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The [Jamaican] Shower Posse, classified as “One of the most sophisticated criminal organizations in the world”, is a criminal organization that was founded in Jamaica and extends throughout New York/Liberty City, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, California/San Andreas, Ontario, Quebec, and The United Kingdom, specializing in narcotics trafficking (specifically Cocaine, Crack-Cocaine, & Marijuana), Arms Trafficking, and Money Laundering.


The term “Shower Posse” has been theorized to consist of several different origins:

1. The term “Shower” was used to represent The Jamaican Labour Party “showering” supporters with gifts in exchange for favours.

2. The term “Shower” was used to represent The Shower Posse’s tactic towards executing their targets. Generally, mafias resort to carefully assassinating a single target through covert means, ensuring that the assassination is subtle without harming any innocent civilians. The Shower Posse, however, has been known to “Shower” their enemies with bullets, often publicly executing targets by discharging tons of rounds into their target, regardless as to whether they are by themselves or surrounded by large groups of people.


3. The term “Shower” references to The Jamaican Labour Party’s election slogan: “Shower for the People”, which was in response to The People’s National Party’s [of Jamaica] election slogan “Power for the People”.




The Jamaican Shower Posse was formed by Lester “Jim Brown” Lloyd Coke during the early 1980s within “Tivoli Gardens”, which was formed as a proxy for “The Jamaican Labour Party” in order to funnel wealth to the political party through arms trafficking, narcotics trafficking, and prostitution. However, The “Jamaican Labour Party” (JLP), which is in major opposition of “The People’s National Party [of Jamaica]” (PNP), has been known to be a COINTELPRO project by the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. in order to counter-act against the pro-Communist and pro-Castro “People’s National Party [of Jamaica]”. Thus, both parties engaged in a major power struggle, hiring mercenaries from the slumyards of Jamaica to execute political opponents and funnel wealth to their respective parties. The U.S.-funded Jamaican Labour Party formed “The Shower Posse” while the pro-Communist People’s National Party formed “The Spangler Posse”, continuously utilizing these proxies to reign terror upon their opposition and generate revenue for their political campaigns.


Lloyd Lester Coke functioned as the “Key Enforcer” for the Jamaican Labour Party for Prime Minister Edward Seaga, often being responsible for torturing and executing seven “Jamaican Labour Party” defectors on behalf of the party. In the process, he was praised by the local community of Tivoli Gardens for providing them with food, water, and electricity through the assistance of Prime Minister Edward Seaga. Eventually, he was known as the “Protector of Tivoli Gardens” by P.M. Seaga, resulting in a mutual bond between The Shower Posse and The Jamaican Labour Party.


By 1992, Lloyd Lester Coke was imprisoned by the People’s National Party and then executed via a “mysterious prison fire”, causing his son to function as the new leader of The Shower Posse. Christopher “Dudus” Coke, alongside with his accomplice named “Vivian Blake”, became the main leaders of The Shower Posse within Jamaica. He was known to “shower” Tivoli Gardens with food, clothing, employment, and healthcare, causing the community to heavily support him as the new leader of the posse. To a certain extent, his influential power had resulted in Jamaican authorities being obligated to request for Dudus permission to even enter Tivoli Gardens. Overtime, Dudus had expanded the Posse’s influence throughout West Kingston, beyond Tivoli Gardens, asserting a firm grasp on the region through fear and violence. One report indicates that Dudu had decapitated a member’s arm with a chainsaw for simply “pinching some of his weed”. Dudus, through the assistance of Vivian Blake, began to expand the Posse into the United States, prioritizing on regions within New Jersey, Liberty City, and Vice City.


In 2009, The U.S. government was well-aware that the individual named Christopher “Dudus” Coke was responsible for leading The Shower Posse within the U.S., gathering enough evidence to request for his extradition from Jamaica to Liberty City on narcotics trafficking charges. In 2010, the Jamaican government placed West Kingston under Martial Law, in an attempt to secure the region against the armed supporters of Christopher “Dudus” Coke, resulting in hundreds of civilian casualties and seventy-three deaths. Dudus was captured by Jamaican forces during a routine road-block leading to the U.S. embassy, being disguised as a woman with a wig on his head. He was imprisoned within Jamaica for over a year until he was extradited to Liberty City in 2011.









