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  1. The Vodyanov Crime Ring The Vodyanov Crime Ring (Vodyanov Crew) is a minor criminal group named after Maxim Vodyanov, a small-time criminal based in Hove Beach, Liberty City. "Almost every case involving Russians is somehow linked to Hove Beach." Liberty City's Hove Beach section has been a headquarter for a smattering of emigre Russian crime gangs since the 1970s when the Soviet Union permitted the first of about 300,000 people to emigrate to the United States. Hove Beach has been home to a lot of immigrants coming from East Europe for the past few decades, and it's no secret that the area had prominent individuals and crews operating within it. Crime has always been an issue, but also an easy way out for young and ambitious people. The Vodyanov Crime Ring was established by Maxim Vodyanov, born and raised in Liberty City by Russian immigrants. Vodyanov was always a big dreamer, a second-generation Russian who was raised by his Russian parents which immigrated to the United States of America in the nineties. Vodyanov never saw himself as a regular American citizen who thrives to succeed and prosper within the broken system. Taking things into his own hands, the inexperienced young guy managed to assemble a crew of people who began working on gaining a reputation on the streets and in the criminal underground. Narcotics, weapons, stolen goods, money laundering - everything was a potential source of income for Vodyanov and his crew. The group began small but over the course of only a few years managed to rise and assemble a ring of narcotics and weapons trafficking, prostitution, burglary, and extortion. The ambition to grow stronger and get more popular in the criminal underground of Liberty City never died; Vodyanov and his crew are now continuing their criminal endeavors and expanding their range of violence. ((OOC INFORMATION : The faction aims to portray a realistic, modern-day Eurasian criminal group consisting of many Eurasian members that operate in Liberty City, specifically Hove Beach. The faction focuses on various criminal aspects such as narcotics and weapons trafficking along with extortion and prostitution. The faction is inspired by real life modern-day Eurasian Organized Crime in New York. The faction does not aim to portray the 80s Russian mafia and won't welcome stereotypical characters. If your character intends to join and is associated with one or more people from the faction, leadership retains the rights to CK your character at their IC discretion at any point in time. The faction enforces a high standard of roleplay and ensures that server rules are followed. If you wish to join or have any inquiries, don't hesitate to forum PM StefanM or send a DM on discord to StefanM#1911. References: "From Russia With Violence // Organized Crime Has New Accent in New York" by Selwyn Raab, TulsaWorld.))
  2. Back in its prime, The Velentzas Crime Family was one of the most prominent and dangerous Greek-American organized crime groups operating within Dukes, a borough of Liberty City. Tracing its roots back to the post-World War II era, characterized by an influx of Greek immigrants, the origins of this syndicate can be attributed to the Kourakos clan—a lineage hailing from Maniot-Greek origins and led by Peter Kourakos. Yet, it was under the adept leadership of Spyredon "Spiros" Velentzas that the syndicate experienced a real ascent to prominence during the latter part of the 1980s. Boasting a membership that exceeded thirty individuals at its peak, the syndicate flourished by methodically establishing and controlling illegal gambling operations, spanning from games of dice to horse-racing parlors. Their prosperity was further bolstered by cultivating a tightly-knit rapport with select members of The Lucchese Crime Family—an alliance that furnished protection in return for a share of the gains. The trajectory of this mob group took a dramatic turn on June 20, 1992, when two pivotal figures within its hierarchy, in tandem with the leader of the organization, found themselves ensnared by a set of racketeering charges. Velentzas, confronted with an extensive array of charges including murder, loan sharking, gambling, and tax fraud, was found guilty and sentenced to a lengthy twenty-year term of imprisonment. Subsequently, as additional evidence implicated him in the homicide of Sarecho "Sammy the Arab" Nalo came to light, he was sentenced to life in prison, forcing Fotios Dimopoulos to have no choice but to assume the crown and restore control. Fotios Dimopoulos struggled as a leader, finding it challenging to maintain an iron grip over the gambling operations controlled by the Greek-Americans under the Velentzas regime. Capitalizing on this vulnerability, the Albanian-American Rudaj gang seized the opportunity and decided to extort him. Backed up by the The Gambino Crime Family, the Rudaj faction orchestrated an assault on Fotios' associate, Antonis Balampanis, who oversaw a gambling establishment dubbed "Soccer Fever". This move was strategically