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  1. As it stands, VOIP is used only for pursuits, officer-involved shooting and foot pursuits. What you say about tactical situations has merit. I remember during my time in SWT on LSRP, tactical elements were not only given extra armor, but they also had the ability to use VOIP for coordination. This gave them major advantages and I did see lack of balance, although as an unofficial policy back then, a lot of SWT TLs tried to limit TS usage as much as possible. We could look into limiting that during barricaded situations, given that special weapons will likely receive additional armor. It needs revision, though, because such situations are not only reserved to barricaded/hostage situations, there are dynamic responses such as armed pursuits, etc. This can all be brought up in the next PD meeting @dean
  2. You have a right to form your personal opinions about the philosophy of this community, even if I disagree with them. I don't necessarily think that we are all talk and no action because of our hesitancy with this particular change, because I don't don't necessarily understand the logic behind it. For example, all of the changes we have made so far become null due to our reserved stance on this topic, according to your post. However, if that is what you feel, you are entitled to feel that way. I would again reiterate my previous statement regarding perspectives. I of course do not expect that you look at the community from the perspective of management and you are right to look at it from the perspective of a player, because you do not have access to the channels of communication/information that management does. The statement I made regarding player numbers does not only apply to PD, it applies to any major "sector" of the community which may cause server instability. However, my argument is that such a drastic change overnight will cause a big percentage of LEO players leaving in an instant, whereas maintaining the current policy will not cause the same for criminal/civilian roleplayers, simply because they are already used to the usage of TS due to years of programming, to put it that way. I will repeat again that as a manager, I am perfectly aware of the issues with VOIP in TS and that change is required, however, it must be done in a way that would not cause chaos in an instant which would inevitably result in instability and loss of big numbers of players. You are free to give up on the community, of course. Without focusing on emotions and meaning to sound offensive, as a managerial entity, I would rather lose 10 players than 60 (fictional example). This does not apply specifically to PD. Of course other factors such as the contribution of said members and the level of competency is to be taken into consideration, however, that is impossible due to the fact that it is hard to calculate it. For example, those 20 that we might lose might be more significant for the community in comparison to the 60, but a lot of players do not necessarily care about that and are mainly interested in the environment feeling alive, which is hard to accomplish with a limited playerbase. This might seem harsh and it may seem that I do not value you as an individual, however, I hope you understand my logic behind it. I also understand management is put in a difficult situation where no matter the decision taken, it will seem that it favors either one side, or the other. @Rodrigo_Ferrer brought forward a valid suggestion regarding the implementation of more accurate scripts to enhance a text-based system for PD, however, such changes must be consulted with the so called "experts" in this field and therefore it is not a decision I can make overnight, on my own. This requires extensive research and trial before it is made an official policy, and all of this takes time. It is certainly a path that can be explored.
  3. I also noticed that perhaps, due to my fault, some of you might have misunderstood the option for delete TS, keep radios IG. The basis of that option is to simply transfer VOIP IG, not to entirely delete it. This is my bad since I've just noticed it was worded poorly. I apologize for this mistake.
  4. @Rodrigo_Ferrer There is another issue concerning blips that isn't considered by the players who advocate for the removal of TS. Often times, especially during peak hours, there are multiple emergency situations (shootouts, pursuits, foot chases) occurring at the same time. If we do adopt the blip system, PD will unfortunately plunge into chaos as there will be no possible way of overseeing which incident has responding units, how many and whether they are equipped to deal with the incident. This limits the shift supervisor to properly direct resources and may also cause further unfair advantage of PD because of the following: the blip system is always accurate and if a police officer is chasing you without having to update, they focus only on the driving and therefore your chance of evasion becomes even limited. because there is no way to properly direct resources to an incident, you can have as many as 10,15 units show up to an incident, significantly overpowering you. In most cases, the shift supervisor, upon seeing how many units are in a TAC, informs those who are not in the pursuit line, for example to discontinue from engaging and proceed with patrol. As much as I don't like officers chit-chatting in their individual TS channels whilst on patrol, this particular suggestion, I fear, will not serve as a balance instrument and may turn to be the opposite. @ddyelo There is another important aspect that you, as an individual player, might not be considering. One of our interests is to maintain a certain percentage of playerbase in order to keep the server active and be able to pay for the expenses. If this suggestion goes through and PD is simply not able to function properly due to massive confusion, we risk loosing a significant number of LEO players, which in turn will affect the entire playerbase. This is also one of the reasons to make this a community vote, because we understand it is a debatable subject. If it is ever to be accepted, it must be a slow change over time and not something that takes effect immediately. There has to be a balance of the playerbase in regard to government/criminal factions to maintain diversity. Otherwise, it will become unplayable. What I suggested earlier, in my opinion, is more beneficial and should be trialed.
