is quite a simple process but create something unique and that you are attached to for the long-run. Use American name generator and historic websites to see popular names, both firs names and surnames.


Background: There are various clubs depending on state, but for the most part you would be creating an American with not much of a previous heritage. There are clubs that focus on mainly Hispanics, some African-American, etc. but for the most part individuals are Caucasian. That does not mean they are racist or of a Nazi group, although those do exist in America. Make sure you have a proper story in place, a background with how you got to where you are, do you have parents, siblings, previous jobs, etc. Everyone has hobbies, something they want to learn, something they hate. You need to express that in your character as it creates more of a narrative. If someone offers you a job to get into a faction and your character is historically bad at it, you need to role-play that accordingly.


Appearance: Do your own research on this regard, come up with how you would like your character to dress, look, and sound. Do not dress like someone out of a show or movie, you are an American citizen and must act accordingly. Similar to other illegal enterprises, you do not want to be flashy and own the most expensive bike. Be simple, understand your position within the criminal underworld and role-play that accordingly.


CHAPTER III — Organization & Ranks


56095f777312406ab6372245250ab0be.jpgStructure will vary from each organization but the typical idea will remain among all clubs. There is a club president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, road captain, and sergeant-at-arms. These ranks make up the cabinet of the club, which can also be viewed as the upper echelon or management. Groups of various motorcycle club outfits are called charters and the first chapter of a club that was established under a specific brand is deemed the mother charter. The president of the mother chapter will hold the rank of president over the entire club as a brand, usually deemed national president, club president, etc. Where as other presidents could be for a specific chapter in another state, for example.


President: Leader of the specific chapter in the club's history who is the figurehead or spokesperson when dealing with other clubs, outfits, media, etc. This would be the chairman of club meetings and would represent the club on national meetings, if it were a rather large club. The president would be involved in all club activities from a "management" standpoint, overseeing the entire operation of both legal and illegal activities. The president will sail the ship in whatever direction they choose, implementing bylaws and regulations to support the club. This position is chosen by a voting process, decided upon by the rest of the cabinet.


Vice-President: Basically the second in command, and will take over the president's duties when they are away, sick, or even dead in some cases. Ensures that nothing wrong is going on in the club and would be the middle man between the president and the rest of the ranks within the cabinet or administration. 


Treasurer: This position would be in-charge of all the money that the club handles to ensure various bills are paid for. The treasurer would also collect club fees and dues that are outlined in the bylaws by the club to ensure everyone is up to date on their payments. All of the proceeds from both legal and illegal activities will also be managed by the treasurer to ensure all funds are accounted for.


Secretary: All of the club's paperwork will be handled by the secretary, such as the meeting minutes from club meetings and various other meetings with other enterprises. At times, the roles of secretary and treasurer can be combined for one person to handle, depending on the size and structure of the club. 


Road Captain: This member would be in-charge of club logistics for various rides, planning out routes for rides and charity events, and organization various stops to refuel, etc. Basically the ride planner of the club and it would be appointed to someone with good planning skills.


Sergeant-at-Arms: You are responsible for enforcing the bylaws of the club and setting a standard around the club culture. This role also includes being the head of security for the club and any events that the club will attend or even work at. This role requires a lot of awareness and understanding of one's surroundings at all times as it is important to protect those within your club.


Patched Member/Patches/Member: This role is quite standard and has many names depending on the club that is in question. Someone would basically be a "full member" of the chapter and would now receive their full backpatch as a result, probably spending quite some time as a prospect to prove themselves to their "sponsor" and the club as a whole. You are now an untouchable person within the club and retain membership status, now allowing you access to other avenues of earning money and notoriety within the club. A patched member can now sponsor someone to become their prospect if they deem them fit to be on the route to join the club down the road, but it is their responsibility to look after, teach, and groom them for that journey.


Prospect: A probationary member that has been sponsored by a full member in the club. You are basically working your way into the club, building trust and relationships to hopefully one day achieve the status of a full member. You hold a prospect patch on your back and are basically the new guy in the club, answering every order from members within the club at any time. 


Hangaround: Basically a new person that is "hanging around" the club's environment which could be their local bar, around friends, etc. Someone who is on the outside of all activities and does not know anything about the club except for the colors they wear. It is quite self-explanatory as the name of the role basically sums it up.


Associate: This could be someone from another outfit, another criminal organization or a friend that the club usually deals with in various scenarios. Again, very self-explanatory as the name of the role justifies the meaning of it quite appropriately.


CHAPTER IV — Membership


There is a path someone must follow in order to obtain "membership" within an outlaw motorcycle club. There must be a vote that is passed at a club meeting where a full member proposes someone to become a prospect of the club, this person would then become their sponsor. Obviously the prospect will have to undergo a series of testing jobs and undergo hazing and various forms of pranks throughout this time. The prospect can wear the club name on the back of their vest without the club logo representing them. Once the prospect has served enough time, the sponsor can bring full membership to a vote with the rest of the chapter. If the vote passes, the prospect then earns full membership within the club and will be inducted as such. This is called being "patched in" and becoming a "patch holder" of the club you are representing. 


CHAPTER V — Culture


Motorcycle Club Images – Browse 34,245 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video |  Adobe StockSome individuals within outlaw motorcycle clubs engage in illegal activities, although some manage legal businesses, have websites, etc. They are mainly identified through their patches and tattoos, as you can easily see their rank, location, etc. all from looking at the patches on their vest. Most bikers do not have an intense criminal record and their outlaw status is expressed on a social level. It really depends on the club, the history, and location however. Of course, some outlaw motorcycle clubs are immersed in illegal activities as well and mix-in legitimate businesses where they can to ensure coverage. It really depends on the structure of the club and what the presidents of these clubs allow under their nose. 


1%er Clubs: The 1%er patch will be visible on the individuals' vest, and this means that their club is immersed in the life of illegal and criminal activity. This basically means that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens where the last "one percent" are not. 


CHAPTER VI — Approaching a Motorcycle Club


There are differences between outlaw motorcycle clubs, 1%er clubs, and generic motorcycle enthusiast clubs. As mentioned before in this guide, for the most part people role-play outlaw motorcycle clubs and those of 1%er decent, so that is what we will focus on. When approaching a faction of this nature, it is similar to other organized crime groups. This is basically a hybrid of gang role-play and mafia based role-play due to the structure of the organization and the day-to-day duties involved of being a member. Hanging out at the local bar or strip-club is a good start, meeting people and introducing yourself without seeming too eager is the best way. Maybe they are looking to hire a bartender, they might need a mechanic of some sort, for example. Another option to approach a motorcycle club member would be offering to buy "rounds" at the local bar, ask about supporter gear, if any rides are expected to occur, etc. What you should focus on is an organic development of your relations with the motorcycle club you are willing to join.


There are many different routes to join a faction of this nature, but having your own backstory and background will really help. No one wants someone who will just mesh with any faction just to gain another member. They want to have someone who creates role-play, generates good dialogue, and can be a fun addition to the group whether they are a full member or an outsider. Just go along with the flow of things as the beginning is how you shape your character, how you gain a nickname, and essentially how people take note of you.


CHAPTER VII — Links & Resources









This guide is prone to changes and does not represent a final version. 

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