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  1. Thank you for the trust. Unfortunately, this is not going to be a possibility moving forward. We do have various partners, however, to accommodate people who are interested, but not necessarily speaking English.
  2. I believe what is written is clear enough. There were various bugs that were not identified in the development phase of the project due to a lack of interest related to script testing. As much as I'd love to say it is entirely our fault, it is not entirely correct, as the limited team we organized spent numerous hours per week testing. However, the team was not able to identify every single bug because: a) they are not qualified QA testers b) limited number of people = limited ideas of what can be bugged It's great that you provided your feedback on launch, however, it would have been great if you had provided feedback during the development phase. I've personally spoken with the developer you mentioned because that type of response is not professional, and I fully agree with you. I'm not sure what "things were spotted way before launch" means, because you haven't contributed to identifying bugs and/or sharing feedback prior to the launch, at least from what I was able to see. So, that is incorrect. When it comes to money, our team has provided half of the funding this community has received, so I perfectly understand the concerns, especially with some staff members who have donated more than 3k. The bugs are not as a result of poor development, they are a result of poor testing, which again, does not only fall on the shoulders of the staff team. This community was built based on feedback and user engagement, and any areas which are lacking, are usually a result of the lack of such engagement. I can't and won't agree with the statement that our team is "made of incompetent kids", because you base that statement on one or two encounters. Nor can I agree that the "gamemode is broken" because majority of the systems work without any issues. Of course, there are numerous bugs, but you are blatantly making statements that do not correspond to the facts. If you think the team is incompetent, nothing is stopping you from joining the team and showing them what competency is. The few active staff members have voluntarily put hundreds of hours into the project and I won't let you insult them in such a derogatory way, just because one developer told you to take a hike. No one's asked you to care about politics, the storyline provided is completely optional. It was as story meant to contribute to world-building and give players actual power to decide the future of LC, from tax to crime policies, business funding, etc. If that doesn't appeal to you, that's fine. I am not a big fan of how you've communicated your concerns, therefore this will be my last reply to your comments unless you change course. If you're actually interested in contributing, rather than insulting my entire team, you can join the project as a tester and provide your competent opinion and skills, so that we avoid similar bugs in the future.
  3. @Jorgensen @Kaos Just to reply quickly, accept my apologies on behalf of the MGMT team. I can guarantee PD was not at all prioritized, the issue with uniforms/vehicles is being addressed and it was caused by the models that were provided to us. The grammar mistakes are my fault as I was the person in-charge of fixing those, but since I had to go through hundreds of lines of code, I overlooked some of them. FD, just like any other faction is a priority to us and all of your issues should get resolved within the next 24 hours. It's on our priority list.
  4. Biography


    We're definitely not going down the pay-2-win route. Welcome!
  5. Welcome, we're happy to see LCRP is going to be your first GTA V RP server!
  6. (DE) MONETIZATION OF LCRP Hello, everyone. It is time to put an end to all false allegations regarding the credibility of LCRP and address those who have continuously attempted to brand our community as a scam. To those skeptics, we say this: actions speak louder than words. Our journey has been guided by integrity and commitment to roleplay. In 2021, we declared our commitment to player experience, vowing not to focus on rampant monetization schemes. Today, we stand by that promise. We will make a separate announcement once donations are activated. WHAT'S DIFFERENT? The following features, which have been traditionally monetized, are no longer locked behind a paywall. Multiple donation packages - GONE Furniture monetization - GONE /leavejob - GONE /blockpm - GONE /bleave - GONE XMR radio - GONE WHAT DOES LCRP OFFER? 1. Single donation package for 7,99 USD, on a monthly subscription basis This package provides unmatched benefits to players than previously given, at a much more reasonable price. In addition to purchasing our subscription package, you also receive additional free liberty coins every month, which you can use to purchase individual benefits. There are no other donation packages. You no longer have to spend up to 30 euro to enjoy the game! Unlimited phone number changes 3 vehicle plate changes 1 namechange per month 1 Additional character slot 1 month property inactivity instead of 2 weeks Permanent Forum and Discord rank 50 free Liberty Coins added per month No cooldown for advertisements Access to LCRP's Development server 2. Individual Purchases Players who do not wish to subscribe monthly are given the opportunity to make individual purchases through our liberty coins system. Namechange = 100 liberty coins Additional character slot = 500 liberty coins Phone number change = 100 liberty coins 100 liberty coins = 3 USD. To our loyal players and partners, thank you for standing by us, believing in us, and being an integral part of LCRP's narrative. We're here because of you, and we're committed to delivering the most engaging, immersive roleplay experience possible.