  5. Thank you for the positive feedback! It is difficult to answer this since in order to test the economy dynamics in detail with analytical studies, it requires continuous testing with a big number of players, as well as various factors such as faction budgets, salary cuts, injections, etc. Unfortunately, this will be impossible to do during the public testing due to 2 main reasons: we don't expect huge interest in testing assistance since most players are not interested in that, based on 2 previous attempts will be difficult to simulate an active society with the aforementioned considerations The basics of it will be as far as we can go, as per my estimation. As long as the maths is correct, we shouldn't experience any game breaking economy issues. The biggest issue that will be faced is inflation, however, there are OOC ways of limiting that to a degree so it doesn't get out of control quickly. One of the other primary issues is that players, traditionally, don't spend the money they accumulate unless they buy vehicles/apartments. With the introduction of taxation, however, as well as the way that paychecks are given, this shouldn't be a major issue. We've put effort to create a system where taxation is dynamic and fully dependent on the government, so again there both IC and OOC instruments to fix that issue. We of course can't predict everything that would happen in such dynamic environment, however, our team is adaptable and I don't foresee big problems, at least during the first months.
  6. I am personally an advocate for keeping TS, however, I can't turn a blind eye to the fact that TS, is in fact, very much unregulated, compared to what people think. TACs are regulated, sure, however, it's impossible to actually regulate what is happening in individual TS channels. In my experience, there is MG involved to a degree, people talk a lot instead of focusing on IC conversations, etc. This is hard to manage simply because you can't have a shift supervisors switch from channel to channel all the time. With that being said, in my opinion, introducing VOIP to all players will multiply this issue and won't really fix the abovementioned problem in PD. The only real solution that comes to mind where we could actually limit OOC conversations in private channels is to put all units in a single channel (with callsign designations next to their names) and have them muted at all times unless they report an emergency, and then move to a TAC. This is much simple in terms of regulation, however, it also has the possibility to drive people away from the community simply because LEOs are so used to just being able to chit-chat in their TS channels. This is a bit unrelated to the poll, however, but an idea for @dean to explore in the future.
  7. No factions in particular but rather the dynamics of the environment in general. The government, budgets, corruption and the fact that we have the FBI is certainly going to be interesting. Mainly most excited about politics because that will shape how LC moves forward. We've never really experienced politics in such depth, mainly because government factions have traditionally been micromanaged by server staff, whereas OOC involvement here is limited. Politics actually matter, therefore players will get to experience this aspect in a different, unique way and could really cause chaos if salaries, for example, are cut, budgets lowered, etc. The possibilities to come up with schemes to steal money from the government also allows OCGs to focus on more complex RP rather than just drug/weapon distribution. The only downside of all this is that it will likely take some time to build that IC community, however, that is truly dependent on the players which in turn depends on whether they will like the overall product we produce.
  8. Not sure how you define an empty server. The server that will be available for testing will be the final version of V2 with available features to test. You can RP if that's what you're into, but the goal is to get people IG and see if we've missed any bugs during our internal testing phase. Hope that helps.
  9. This post is dedicated to all current and former staff members PROGRESS AND FINAL TESTING PHASE OVERVIEW: Hi, all. We have made great progress over the past month. Day-to-day development, testing and bug fixing allowed us to rapidly speed up the development progress whilst ensuring a quality product is on the way. V2 of LCRP contains 74 major scripts, some of which include sub-scripts. At this moment, 71 of those scripts are completed or in the process of being completed (resolving bugs), with 4 scripts remaining to be developed. This measures a development progress of 95.95%. You can refer to the newly updated version of the development roadmap to see more details. The "COMMUNITY PROGRESS" bar showcases the readiness of various staff teams for launch, including various community systems and schemes which will be published soon. A big contributor to this success is @phyziyx who recently got promoted to Senior Developer. Congratulations and a big thank you for your devotion to this project! Big thanks to @Effect and @LackingAName for the non-stop work on our map! Our thanks extend to @Nikolai and @Nature for their devotion to this project. Whilst Nikolai will be away during approximately 25th of this month, development will continue, although slowed. As a community manager, I am proud of our team for not giving up on a nearly 3 year effort with numerous obstacles, issues, arguments and essentially having to start development from scratch just a few months ago. I hope this fact proves that this team cares about the community and that we do not give up no matter what difficulties we face. Whilst I can write numerous paragraphs about the