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  1. Hi, I'm subway244 and I like to roleplay. I love LCN history and mafia worldbuilding. My previous GTA RP LCN factions include the Martorano crime family on GTA World, in which I played Vincent "The Suit" Torelli. I also created its successor faction, the Aparo Crew, where I played as Michael "Little Apples" Aparo. It was later succeeded by the Mission Row Contingent, when John "Big Apples" Aparo (notoriousdancso) came back to lead it. After Martorano fell to pieces during Paul Longo's (LexBruv) leadership in early 2023, I started playing in the Amendola Crew, a former crew within the borgata, as Henry "Cashmere" Stelli. I was also part of the Marchesi Crime Family on GTA Chronicles as Benjamin "Benny Venturas" Carneglia, with the same lads who play the Amendola Crew. Alongside LCN, I've also had the pleasure to have RP'd in the Paisa Alliance as Adrián "El Lupo" Montenegro, working alongside his cousin Vanessa "Vibora" Montenegro, aka Isabella Martinez (SpicyBandito) and Ezequiel "Whisper" Medina (Giamma). My longest-running project is Vincent Torelli. I created him on EclipseRP in late-2021, where he was part of The Underground, a loose association of anarchist thieves led by Melody Frey (Magus Rat). However, after discovering the better RP on GTA World, I moved him over there where he naturally became associated to Martorano without any OOC coordination through Benjamin "Benny Diamonds" Ruggieri (notoriousdancso), some of the best RP I've ever had. Vincent later met Chloe Hill, played by worldprop, a former heavyweight within the Half Life 2 RP scene. Upon realizing our storytelling/worldbuilding methods were so similar, worldprop and I decided to open up a small text-based workshop with some other friends on Discord, where we continued the story of Vincent and Chloe. We incorporated a lot of crazy stuff into the RP, including a secret ESP intelligence organization, and a crazed narcoterrorist who made it his mission to kill Chloe. I'd like to shout-out these people as being my favorite people to roleplay with: Worldprop - Chloe Hill Notoriousdancso - John Aparo Mullin - Dominic Civella Andi - Kira VanZandt Magus Rat - Melody Frey SpicyBandito - Vanessa Montenegro Lucky - Rocco DiFiore Lou - John Amendola (and the rest of the lads with Tarano/Marchesi/Amendola crew).
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