aimed at wresting control of the gambling enterprises spanning Broker, Alderney—their home turf—and Dukes. The attack was met with resistance from the Greek mafia. Left with no alternatives, they opted to escalate matters into a full-blown conflict with the Albanians with the intent to claim their territory back. This war endured for several weeks, culminating in the death of Dimopoulos, killed by a fatal bullet to his head. The aftermath saw a substantial portion of the organization incarcerated or met with a similarly tragic fate. Amidst the turbulence, the remaining core members agreed to a diplomatic, behind-the-scenes pact with The Gambino Crime Family with the aim to stop the hostilities with the Albanians. Abel Karahalios, the nephew of a prominent Greek-American mobster closely connected to Spyredon Velentzas, leveraged the arrangement. Karahalios and his people secured a part of their territory, albeit smaller in size, and reinitiated their operations. This compromise, however, meant relinquishing their control over the gambling dens. The Albanian threat was ultimately quelled by the intervention of federal authorities. A sweeping investigation was launched, resulting in the prosecution and conviction of Alex Rudaj and his goons on federal racketeering charges in 2004. This marked the downfall of the Albanian dominance. With that said, the lifeline that sustained the crew financially stemmed from Abel's exclusive ownership of his uncle's ouzo distillery and enterprise—the renowned Apollo Pub. This establishment not only served as the group's hangout, but also as a legal front and money maker. Since that turning point, Karahalios has adeptly regrouped and solidified its footing. A number of stable business affiliations has been meticulously achieved, with the Italian crime families and various other smaller organizations. This strategic development has fostered an era of recalibration, enabling the Greek-American crew to establish itself and even flourish.
  3. The Ivy Drive Mafia Overview The Ivy Drive Mafia is an organized street gang, formed under its independent name in 1991 by David "OG Aziz" Harrow and his brothers. The gang was originally a North Holland street-gang formed in 1974, they where a keep distributor of crack cocaine and heroin throughout the epidemic. The gang was originally lead by Jeffery L. Danielson, the nephew of a black organized Gangster from Holland. Jeffery was indicted under rape charges in 1987 which caused significant structural problems within the gang. The gang's direct connections to cocaine and heroin suppliers lead them to gain significant traction throughout Holland, throughout the mid-late 70s the gang's membership grew significantly. The gang was lead by both Jeffery L. Danielson and Robert Williams; two nephews of notorious Liberty City black gangsters. The gang was raking in large sums of money throughout the early to mid-80s, in 1983 David and Richard Harrow joined the gang as two young heroin dealers. The brothers began to gain significant traction throughout the streets of Holland, building close friendships with Robert Williams and his uncle. In 1989 David Harrow launched a coup within the gang, the goal was to take over the operations and wipe out old-head leaders from the past. Two months into the war Danielson was killed in prison by what was believed to be a hit sent by Harrow, who at the time was a 24 year old heavy-weight involved in the manufacturing and distribution of crack cocaine and heroin. The brothers then launched a full-attack on those loyal to their opponents, killing both Robert Williams and Dusty Demons and their families. Within the next 4 months they had secured their positions within the gang, reforming it to what is now called "The Ivy Drive Mafia". Throughout the late-nineties, early 2000's, to present day; The Ivy Drive Mafia built numerous connections and alliances with Liberty City gangs and syndicates. They strengthened international supply connections and imprinted their name on their territory. Ivy Drive's ranks where and still are filled experience and credibility throughout the LC Streets, it was predominantly the set 'Original Ivy Gangsters/OIG' serving crack cocaine and heroin to addicts and gangs in Holland and Northern Algonquin which a long with their cut-throat methods and strict organization, created a formidable name. There where numerous rumors' of a war with "W-Block Killers" dating back to 2002, however this war did not kick off until 2017 which resulted in a relatively stress-free Ivy Drive victory. Despite the war being one with moderate ease, the opposing gang attacked numerous establishments and rackets, murdered numerous men and politically tried to deplete Ivy Drive's resources. Their attempts where only half-met with success, it caused a disruption within the gangs operation which is still some-what felt to this day however the war left W-Block in rags and the gang disbanded in 2021. The Ivy Drive Mafia / Original Ivy Gangsters / Young Ivy Killers History The complete history of the Original Ivy Gangsters date back