nature of issues we've faced, I don't think you guys would be interested in that. I want to thank the rest of the staff teams for essentially working for free, some of them doing so for nearly 3 years. Spending huge chunks of their free time on a daily basis is not easy, especially when we were being accused of being scammers. There are no words to explain my gratitude towards everyone involved in this project. We also wish good luck to another famous project (LSRP) which is entering its final testing period as well. QUALITY ASSURANCE We are excited to share that the majority of March will be dedicated to testing, in order to ensure that we deliver a quality product. We are taking a deliberate and calculated approach to ensure the production of a high-quality product, one that stands apart from poor replicas and serves as a testament to our dedication to excellence. As we cautioned, hastily-produced imitations are destined for a failure. This outcome comes as no surprise, as it was motivated by malice and executed without the necessary care and attention to detail required for success. A product is not simply a script, a UCP, a map. A product is an organism, a totality of numerous factors. When rushed, it only leads to failure. With a roleplay product, the quality should be measured by the server's long-term direction, scripts, staff representation and competence, and a multitude of other critical details. Theft and mockery not guarantee success. We want to reassure you all that our team is taking the necessary steps to create an enjoyable, story-telling RP server and we will differentiate why the real LCRP will be better: New management - a team that is open-minded, cooperative and always willing to explore new concepts. Better map - we have spent months fixing all major map bugs and we will continue to do that after launch. A story - we allow you to become part of the LC lore and be a factor when it comes to how the city will evolve. Realistic economy - say goodbye to the unrealistic pricing you are used to and enter the new world. Cutting down on admin bureaucracy - we support roleplay and denounce any bureaucracy that hinders it. Fair treatment and transparency - we hold our staff members accountable and we treat respectful people with respect. Events - you will experience a plethora of IC events during your experience on LCRP. Surprise, surprise (TBA) We do not claim that LCRP will be the next big thing, but we are proud to claim that we offer an actual alternative. One that is based on story-telling which is the foundation of the RP concept. SERVER LAUNCH PREPARATION 1. Preparing for public testing in ending of March/early April 2. Finalizing the new version of LCRP's landing page 3. Preparing upcoming discord changes 4. Pushing major map fixes 5. Continuous testing of map + server features 6. Creating new topics for server documentation including media footage to reflect V2 changes 7. Server security As we approach the public testing phase, which marks the final stage before the official server launch, we are pleased to announce that we are working towards releasing the final trailer and confirming the official launch date following the first initial public testing sessions in March. While we are optimistic that we will meet the planned launch date, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we will refrain from disclosing the official launch date until after the initial public testing sessions have concluded. Congratulations to the entire team for reaching this milestone!
  10. Hi all, Our DEV team is interested in your opinion on the following topic: VOIP IG. As it stands, only the police is allowed to use TS3 for its operations. There is a possibility to: Entirely get rid of of TS and have police radios IG. Introduce proximity VOIP via the phone for all members of the community. This means that all players would have the opportunity to use their phones as VOIP in potential situations like pursuits, foot chases, etc. The pros of this is that it gives all players an equal playing field. The cons of this is that it is unregulated, similar to the issues that PD is often accused of in TS. It further promotes more voice than text, which some of you might dislike. We are not implementing this unless a substantial number of members are in favor. This is an initiative started by the DEV team and we are simply gathering people's opinions and thoughts. The last discussion resulted in majority disapproval for this suggestion, however, we want to do it for a final time before we launch.
  11. @Kaos To touch on why PD is going to be the ultimate authority; there are no people who are interested in the courts, nor are we willing to risk overwhelming such system on launch. Even if we have 3,4 people who claim to be interested, they can pretty much crumble the entire community if they decide to give up. So, until a stable team is recruited, this is the only way to go about this.
  12. So, this is completely optional and not a requirement. The traits can be changed if you don't like the overall product, or you can develop them with time depending on the experience of your character in the virtual world. You basically receive a package with information, but what you do with this information is entirely up to you. You can use all of it, or some of it, you can post it as a character development topic, or you can keep it for yourself.
  13. Without commenting on the platforms we use, yes, anyone can do this on their own with specific AI technologies, a creative mindset and free time. It is a lot of manual work, however, as well as proof reading, editing and formatting which all takes time. It is why we offer a complete package without people spending hours to do it. Hope it answers your question.
