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  1. I am definitely supporting this! It really offers people who aren't able to retrieve LC themselves, so they have other ways of doing it, such as creating atmospheric RP scenarios or involvement in the community!
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    Welcome to LC:RP!
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    Welcome to the community, hope you will enjoy it here!
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    LCN Q&A

    And personally I feel furthermore to add to this, I feel that, if things go way out of hand, where it becomes unplayable for others in terms of LCN RP and organized crime in general and that it's going to influence the roleplay quality for the players, then we should take a stand in this and see what we can do to maintain the roleplay element of them being in power, but also give opportunities to others.
  5. A very well written guide! Good job!
  6. Oh, definitely! Let's hope this does not happen though. 🙂 Thank you a lot!
  7. I guess the best way for this for work, for at least the luxury items would just in general give the players the option to create whatever unique business they think of, provided they prove that they will keep it up and running and then have them be able to create items etc for it with like a /createitem command or something and sell them for some value.
  8. I appreciate it a lot, thank you! Perhaps next time I'll make a guide for something of more value. 😛 why u bully
  9. I really hope, at least for those who didn't know all of this!
  10. Hey all! As the title says, it's a guide on how to drive in a GTA RP server. For reference, we will be using Liberty City. This guide mainly focuses on vehicles, character's choice for cars, driving on different terrain and more. With this guide, I'm will be trying to explain my point of view about driving for those who have either forgotten or aren't that familiar with this topic. I personally find driving in GTA satisfying and doing it on a roleplay server, I intend to always try and understand who is my character, how would they drive depending on their personality and even what car would they use. Most people reading this will already know everything I am going to talk about and it's entirely normal. The first topic will be Intersections and traffic lights. At intersections and/or traffic lights, it's understandable, that no one wants to wait a few minutes in GTA, waiting behind the traffic light to go green and since the map will not be that populated, that you would have to always obey it, an more common understanding is that people will stop briefly at intersections or behind traffic lights, look to either side and if it's clear, proceed to drive. An example An example on how not to drive (This may vary depending on your character, but this sort of regular driving isn't RP.) The second topic will be about How should you choose your car for your character? This topic is more difficult to really pinpoint on how, because it depends on multiple different variables regarding your character and how they are developed. When you create your character, you need to understand what is their lifestyle like... are they more of a spender and wanting to live luxurious or is your character someone who is living in a low-class area and doesn't have a lot of money. The choice of your vehicle will reflect your character to others and will add more immersion in general to the whole roleplaying experience. Not to mention it's not very realistic for a character who lives in a low-class area and be driving around in a super car. As LC-RP has the option to purchase already a vehicle with a weekly payment, this can add a lot of interesting factors for roleplay. Of course it's common for people to try and purchase more and more expensive vehicles for themselves as a sign of power or wealth. Purchasing high-end vehicles, such as super cars should be logical and make sense for your characters development, if you're roleplaying as someone who has had it all since they were young or are you someone who has made their way up from the slums in to the high-life and managed to make their first million. Our third topic will be Driving on different terrains An important thing to consider when driving on terrain other than asphalt, is your vehicle. As an example, it is not realistic to drive high-speed off-road with a super car, due to the vehicle being very low, possibly creating mechanical problems within the bottom side of the vehicle, as in reality, dirt and rocks would be thrown in to the bottom of the vehicle when driving, the faster you go, the more force the debris gets and chance of creating an malfunction increases. You can definitely drive off-road in a super car, but you should keep your speed at a relatively low number when going and taking into consideration bumps and holes. While Liberty City does not have a lot of off-road/dirt tracks, it's still important to consider this when driving on them and understand how it works. An example of good driving on dirt An example of bad driving on dirt (This may vary depending on the vehicle of choice. Off-road/4x4 vehicles would be suitable to drive on a road like this with higher speed.) Our fourth topic will be Driving with a wrecked vehicle This topic will be focused around driving with a vehicle that has been severely damaged and what is the correct way of manipulating a vehicle with that condition. Driving a wrecked vehicle, as in real life, means that your vehicle is under some sort of mechanical/visual damage that is altering the driving capability of the vehicle. This should be considered when your vehicle is damaged heavily and proceeded with caution when operating it. A wrong bump or an impact could be very dangerous to the driver and people around. When your vehicle has received damage like this, when possible, a mechanic should be contacted or a towing company, but as a last resort, the vehicle may be operated with low-speed to the mechanic shop in order to get it repaired, but only if there is no other possibility. Driving the vehicle to a repair shop means that the driver should maintain relatively low speeds and focus on their surroundings at all time. Our fifth topic will be Driving over bumps/sloped roads In Liberty City, there are quite a few bumps in the asphalt and it should be important for the driver to be vary of these when driving so they do not damage their vehicle. Bumps should be driven over with caution and low speed to minimize the damage done to the vehicle and possibility of an accident happening. These sort of small bumps as the sidewalk may cause visual damage to your vehicle when driven over them with high speed or create internal motor damage. An example on how to tackle a bump Often driving around Liberty City, people will encounter sloped roads. It's important to understand in these situations the danger of proceeding to a sloped road with high speed. One of the main reasons why it should not be done is for the safety of others. When driving towards a sloped road, you are at that time approaching a blind spot, where you can not see what's on the other side. This will put you and others in a great risk. In terms of realistic driving, having jumps like these are very uncommon and should be tackled with caution. An example on how to drive on sloped road (Low speed, making sure your wheels won't go airborne) An example on how NOT to drive at a sloped road (High speed, car is going airborne) Final conclusion Driving in a roleplay server heavily depends on how is your character developed, what are his characteristics and so on. A character that is a petrol-head may often drive with higher speed and lacking regards to the law or someone who is drunk, can often drive recklessly while a person who is associated to the organized crime group may want to drive with more caution to not pull attention to themselves. When roleplaying, there is a big difference between driving 'recklessly' & 'recklessly'. Driving recklessly means that you are just breaking the IC law, speeding and not obeying the traffic laws in any way, while driving recklessly means that you are constantly crashing in to poles, walls and so on without any roleplay. This can and may result in actions taken by the staff team as this is not on-par with roleplay standards. A special thanks to my Imponte Ruiner for taking a few hits for the sake of this guide.
  11. We can not forget about Burger Shot interiors and such, they would be dope for people to be able to work there etc.
  12. It believe it depends on why someone would name-change. If it is for IC reasons, like in real life, changing your name because of reasons or if you were CKed. Being CKed and then name-chanigng, you should wipe everything. If it is for more IC reasons, then no, but I believe all cases should be treated respectively.
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    LCRP "Ambience"

    A rule that I see people follow is pretty much using "Imaginary" people to understand if this is something that you would do in a public place. Meaning that you act as if there is people around you, so it would make sense to not do certain actions on a street etc, even though there are no physical players there. You wouldn't casually walk around on a street with a M4 in your hand, just cause you don't see any players, because in reality, you'd have someone most likely dial the emergency number and report it.
  14. This is great! I'm relatively surprised when people ask me how do I get the 's behind my name, even though I'm just using the command /my. Not to mention the times where people go around and express their thoughts and stuff in their /me's, gets pretty irritating and well, unnecessary. Good job overall, very informal and hopefully helpful for someone reading this!
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