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  1. The Vodyanov Crime Ring The Vodyanov Crime Ring (Vodyanov Crew) is a minor criminal group named after Maxim Vodyanov, a small-time criminal based in Hove Beach, Liberty City. "Almost every case involving Russians is somehow linked to Hove Beach." Liberty City's Hove Beach section has been a headquarter for a smattering of emigre Russian crime gangs since the 1970s when the Soviet Union permitted the first of about 300,000 people to emigrate to the United States. Hove Beach has been home to a lot of immigrants coming from East Europe for the past few decades, and it's no secret that the area had prominent individuals and crews operating within it. Crime has always been an issue, but also an easy way out for young and ambitious people. The Vodyanov Crime Ring was established by Maxim Vodyanov, born and raised in Liberty City by Russian immigrants. Vodyanov was always a big dreamer, a second-generation Russian who was raised by his Russian parents which immigrated to the United States of America in the nineties. Vodyanov never saw himself as a regular American citizen who thrives to succeed and prosper within the broken system. Taking things into his own hands, the inexperienced young guy managed to assemble a crew of people who began working on gaining a reputation on the streets and in the criminal underground. Narcotics, weapons, stolen goods, money laundering - everything was a potential source of income for Vodyanov and his crew. The group began small but over the course of only a few years managed to rise and assemble a ring of narcotics and weapons trafficking, prostitution, burglary, and extortion. The ambition to grow stronger and get more popular in the criminal underground of Liberty City never died; Vodyanov and his crew are now continuing their criminal endeavors and expanding their range of violence. ((OOC INFORMATION : The faction aims to portray a realistic, modern-day Eurasian criminal group consisting of many Eurasian members that operate in Liberty City, specifically Hove Beach. The faction focuses on various criminal aspects such as narcotics and weapons trafficking along with extortion and prostitution. The faction is inspired by real life modern-day Eurasian Organized Crime in New York. The faction does not aim to portray the 80s Russian mafia and won't welcome stereotypical characters. If your character intends to join and is associated with one or more people from the faction, leadership retains the rights to CK your character at their IC discretion at any point in time. The faction enforces a high standard of roleplay and ensures that server rules are followed. If you wish to join or have any inquiries, don't hesitate to forum PM StefanM or send a DM on discord to StefanM#1911. References: "From Russia With Violence // Organized Crime Has New Accent in New York" by Selwyn Raab, TulsaWorld.))
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