  14. The following is an example product. Intuitive Character Builder Profile Thank you for utilizing the services offered by the Intuitive Character Builder (ICB). The requested information has now been successfully generated and is available for your use. This personalized profile has been crafted to be utilized in any way that aligns with your needs, including sharing it with friends or incorporating it into character development topics. We understand that LCRP is the only community offering this service. As such, we allow the usage of your ICB profile on other communities, as long as those communities permit it. Your feedback is a crucial aspect of our efforts to improve both the ICB and Integrated World Builder (IWB) systems. We kindly request that you take a few minutes to provide feedback on your experience with the ICB Profile once you have had an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the information provided. We hope that you find the ICB Profile service to be valuable and insightful, and we look forward to your feedback. Respectfully, LCRP Management GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Mark Wilson Talking style: Confident and assertive, likely to deceive Age: 43 Emotional state: Tendency to suppress or hide his emotions, may struggle with empathy Sex: M Food preference: Spicy food Aliases: Marx Body structure: Masculine Interests / hobbies: Hunting, camping Strengths: Confidence, charisma, ambition Clothing style: Expensive and high-quality formal business-like attire Weaknesses: Arrogance, manipulation Risk-taking behavior: Yes, substance abuse Music: Rap, rock EXAMPLE 1; EXAMPLE 2 BACKGROUND STORY CHILDHOOD Born on January 1st, 1980, Mark grew up in a strict and controlling environment, raised by his parents, Sarah and John, both high-ranking military officials who demanded discipline and obedience from their children. Despite the conflict and tension in his family life, Mark learned to rely on himself and his inner strength to cope. This resilience and independence contributed to his sense of responsibility for his own well-being. His childhood was marked by conflicts with his parents, particularly his father, who expected Mark to follow in his footsteps and join the military. Despite the family pressure, Mark found solace in sports and a tight-knit group of friends, who provided him with the support he lacked at home. Through sports, Mark discovered a talent for leadership and strategy, and he worked hard to develop these skills. Mark's high school years were characterized by his strong sense of self, his ability to resist peer pressure, and his commitment to his values. In 1998, he took a part-time job during the summer to avoid family interactions and stood up for what he believed in when faced with difficult choices. This combination of practicality and stoicism would shape Mark's character for the rest of his life. After high school, Mark took a gap year to travel and explore new experiences before making a decision about his future. This time away from his family allowed him to gain a new perspective on life and to develop a more nuanced understanding of the world. The travels also taught him about different cultures, customs, and ways of life, expanding his horizons and making him more open-minded. It is during the gap year that Mark experimented with various substances, including marijuana, cocaine and LSD. Despite Mark's interest in substances, he was able to control himself and never allowed to become addicted. He mainly used them for re-creational purposes and to enjoy the last years of his childhood. Apart from the experimentation with various substances, Mark also experienced falling in love with a girl he met on a dating site. Jasmine was a loving girl who wanted affection and attention all the time. Mark, on the other hand, wanted freedom and space. After just 2 months, Mark cheated on Jasmine and realized that he cannot be dedicated to a serious relationship. TEEN YEARS & EARLY ADULTHOOD When Mark graduated high school, he was posed with a dilemma. John and Sarah insisted on him joining the military, however, Mark wanted to pursue higher-education. Mark's intelligence and persuasion skills led him to pursue a criminal justice degree in Vespucci University. Whilst it was not an easy job to convince his parents, Mark managed to succeed by promising to get a career in intelligence, which both his parents were comfortable with. During his university years, Mark was known for being a smart and ambitious student, but also for having a tendency to cheat on exams and manipulate his colleagues and teachers to advance his own interests. Despite these unethical actions, Mark was still able to excel academically and graduate with honors. However, his actions left a lasting impression on some of his peers and professors, and he would later realize the impact it had on his reputation and credibility in the professional world. It is in his university years when he met his best friend Jim. Jim Collins was a quiet kid who was studying finance. The two met during a movie night hosted by the University on freshers week. Mark was able to connect with Jim on an emotional level, simply because both of them had difficulty with their parents. Within a few months, both of them knew each other's deepest and darkest secrets, which helped them preserve their friendship even after they both graduated. Following graduation, Mark embarked on a career with the Liberty City Police Department as a police officer in the 116th PCT. He was known for his stoicism, attention to detail and leadership skills. Over the years, he developed a reputation as a skilled and effective law enforcement professional. Today, Jim is Mark's only real friend and the two communicate almost on a daily basis, despite Jim being situated in Las Venturas. PROFESSIONAL ADVANCEMENT In 2008, Mark was recruited by FBI. He completed the rigorous training program and was assigned to the Liberty City field office. Over the next several years, he worked on a variety of cases and quickly proved himself to be a valuable member of the team. His attention to detail and analytical skills earned him recognition and praise from his superiors. By 2015, Mark had worked his way up to the rank of Supervisory Special Agent, overseeing a team of agents. In 2016, Mark was transferred over to Washington D.C. where received specialized training in counter-espionage and was