to Westminster Towers itself, throughout the 1960s North Holland was over-populated and run-down, it was a key area for numerous significant members. Westminster Towers housed 500 people and was a breeding-ground for criminals throughout the mid 60's to early 70's. Jeffery L. Danielson was large-scale heroin dealer and nephew of a large-scale heroin trafficker, he formed 'Westminster Block Killers' in 1974. Whilst Jeffery was an experienced gangster he was quickly swallowed up by a life of crime. Heavily addicted to crack cocaine his mental health started to deteriorate at the age of 30 and quickly made many enemies. One of Jeffery's closest men was Robert Williams and David Harrow, who where a young and highly proficient crack dealers. Robert Williams was born in 1948 and went to elementary, middle and high school with numerous future significant members of gangs from throughout Holland, being from Westminster Towers it wasn't long before he started started selling drugs. He began selling crack cocaine and heroin under Jeffery and gained a large reputation for himself, in numerous aspects. This lasted until 1972 when he was approached by his uncle Richard "Dusty" Demons. Robert's uncle was an associate of the Country Boys which at the time was a main source for crack cocaine and heroin throughout Holland. Robert spoke to the set OG Magic about the offer, he tried to manipulate the situation with force using his age as a vulnerability. Robert returned to his uncle who was shocked at Robert's naivety, from that point he took Robert under his wing and began to teach him how to really be a gangster. He returned to Magic with a firm offer, Magic responded by punching Robert in the face. Robert put a M1911 to Magic's temple in an attempt to intimidate him however in naivety he shot Magic in the head, fearing repercussions. Robert knew his next steps where to bring together as many guys on his side, something relatively easy. Robert began to consign significant amounts of crack-cocaine and heroin from his uncle and had one of the largest operations in Holland, he formed the sub-set OIG under WBK and controlled a significant amount of dangerous members including a young David and Richard Harrow and Terrell "O.G. Blitz" Valentine. A war almost broke out which would've most likely meant the total destruction of an early OIG, however a deal was struck where Robert was forced to pay homage. Richard continued to mentor Robert throughout his early days of the operations, and through a connection removed the forced homage paid by Robert. They continued to rise to the biggest distributor of crack cocaine and heroin through Holland. By 1989 weapon connections where on the horizon, the set's leadership began to step off of the streets and into businesses with the help of significant Liberty City gangsters, buying a bar in North Holland. Jeffery L. Danielson was arrested the same day the bar was bought, he was charged to 8 years for rape. The bar became extremely popular and allowed the gang to launder a significant amount of money, they began to invest into new avenues of both legitimate and illegitimate business. Richard Harrow and David Harrow controlled OIG's street operations, Terrell "O.G. Blitz" Valentine was one of their protégé's. Robert Williams, Jeffery L. Danielson and Richard "Dusty" Demons acted as partners controlling the gang and began to manage the legitimate side of business. They began to invest into the music and club industry, which lead to a significant amount of money for high ranking members of the gang. By 1989 OIG was a the largest supplier of crack cocaine, heroin and weapons the frequent and large shipments this meant that the gang expanded and heavily influenced the residential areas within their territory. Due to the high frequency of large cargo loads of weapons and narcotics, Robert and Danielson decided to make David and Richard Harrow body guards for them. By 1990 the pair where coerced into bring the Harrow's in as business partners, they sent a hit out on Jeffery L. Danielson who was incarcerated for rape. The hit resulted in an internal war between Danielson WBK loyalists and Harrow Ivy Drive loyalists, the Harrow's killed both Robert Williams and Richard "Dusty" Demons then proceeded to kill their families. They assumed total control over the operations held by the previous leadership however some where made redundant such as a prostitution ring. The brother's where being supplied military grade weapons from Central Asia through middle-men, those who had been loyal to the gang had mostly known how serious the Harrow's no where and the majority decided to side with them. Throughout the war, numerous members on both sides died however the Harrow brothers stood victorious. It was at this time that David Harrow and his brothers formed The Ivy Drive Mafia which persisted of the Harrow brother's and their trusted and high-ranked associates and the Original Ivy Gangsters or Young Ivy Killers. Throughout the 90's, 00's and 10's the gang dominated Holland's crack cocaine and heroin trade. They where