  7. Biography


    From PST to MGMT What a journey
  8. Vote Brian Turner is all I have to say
  9. Maybe you should! Because the city gov can influence how hard PD goes on gangs/OCGs. So, if you've got yourself a friend in there, you probably won't have to worry about that. And if the wrong person does become Mayor, then your taxes could increase ten fold and that will definitely cause you problems.
  10. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? The time has finally come (ikr). Server Bugs All of our features have undergone 4 layers of testing, which has significantly affected the launch of our project. We apologize for the wait time, however, we wanted to ensure players would only encounter minimal, non game-breaking bugs. Our features have been tested from numerous angles, with numerous staff members. It's important to note that due to lack of interest in our Beta sessions, there is a degree of uncertainty regarding how 100-200 players would affect the game. Whilst we optimized our map tremendously, the launch will also be treated as a stress test, to examine how well our systems are able to handle traffic. So far our beta sessions had accumulated about 40-60 players and we did not experience any issues. Map Bugs Apart from working on features, our dev team has also worked heavily on improving the Liberty City map. We are confident that you will not experience falling through map holes as all have been resolved. The majority of the so called "game-breaking" map bugs have been resolved. You can expect some non-working collisions for some objects across the map, but we urge you to report all of them in our map bugs discord channel. Post-Launch Features This can be summarized in 1 word: feedback. All of our post-launch features will be based on feedback provided by the community and we will aim to push updates every 2-3 weeks, which will be major script updates. Hotfixes and quality of life improvements can be expected on a more frequent basis. The first systems that we plan on introducing following the launch are: forensics graffiti illegal systems overhaul Expected playerbase Naturally, we expect to have higher interest in the community during the launch and the days after, compared to the playerbase a month after. We are aiming to maintain a core playerbase of 50-60 players and gradually expand on that. In order to increase transparency, we want to warn our community that numbers are expected to be fluctuating during the first 2 months, given there are 3 serious text-based communities in competition. Donations More on this very soon. Vote In regard to future script updates, would you like us to focus on UIs or text-based systems? How detailed should scripting be (e.g. vague to allow maximum player creativity or the opposite?
  11. On a purely OOC basis, how do you feel about the 2 candidates and what are your expectations? Who's your favorite?
  12. Thank you, @WatchingEye! Always interesting to read your... conspiracies. I have to say that a lot of thought was put behind every single trailer and all of it is directly related to the ambience we are trying to set. The purpose of the final trailer is to summarize every single one so far and perhaps allow the viewer to understand more about what's going on. Every single scene, in every single trailer, is intentional. The music is intentional. Every minute, and every second. There are various news topics around which expand on certain scenes from the trailers, so the players who are really interested in the lore aspect can have some fun. The trailers are inspired by real world events, political and other movies, and there are plenty of references for those who are able to find them! For instance, fans of House of Cards will immediately notice that in trailer one, some of Lockhart's monologue is based on the notorious Frank Underwood. I will of course plead the fifth on the rest of what you've said. All I have to say is that the mysterious figure is much more important to the server than some may anticipate, and this is just a very brief introduction of the character. If we've put so much effort into this major event and how it is introduced, you can expect a lot of surprises down the road! I'll just say the following might indicate what this mysterious person is involved in.
  13. Good luck, very nice topic! And welcome to our community
  14. WEAZEL 5 POLLING 2024 Liberty City Mayoral Election PARTICIPATE HERE WATCH LIVE ELECTION COVERAGE HERE Objective: To conduct a comprehensive and accurate polling survey for the upcoming mayoral election in Liberty City, capturing voting preferences across different boroughs. Methodology: Sampling Strategy: Stratified sampling to ensure representation across various demographic factors (age, ethnicity, etc). Data Collection: Trained interviewers will approach residents in selected neighborhoods to gather voting preferences. Utilization of electronic survey tools for data capture. Confidentiality and anonymity ensured to encourage open responses. Polling Questions: Inquiry into mayoral candidate preferences: Lockhart (Democrat) vs. Turner (Republican). Additional questions to gauge factors influencing voter decisions. Analysis: Comprehensive analysis of collected data to calculate percentage support for each candidate within individual boroughs. Margin of error calculation and adjustments based on the collected sample size.