responsible for the arrest of 15 illegal Russian spies across the United States. However, Mark quickly realized that counter-intelligence was not his path. Whilst he felt bad for promising a career in intelligence to his parents, Mark couldn't pass on the opportunity to investigate organized crime in Liberty City. This was his home, after all. In 2018, Mark's career reached a milestone when his leadership led to the the capture and conviction of a notorious kidnapper in Liberty City. The kidnapper, who went by the alias "The Snatcher," was known for targeting wealthy individuals and demanding large ransoms for the safe return of their children. The notorious kidnapper operated by identifying wealthy families with young children. The kidnapper would then observe the families, learning their routines and schedules, and would strike when the opportunity presented itself. The kidnapper would grab the child and hold them for ransom, making demands for a large sum of money in exchange for the child's safe return. Mark led a team of agents in a multi-month investigation into the Snatcher, gathering intelligence, conducting interviews, and tracking down leads. After months of tireless effort, Mark and his team were able to track down the Snatcher's hideout. In a daring late-night raid, Mark and his team were able to apprehend the kidnapper and rescue the latest victim. The victim was unharmed and the kidnapper was arrested and brought to trial. Thanks to Mark's unwavering determination and exceptional leadership skills, the Snatcher was convicted of multiple counts of kidnapping and sentenced to life in prison. This case was a major victory for the FBI and the people of Liberty City, who could finally sleep soundly knowing that a dangerous criminal was off the streets. The success of this case was a testament to Mark's tenacity and commitment to his work. Despite the long hours and dangerous nature of the investigation, Mark never wavered in his resolve to bring the Snatcher to justice. This case remains one of the proudest moments of his career, and he continues to work tirelessly to protect the citizens of Liberty City and uphold the law. In 2020, Mark was appointed as the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Liberty City field office, which was the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to his career. Today, Mark is a strict boss, who is committed to his duty and to ensuring that justice is served. Mark values control and personal gain, but he is not afraid of confrontation and will stand up for his beliefs. He handles conflicts by avoiding confrontations when possible, but he is not afraid to fight for what is right. SIGNIFICANT MEMORIES The summer he worked at the grocery store: Mark's first job taught him the value of hard work and financial stability. This experience instilled in him a strong work ethic and a desire to be self-sufficient. It also shaped his belief in the importance of money and financial security, which is reflected in his values as an adult. The day he joined the FBI: Joining the FBI marked a turning point in Mark's life. He finally found his true calling in serving and protecting others, and this has given him a sense of purpose and direction. His experiences in the FBI have reinforced his beliefs in justice and the importance of upholding the law. The "Snatcher" investigation: Being in-charge of a highly complex investigation and resolving it successfully was a milestone in Mark's professional and personal life. The infamous case was reported on by all news organisations in Liberty City, with Mark's picture advertised as the mastermind behind the operation. The day he was appointed as the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Liberty City field office: Mark's appointment as the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Liberty City field office was the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to his career. This appointment has given Mark a sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as a feeling of superiority over his peers. It has also reinforced his belief in his own abilities and the importance of control in his personal and professional life. PSYCHOLOGICAL OVERVIEW Growing up in a strict and controlling environment, Mark likely experienced challenges related to family conflict and relied on themselves and inner strength to cope. This resilience and independence may have contributed to their sense of responsibility for their own well-being. As a teenager, he had a tight-knit group of friends and participated in organized sports in their free time. He also worked a part-time job during summer vacations and generally stood his ground when faced with peer pressure. This suggests that he may have developed a strong sense of self and the ability to resist external pressures. From the personality questions, it appears that Mark values control and personal gain, evidenced by his beliefs about the importance of money and his willingness to keep secrets or remain silent about criminal behavior for his own benefit. He prioritizes his own success and is willing to compromise his values in exchange for personal advancement. Mark is also not afraid of confrontation and will stand up for his beliefs, but the will also try to avoid conflicts when possible. Mark's experience with substance abuse during his gap year could indicate a tendency towards impulsiveness and risk-taking behavior. This suggests that he may have a tendency to engage in risky behaviors in pursuit of immediate gratification. However, his ability to avoid becoming addicted suggests that he has some level of self-control and the ability to regulate his own behavior. In high-pressure situations, Mark remains calm and focused. He handles conflicts with others by avoiding confrontations and tries to defuse situations when his personal boundaries are violated. He embraces unexpected changes and sees them as an opportunity. He likely learned this skill during the many arguments at home where he was often the "mediator" in the family, being forced to balance the interest of his mother and father, whilst ensuring peaceful resolution of the conflict. DARK TRIAD PERSONALITY TRAITS Disclaimer: The "dark triad" personality traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy are generally seen as negative and problematic characteristics, and individuals who score high in these traits tend to exhibit