the main street suppliers of weapons and bricks; supplying numerous gangsters throughout Liberty City. The Harrow Brother's imposed a form of initiation which they jokingly called "The Curse", it was an code of honor that had to be sworn on; breaking the code meant that you and your family would be killed. Dozens of people broke the code throughout the 3 decades. Ivy Mafia became notorious for their way of murdering and malignant ferocity used against traitors. The Harrow Brothers Thread WIP Affairs Ivy Drive mafia are believed to have close alliances with Northern Garden gangsters. Ivy Drive Mafia are believed to have loose alliances with Six Block DDP. Ivy Drive Mafia's turf (Westminster Towers) is contested with ATM (Aim to Murder). The current political state is unknown, there has been no conflict as of yet. Ivy Drive Mafia and WBK (Westminster Block Killers) ended their war in 2020 with an IDM victory. IDM assumed rackets and beef still remains for W-Block loyalists. Thread WIP Turf See Also David "OG Aziz" Harrow Richard Harrow (TBA) Ibrahim Barazani Jamel Harrow Thread WIP OOC Information & Pre-Launch Recruitment The Harrow Brothers A.K.A Ivy Drive (Mafia) or Westminster Boys, are an organized group of brothers and their associates. The brothers are White-American with the group's membership having no focus on race, meaning the group is predominantly Black-American & Mixed-Race. We aim to portray a modern-day organized street gang with a central focus on narcotics both in manufacturing (crack cocaine) and sales, armed robberies and fraud. The groups leadership consists of 3 brothers who hold sole power over the gang through central power-roles, with numerous other family-members and associates filling ranks both pertaining to internalized and hood politics. Join our discord for updates: https://discord.gg/mbvjrwGvkP We're also openly recruiting pre-launch, this includes both significant and insignificant characters. Thread WIP
  4. ⚜Timoun Di Lagè⚜ Haitian/French West Indian Organized Crime Group Timoun Di Lage is a predominantly Haitian, and Haitian American criminal organization specifically started by Haitian refugees whether political, or during the 1960s after the take over of Francois Duvalier when the terror of TonTon Macoutes plagued the country. During the Duvalier reign many flocked over to Vice City, Liberty City, and other areas in the East Coast such as New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Louisiana, and Montreal. As well as other Northeastern American cities where many Haitian communities are present in which the Haitian Mob based themselves in protecting Haitian communities from other communities that tends to show hostile behaviours to Haitian, and French West Indian communities such as African Americans, and Hispanic communities hence there is a slight presence of Guadeloupean, or Martiniquais presence inside of the mob itself. The Timoun Di Lage specialize in the trafficking of Cocaine, and Maurijana; even being one of the centre tradepoints in the Carribean. Timoun Di Lage also specialize in arms dealing, and laundering as they tend to bring back a lot of the profit back to the Haitian communities to help them flourish along with the growth of the organization itself. Since the 1960s the Timoun Di Lage had helped refugees from moving into the country settle in hence that was one of their quickest ways they have gained membership bringing in many skills to serve in the mob helping them escape the harsh life under dictatorial rule in which they still keep their old traditions of migrating in members from Haiti using political connections. The term Pitit Di Lage itself roughly translates to "Children of War" referring to the fact that the birth of the mob itself comes from the war torn lifestyle in Haiti as many political civil wars, and political purgings ran at the time in the country lasting from the 60s to the 90s which was indeed the golden age of the Timoun Di Lage from how quickly Haitian communities were fast flourishing. Unlike a lot of street gang counterparts it was quite hard to identify members of the Timoun Di Lage considering they didn't represent themselves by bandanas at all unlike their street gang counterpart. They often posed themselves as ordinary citizens to remain appealing to the eyes of the law and carry on their operations whenever the time strikes. Due to the spreading of the Timoun Di Lage in different North American cities on the east coast and, Montreal they often appear to have each Don with their own crew under the Timoun Di Lage name operating under one big boss often nicknamed "Uncle" "Auntie" "Papa" "Madame" and so on who appears to lead the Timoun Di Lage as a whole. Due to their history of political persecution it's clear they also appear to have a hatred of any far right wings often refusing to associate themselves with any group that supports any hint of fascist views hence their history of even battling it out with right wing extremist groups since the 1960s and having a strong affiliation towards pro-democratic, or socialist views