  15. LAUNCH DETAILS Date: 23 December 2023 Time: 10:30 AM EST PROCEDURE 1. The first 30 minutes following the opening of the server will be considered OOC During this period, our staff team will process the majority of help/report requests If the server is not experiencing too many requests, the OOC timer will be lowered 2. Once the OOC timer has passed, we will make a global announcement that the server is now IC. 3. Regardless of the OOC timer, players will be expected not to violate any rules. 4. Players are advised not to engage in RP during the OOC timer. Prior to the opening: We will invite all current government faction members and business owners IG to set their assets/ranks on the production server and answer any questions they might have.
  16. Biography

    LCRP Launch

    PROJECT LAUNCH Hello, friends! We are very excited to announce that LCRP will be launching on the 23rd December, 2023! In the days ahead, will start be focusing on the following: moving properties over to our production server, including current player businesses assigning ranks to members of government factions in-game Furthermore, we will open tier II faction status for several criminal factions, allowing them access to the supplier system, as well as access to the faction menu which unlocks options such as faction chat, membership settings and other. We are also reminding you that you can apply to get a free business and funding for your employees - ACCESS. Conclusion The LCRP team has proven its commitment to providing an alternative to the current serious text-based RP market. The project has experienced a multitude of challenges, from financial issues, insufficient manpower, complete overhaul of the coding base, to theft of community material. We hope the fact that LCRP continued to exist during challenging times is one more reason trust us! A huge thanks to all current and former staff and community members for making this project come true. The opening hours will be announced closer to the date.
  17. PROJECT LAUNCH FEEDBACK Hi, everyone Following the latest beta opening and the additional work to improve the script based on your feedback, we would like to hear from the people who matter the most. The project is going through final polishing of the features, as well as final testing phase to ensure you have the best experience. We are rapidly approaching the holiday season and we would like to see what the best opening period would be, according to the players. Option 1 - December Release The first option is a late December launch (20-27 December). Option 2 - January Release The second option is early January launch (10 - 15 January). We are aware that the overall player base is likely to be limited just prior to the holiday season and we would like to ensure that most of the players interested in the project would be able to participate in the opening of the server. We will take your feedback into consideration as we want to ensure the most convenient launch period for you. What are our plans for server launch? As emphasized in the past, the server launch will be accompanied by an interactive storyline surrounding the mayoral election of Liberty City which will take place approximately 2 weeks following the opening. During this period, many of you will have a chance to form connections, create a network and work toward pursuing your interests. This period will be accompanied by various in-game events, some of which will be very unexpected. This paves the path for a new type of organized crime roleplay, based on real life American politics, which in turn will leave an impact on legal factions, as well as smaller-scale illegal factions such as gangs and motorcycle clubs. The outcome of the election will have a massive impact on the virtual world as it will determine it's progress moving forward. From dynamic taxation, faction budgets and politics, to policies on organized crime and public safety. LCRP is the first community to offer this level of creative freedom to its players, therefore this is not just a mayoral election, but the foundation of the entire project. The launch will be accompanied by frequent development updates to ensure the features you request are swiftly included, as well as hot fixes for any potential bugs missed during our internal testing process. Delivering on the promise of less OOC bureaucracy Apart from all other efforts directed at eliminating unnecessary OOC bureaucracy and wait time, we have taken action to improve the overall experience of faction leaders and their members. With regard to faction menus and the illegal purchase of narcotics/weapons, LCRP has developed an automated system which allows faction leaders to quickly feel at home. No longer will faction leaders need to apply for illegal items every month and rely on admins to receive them. Instead, there will be a single application, followed by a special command which would allow leaders to access a menu and purchase the items needed. Rest assured, steps have been taken to ensure high standards and constant monitoring by the FST, to eliminate the possibility of abuse. Our welfare system, combined with mortgage plans, ensures that players will have both financial resources and options to focus on developing their characters and focusing on businesses, as opposed to mindlessly grinding for hours. The team will further support those interested in opening and maintaining businesses IG, but more information on that later on. Our long-term goal is to create an ecosystem which relies on players entirely, meaning that all sorts of businesses, including traditional taxi/fishing and other, are completely controlled and managed by players, as opposed to machines. Media The work so far has not been limited to the development of features. Expect some very cool media supporting the launch of the project very, very soon!
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