manipulative, deceitful, and callous behavior. Narcissism Narcissism is characterized by an exaggerated sense of self-importance, an insatiable need for attention and admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. Mark's desire for control and his willingness to compromise his values for personal gain suggest that he may have some narcissistic tendencies. He may have an inflated sense of self-worth and crave the recognition and attention that come with power and control, evidenced by his beliefs about the importance of money and his ambition to succeed. Machiavellianism Machiavellianism is characterized by a manipulation and exploitation of others for personal gain. Mark's tendency to use secrets and knowledge for personal gain and his willingness to participate in illegal or unethical activities suggest that he may have a moderate level of Machiavellianism. He may be able to manipulate situations and people to achieve his goals, and he may prioritize his own success over the well-being of others. He is also strategic in his dealings with others and can be quite calculating. Psychopathy Psychopathy is characterized by a lack of empathy and a callous disregard for the feelings and welfare of others. Mark's relatively low score in psychopathy suggests that he is not likely to exhibit these traits. His empathetic reaction to a close friend struggling with addiction and his resistance to external pressures suggest that he may be capable of empathy and may not be as detached or unfeeling as a highly psychopathic individual. Overall, Mark's personality profile is complex and suggests a blend of narcissistic, Machiavellian, and prosocial traits. While he is driven by personal success and has a tendency to engage in questionable behavior, he also demonstrates empathy and concern for others, which sets him apart from individuals with a more pronounced dark triad profile. BIG FIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS Conscientiousness: Mark's attention to detail, responsibility, and organization suggests a high level of conscientiousness. Extraversion: Mark's sociability, assertiveness, and leadership skills suggest a high level of extraversion. Agreeableness: Mark's tendency to prioritize his own success, even if it means betraying others, suggests a low level of agreeableness. Neuroticism: Mark's tendency to experience negative emotions and stress in response to threats or challenges suggests a moderate to high level of neuroticism. HEXACO PERSONALITY TRAITS SITUATIONAL RESPONSE Conflict Resolution In situations where there is conflict between characters, Mark is likely to avoid confrontations and try to remain calm. He may try to defuse the situation by finding common ground or searching for a solution that benefits everyone involved. For example, if two characters are arguing over who gets to keep an item, Mark may suggest splitting it in half or finding a fair trade. High - Pressure Situations In high-pressure situations, Mark is likely to remain calm and focused. He may approach the situation with a logical and analytical mindset, weighing the pros and cons of different options before making a decision. For example, if he is trapped in a burning building and needs to escape, Mark may assess the situation, find the safest exit, and act quickly and efficiently to get out. Unexpected Changes When faced with unexpected changes, Mark is likely to embrace the new situation and see it as an opportunity. He may be adaptable and flexible, taking the changes in stride and looking for ways to make the best of the new situation. For example, if Mark's plans are disrupted by a sudden storm, he may take the opportunity to explore new areas or try out different activities. Personal Boundaries When someone violates this person's personal boundaries, they are likely to remain calm and try to defuse the situation. He may avoid confrontation and instead look for a solution that respects everyone's boundaries. For example, if a person repeatedly enters Mark's personal space, he may kindly ask the other person to step back or find a way to establish clear boundaries. Ethics and Moral Decisions Mark's moral stance on violence is that it is only acceptable in self-defense or for justice. Mark has respect for authority and the law, but may also prioritize his own success and make decisions that benefit himself even if it hurts others. For example, if Mark is faced with a difficult decision that will hurt innocent people he doesn't know, he may choose to do so if it will benefit him. Mark might think twice about hurting the people he is close with, however. EXAMPLES Witness of a crime: Based on the Mark's focus on personal success and willingness to keep secrets, he may choose to remain silent about the crime he witnesses, especially if it would harm his personal interests or safety. He may also weigh the potential consequences of speaking out and choose to remain quiet if he believes that doing so would be the most advantageous option. This exposes Mark's weakness and allows him to be manipulated by politicians and bureaucrats. Police chase: Mark is unlikely to evade the police due to his own professional career. Street fight: In a street fight, Mark may prioritize this own safety and use any means necessary to come out on top, including using weapons or exploiting the weaknesses of his opponent. However, if he believes that the potential consequences of getting involved in the fight outweigh the potential benefits, Mark may choose to walk away or try to find another solution. Provocation by another person: If Mark is provoked by another person, he may choose to use his Machiavellian traits to manipulate the situation to his advantage. He may use his words and actions to provoke their opponent into making a mistake, or the may use his knowledge of the situation to gain the upper hand. Mark may also choose to ignore the provocation and walk away if he believes that doing so would be the most advantageous option. Corruption: If faced with corruption, Mark may choose to participate in the corruption if he believes that doing so would benefit his personal interests. He may also choose to remain silent and not report the corruption if he believes that doing so would harm his personal interests or safety. However, if Mark believes that the consequences of participating in the corruption outweigh the potential benefits, he may choose to resist and report the corruption.