even going so far to support parties that fit their anti-right wing agenda to prevent another autocratic regime once more running in Haiti. It wasn't until the early 70s until the presence of the Timoun Di Lage became furthermore known first starting off as a small mob triggered by political events in Haiti to now a transnational group in the Americas from the gathering many people with all kinds of skills in the refugee crisis from soldiers, to business owners, criminals, and all kinds of members with different skillsets that could profit the Timoun Di Lage as numbers began flocking across US cities in larger numbers as expansion grew rapidly from basing themselves in different Haitian communities many crews that had first started merged into the Timoun Di Lage although there is still a case of other loose groups that are completely independent. Their biggest advantage that had helped them grow was due to the fact there were people of all skills which managed to help them into the business of racketeering as they then began to expand into the trafficking of narcotics since the crack era however refusing to push that in any of the Haitian or French Carribean which had then evolved the Timoun Di Lage furthermore as they even attempt to take advantage of their strategic routes from Haiti however still meeting heavy resistance from government persecution. With that they even began supporting Pro-Democratic parties, and Socialist parties in Haiti too with the wealth being brought in from this golden era with big attempts to overthrow the Duvalier regime doing all they can to get rid of the tyrant from evacuating refugees to work closely with the Timoun Di Lage in the United States or sparking political uprisings with the public support they have. OPERATIONS IN RESPECTIVE TERRITORIES The Timoun Di Lage appear to be active in Liberty City mainly through laundering, armsdealing, and drugs trafficking as Liberty City is one of the largest points of their drug trafficking ring moving in products from Hispaniola to North America. Liberty City along with more of Northeastern United states appears to be a big hotspot for the Timoun Di Lage with even easy access to Montreal. They appear to make big profit from laundering service/industry businesses, along with commercial businesses using those financial mules as a way to remain legal to the eyes of the law whilst they engage in armsdealing, and the trafficking of Cocaine, and Cannabis to their other respective locations that the Timoun Di Lage have a presence in. Whilst the Timoun Di Lage usually prefer to stay out of conflicts but it does seem to have past feuds with other Carribean groups in the past over profit in the criminal underworld in which tensions were quite high in the 80s, and 90s but long since died down due to LCPD activity becoming stronger, and stronger nowadays only focusing on business and having conflicts as a last resort. The Timoun Di Lage appear to base themselves in Beechwood, and other parts of Broker one of the most West Indian dominated neighbourhoods of Liberty City along with different enclaves in Algonquin where alot of their commercial laundering activities appear to be present due to the mass amount of useful businesses. Alot of the same can be said for Northeastern United States as active routes are set all over the region in order to keep the business running as Dons are assigned to each city to supervise operations and then report back to the main boss of the Timoun Di Lage. Vice City and South Florida are the areas that tend to be where their presence is the most notorious due to the massive amount of manpower, and support by the friendly communities they may have. Vice City serves as one of the most vital points of trafficking due to to the distance from Haiti itself. They appear to be based in Little Haiti itself however they tend to mask themselves by usually directing VCPD attention to the local Haitian street gangs that appear to work closely with the Timoun Di Lage often paying tribute, and having support for the mob due to them being supplied a lot by the Timoun Di Lage for their operations. Timoun Di Lage makes their profit primarily from arms dealing, and drugs trafficking in Vice City but do make a fair share from the money laundering of businesses. The Timoun Di Lage often avoid getting into too much conflicts in Vice City directly as they often use their satellite gangs to carry out the dirty work for them as muscle in exchange for more supplies, and cash hence the VCPD had found it harder to identify the Timoun Di Lage from how sophisticated they are and a lack of uniformity such as bandanas, though they may still be able to be identified through suits and such. Timoun Di Lage appear to also be quite active in Canada in the city of Montreal, and Ottawa with even ruling street level operations at one point being directly supplied by the trade routes which take place from Haiti, to the US, then to Canada where they begin their distribution of drugs, and even weapons to other street gangs where they vastly profit. They even appear