According to The Federal Bureau of Intelligence, over fourty “Jamaican Posses” exist within The United States of America under completely different names and aliases. However, the F.B.I. confirmed that these Jamaican Posses exist under the wing of two predominant Posses: The Sprangler Posse under The People’s National Party and The Shower Posse under The Jamaican Labour Party.


The Jamaican Shower Posse began to expand their operations beyond Jamaica, using the J.L.P. to assist with the legal process towards migrating Shower Posse members to Liberty City (New York). Their primary method towards accumulating capital and funneling wealth into Jamaica involved selling marijuana and firearms throughout the streets of Liberty City. Overtime, by the mid to late 1980s, The Shower Posse (whom were initially funded by the C.I.A.) were responsible for flooding the lower-income African-American boroughs of Liberty City with cocaine.


By 1988-1989, the U.S. media began to link several mass-shootings to The Shower Posse, identifying these entities as “Thugs that terrorize people through fear and violence for profit”. The Shower Posse were known to “shower their enemies with bullets”, conducting these public acts as a means towards instilling fear into the local populations of Liberty City and Vice City. For example, Shower Posse members were known to INTENTIONALLY “shower” large crowds with bullets, despite only attempting to assassinate one target. The media and legal authorities reported that The Shower Posse were known to disguise themselves throughout The United States of America, Canada, and The United Kingdom by aligning themselves with African-American gangs, often by integrating Posse members into these gangs.

By the 1990s, Shower Posse members have been known to “align themselves with black Westcoast gangs”, disguising themselves as Bloods and Crips in order for the Posse to remain undetected. This process continued until the present.


By 2009, The U.S. government was well-aware that the individual named Christopher “Dudus” Coke was responsible for leading The Shower Posse within the U.S., gathering enough evidence to request for his extradition from Jamaica to Liberty City on narcotics trafficking charges. By 2011, “Dudu” was extradited to Liberty City, in fear of being executed in Jamaica. On June 8, 2012, Christopher “Dudus” Coke was sentenced to undergo twenty-three years of prison within Fort Dix, New Jersey for narcotics trafficking and smuggling.
Liberty City Presence
In Liberty City, the Shower Posse primarily prioritizes on trafficking Cocaine, Crack-Cocaine, Marijuana, and Firearms, alongside with engaging in Money Laundering through service-industry businesses and real-estate. Despite being depicted as an extremely hostile and violent organization in the 1990s, the Posse has recently been more "off the grid" due to the F.B.I. continuously targeting the org during the "Dudus" extradition, combined with countless operations that dismantled several trafficking rings throughout the U.S. The Shower Posse does not claim any specific territory, but has a powerful presence puppeteering local sets with bribes, inexpensive sales in the black market, and fear. They have been known to install members within numerous sets in order to puppeteer these sets for profit, and are primarily motivated by "Profit" over "Warfare". 

They often utilize delivery service industries and customs agencies as a means towards trafficking narcotics through the "Bahamas to Miami" trade-route, trafficking cocaine from the Caribbean, to Miami, and then throughout the U.S. within Liberty City, New Jersey, Atlanta, and even Los Santos/Los Angeles. The narcotics are then sold within their respective regions, before being laundered via service-industry businesses and real-estate.

     O.O.C. Information

The L.C. Shower Posse is attempting to portray an international-wide drug trafficking organization, whose main operations are within Kingston, Jamaica and Miami, Florida. We are NOT portraying a street gang, and this faction is not intended for those that wish to engage in fast-paced criminal R.P., as these operations are usually off the grid and slow-paced. Numerous illegal and even "legal" roles are appreciated, as laundering is a major part of this org. To put it in simple terms, we are a Drug Trade Organization, not a Gang. Modern-day Shower Posse could be compared to a lower-class and less-organized L.C.N., and are recognized as sophisticated drug traffickers, not street dealers. News resources classify them as a "Secret Society" that perceives themselves to be "Untouchable", and they some-how try to act like the Black Illuminati to a certain degree. If you are interested in RPing as a sophisticated Caribbean organization that blends elements from Organized Crime and "Street Gang" elements? Then, this is for you, as the Shower Posse are much more organized compared to street gangs, but are less organized than LCNs. All recruitment is conducted ICly. If you have any questions, contact @Ras or Ras#4049 on Discord. Guides are available upon request, alongside with other necessary resources. Crew leaders reserve the Right to C.K. any character that joins the crew.



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