  15. The LCRP Intuitive Character Builder (LCRP ICB) & The LCRP Intuitive World Builder (LCRP IWB) Artificial Intelligence Are you ready to take your roleplay experience to the next level? We're thrilled to announce the launch of a truly revolutionary new system unlike anything the roleplay community has seen before. This groundbreaking system, powered by multiple cutting-edge AI technologies, provides a depth of immersion and character development like never before. With the "LCRP Intuitive Character Builder (LCRPICB)", players can unlock the full potential of their characters, bringing them to life in a way that was previously impossible. The system utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to generate an in-depth character profile based on a player's answers to a series of questions. It allows you to easily predict your character's behavior during specific situations, and provides you with an in-depth psychological review that gives you a deep understanding of your character's emotions. The LCRPICB is in early alpha stage. The more entries, the smarter the system becomes. Our long-term plan is to integrate it do discord/forums/IG and allow for much more opportunities. Once you complete a detailed questionnaire, the LCRP ICB provides you with a personalized profile of your character, including information such as, but not limited to: 1. Personality traits This could include traits such as introversion/extraversion, empathy, and dominance, among others, which will help the player understand how their character might behave and react in different situations. 2. Background This could include information about the character's upbringing, family, education, and any significant events in their life that have shaped who they are today. 3. Goals and motivations This could include the character's long-term and short-term goals, as well as what drives them in the virtual world. 4. Skills and abilities This could include information about the character's strengths, weaknesses, and any special skills or abilities they have developed. 5. Relationships This could include information about the character's relationships with other in-game characters, as well as how they perceive and interact with others. For many years, players struggled creating a realistic and immersive characters and often blurred the lines between their real life personality with their character. This led to numerous issues concerning character development and affected the overall quality of roleplay. STEP 1: 1. Player must have a registered UCP and forum account 2. Player fills out an in-depth application 3. Player may select the type of service required 4. Application contains various character personality question STEP 2: 1. Application is reviewed by a real human 2. Applicant may be contacted for further information by real human 3. Application is re-formatted and run through multiple AIs 4. A minimum of 50 queries entered to generate the desired information 5. Queries contain various psychological questions, including numerous personality tests 6. The information is cross-applied to scientific theories and principles about human nature and psychology 7. Information peer-reviewed for accuracy by a real human 8. Information from AIs is generated as separate packages STEP 3: 1. The generated packages are reviewed and edited by a real human 2. The edited packages are combined into 1 single package by a real human 3. The package is analyzed thoroughly 4. A real human formats the package in an aesthetically pleasing format STEP 4: 1. A copy of the product is sent to the player 2. A copy of the product is saved in the LCRPIWB database 3. Copies in the database are used to understand the virtual population The LCRP Intuitive World Builder (LCRP IWB) Entries into the LCRP ICB are saved into the LCRP IWB database. The database builds an understanding of the "inhabitants" of Liberty City, thus allowing entities such as server Management and Events Team to better understand the virtual population. IC posts from the forum's in-character section are included as well. The database allows the Events Team to create a truly immersive and dynamic in-game environment. By analyzing this information, the team can create events and scenarios that are tailored to the individual personalities, motivations, and behaviors of the characters in the world. This allows for a more dynamic and interactive roleplaying experience, where characters can have meaningful interactions and impact on each other, making the virtual world feel more alive and dynamic. In addition to this, the LCRP IWB also allows our Events Team to keep track of the ongoing events and their effects on the virtual world, making it easier for them to craft even more complex and impactful events. The IWB goes above and beyond by not only tracking and analyzing character behavior, but actively generating events itself, based on the hottest topics and trends in the virtual world. Imagine being in the center of a gripping conflict, where every decision you make has real consequences on the world around you. The LCRP IWB can pinpoint division points in society and amplify them, creating chaos. This leads to the ultimate test of character, where players must come together to navigate and resolve the chaos that unfolds. With the LCRP Intuitive World Builder, roleplayers can experience a truly unique and immersive roleplaying experience, where their characters are central to the story and their choices have real consequences. LCRP ICB SERVICES (alpha stage) CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT DELUXE: (FREE OF CHARGE) Get the complete experience with a fully realized character, including a realistic medical and criminal record, archived news articles and blogs, and a psychological profile. Create a character that truly stands out with this premium package. 1. You answer the questionnaire 2. You may add additional information 3. You may ask for specific information 3. You may be asked for additional information 4. You may submit a short background story for reference. 5. You may request specific AI-generated art. 6. You may request up to 3 other character materials excluding the ones listed below. YOU RECEIVE: 1. In-depth character background, including childhood, family, teen years, employment, significant character memories. 2. Character's communication style + a fictional conversation as an example. 3. In-depth psychological review of your character. 4. Most likely behavior and actions during common IG situations. 5. Up to 3 relevant AI-generated art work. 6. List of character flaws, weaknesses, strengths, emotional triggers. 7. Values & beliefs - religion, politics, personal values. 8. (OPTIONAL) 2 other pieces of information such as news articles, blogs, medical record, criminal record, etc. You request, we deliver. BUT HOW DOES LCRP BENEFIT FROM THIS? As you can see, at the moment, LCRP ICB offers 1 type of service which is absolutely free of charge. To compensate for the AI subscriptions and the physical human work and analysis of each application, players may purchase a priority request. LCRP Management will process all priority requests first, meaning that waiting time for non-priority requests will vary depending on the number of priority requests. A non-priority request may take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months to process. LCRP further benefits from the creation of the LCRP IWB as your entries help make the world smarter and more interactive, which also benefits the overall roleplay opportunities presented in the server. It further creates a standard for character development and allows for much smoother and immersive interactions in-game. Low Priority $5 USD minimum Medium Priority $7 USD minimum Gold Priority $10 USD minimum REVIEW PROCESS: The priority requests have a minimum price which means you may donate more than the specified price if you wish to support us. PRIORITIZATION OF REQUESTS GOLD PRIORITY 1. Priorities purchased with more than $10 USD reviewed first. 2. Priorities purchased with $10 USD reviewed second. Medium priority 3. Priorities purchased with $7 USD reviewed. LOW PRIORITY 4. Priorities purchased with $5 USD reviewed. NON - PRIORITY 5. Finally, all non-priority requests are reviewed. ESTIMATED REVIEW TIME (MAY CHANGE DEPENDING ON NUMBER OF REQUESTS): Gold priority: 1 - 4 business days Medium priority: 8 - 12 business days Basic priority: 20 days - 1 month Non-priority - 1 - 2 months A full refund can be requested if your request is not delivered within the specified timeframe. HOW TO APPLY 1. Complete the questionnaire 2. For priority requests, simply make a donation HOW WILL THIS SHAPE THE FUTURE OF ROLEPLAY? Both LCRPICB and WB will likely play a significant role in the future of roleplay. The integration of AI technology may bring about a mixed reaction among players, with some claiming it might stifle creativity and others praising its ability to boost creativity and maintain a clear distinction between a player's real and virtual identity. With any new technology comes skepticism. And skepticism is always necessary.