to work closely with other syndicates due to the competition that also occurs in the city from 1%ers to other ethnic organized crime groups hence they either had decent relations with some or conflicts but that would be avoided at all costs considering that the European groups would put up quite a fight along with the fact that they appear to have more power over the docks than the Timoun Di Lage do themselves hence they often work closely as the Timoun Di Lage put their distribution skills to use in exchange for having slight power, and access to the docks in Montreal. In Haiti itself their power was quite limited during the Duvalier era but that has changed since then as the autocratic regime has now fallen apart as they work to keep Haiti at bay attempting to prevent another Autocratic Right Wing Regime from taking over Haiti. The Timoun Di Lage often work on investing back into Haiti especially the community alot of times offering aid to citizens as they attempt to make themselves seen as a positive light. Haiti is also one of the most active hubs of narcotics trafficking in the Carribean hence it's vital for the Timoun Di Lage to still hold influence over the island which is where they tend to get alot of their weaponry from the military, along with drugs that are produced here which they then move over to the United States, Canada, and France. Timoun Di Lage especially refuse to ruin the country furthermore having a goal of helping communities all over flourish hence they rather avoid violence during their encounters unless it's necessary to do so having a preference of laying low like a lot of organized crime groups rather remaining with their ideals of creating profit rather than problems. OOC INFORMATION We plan on making a realistic portrayal of a fictional Haitian/French West Indian Organized crime group taking aspects from real life and squeezing them in. This faction is not for those who intend to constantly put themselves in fast paced high adrenaline situations like that of street gangs since we prefer to stay off the radar as much as possible HOWEVER scenarios like that will come in time if need be since we are still an illegal organization. We are open to Illegal rpers, and legal rpers a like since we are a big mob of all kinds of different skillsets that would be welcomed into the faction due to laundering, and extortion being one of the key things of this organization whilst we have an illegal side who wish to pursue the illegal roleplay they want to enjoy. If you wish to join it's essential you make someone who is of Haitian descent, French Carribean descent, or even mixed unless you wish to have yourself as an associate into the group if you want to immediately join as a member rather than be recruited Icly please PM @AfroGaiden or his Discord, your history, and background with the mob itself and I'll be sure to review make sure it's realistic too. Other than that all recruitment is conducted ICly and we have no form of OOC recruitment apart from the special exception of why your character may already be a member. We also love to value Character Development hence we love to have slow paced RP wanting to have fun as not just a faction but a community wanting to share all of our stories.
  5. (( You're walking around the subway station in Columbus Circle and stumble upon this advertisement )) TEAMSTERS LOCAL 428 IS A LABOR UNION FOR THE BLUE-COLLAR STAND UP GUY! TIRED OF BOSSES BREAKING BALLS AND KIDS STEALING YOUR LUNCH BOX? FEEL YOU'D RATHER PUNCH THE LIGHTS OUT OF THESE COCKSUCKERS RATHER THAN PUNCH IN ANOTHER HOUR ON THAT CLOCK? Unionized professions under 428: Delivery trucking Transport ( Private and City ) Retail business Restaurant business Construction business Service-provision business Renovation and Garbage business Self-employer basis If you are currently employed within the aforementioned professions you are eligible to register for a union card. Union cards grant you special laboring rights and demands that your employer is required to meet such as minimum wages, paid overtime, maximum work week hours, paid vacations, bankruptcy, recession and inflation-proof pension plans and other benefits. We will deploy strikes and other inconveniences for your employer if there's a lack of transparency and agreeableness with these terms. Get organized! Want to register for a union card? Contact us with any of the details below. Union membership costs $500/mo. We are also hiring union positions. Contact us also. Available positions: - Vice-Chairman - Accountant - Union Field Agent - Union Representative ( Representing a certain profession ) Contact Details: OFFICES: Broker & Alderney City CALL / SMS 855 (555) 3817 (( Forum PM )) P.O BOX: 3357, Broker, L.C. (( The Local 428 is a labor union involved heavily in organized crime and corruption to bend labor laws in their own and their partners' political favor and personal financial gain while at the same time operating as a law-abiding and legitimate labor union. More information coming soon.))
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