  16. LCRP does not negotiate with cat killers
  17. Biography


    Hmm.... so much text and no mention of Ms. Geo. I will be forwarding a complaint to her.
  18. Haha, that's understandable. Appreciate the understanding as you probably know the headaches concerning operations planning. I am happy you feel reassured because our team is doing its best to deliver something good. I really look forward to the future - whether the playerbase likes this community or not. The skills we've all learned during the last 2 years have changed many of us and allowed us to develop new skills, so I'll forever be grateful to this community and it's supporters. Will be locking this per @GioSerpo's request.
  19. @GioSerpo I have to admit this is a very interesting discussion. One that I've had with @Brett on many occasions. I won't go into detail regarding that comment, but it is a false comment because the trailers are not just "flashy" so we can grab your attention. The trailers are the intro of LCRP and how it is going to operate. They are an introduction to the lore that we plan to expand and involve you in. So, I view it as an uneducated comment. The person is obviously unaware of what LCRP is, nor the fact that the lore for this whole thing was constructed many months ago and it took us a lot of time to do it. Now, what you say is true and we have seen a drop in our discord numbers. I had actually predicted that we would observer a drop of 300-400 people. Don't get me wrong, the potential players we lost is still bad. Losing 1 player is bad enough. I have to be honest, however, and say that discord numbers don't necessarily indicate success/failure. How can you be sure that most of our discord members are not just random bots? I prefer to look at other measures when evaluating the interest that LCRP generates. I hate this mentality having 3000-4000 discord members can very easily cloud my judgement and lead me to believe that LCRP is the best. Very dangerous mindset that has the potential to do significant damage. Whilst discord/forum numbers should be surveilled at all times, we gotta be careful with our own conclusions about it. I agree with you on the topic of history repeating itself. We as management have to very open-minded and careful not to repeat the history of many communities that have failed. We do have plans in place, both for discord/forum number increase, as well as maintaining a good playerbase. Forgive me for not disclosing those, but they will remain private for now due to strategic purposes. One thing I want to say is that we always try to think 5 steps in advance. The current leadership is very competent and I can only hope it continues to be like that. Unfortunately, many communities with tremendous potential have collapsed due to the inability of the leadership to function as a collective. At the moment, we don't have that issue here.
  20. Hey Orphy, I know you joined not long ago but I thank you for sticking with us despite our stance on an issue that you disagree with. To me that indicates we, as a community, have managed to caught your interest. I fundamentally agree with your opinion but I think this "strategy" only works if you don't have any competitors. If I was the first to create a RP server on Rage, I would probably put something unfinished out and improve with time. However, it's difficult to succeed with this if there is competition. Hope that makes sense.
  21. I am sorry if any of you felt the response was disappointing. I am person who supports free speech and prefers to enter in discussions/debates instead of silencing you on the forums. There is nothing wrong with debating, it does not mean I don't respect the individual, it means I disagree with the points brought forward.
  22. Cinematic, you've been here with us for a long time now. I appreciate you sticking around.
  23. That was a great 371 words and 2080 characters word-deflection off of my last response. I don't take orders regarding what to do with my life from people who's biggest priority in life is a roleplay server. If you think I am depressed over a video game, you are probably looking at a mirror. Now that you've ordered me to "give you a deadline", I will immediately cease all IRL work, leave friends behind and make sure to please you, sir. I deeply apologize for the lack of regard on my behalf for making you feel depressed. Your 10 minute fame will end with this response and I hope you've achieved what you wanted. You can thank me for not censoring you and providing a platform that encourages freedom of speech. If you are actually interested in continuing this conversation, my DMs are open. Or, you could respond to this message, to try and further instigate drama over this.
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