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  1. Got to agree with Adam here. Code improvements / streamlining / backend technical work have seemed to be the recurring theme of posts prior to both launches, and yet we still are here today. While Management might relay that there have been improvements and streamlining, I don't buy it, and with the lack of general activity and interest in LCRP it seems the community shares a similar sentiment. Prove us wrong by showcasing live progress, even if it's error ridden. I think the community will agree that we're all past the point of "taking your word" for testifying your own success. Unless you want to include the 1 non-staff member who liked this post, I don't, but you can. While Garbage job was on V1 it worked at its foundation, unsure if it would be good enough to scrape the good chunks, I'd assume not.
  2. looks like lcrp listened to what players wanted, hope the momentum can be maintained and updates are given on a more frequent basis
  3. This stems from a Team Management problem that persisted when I was in LCRP Staff. Force staff to test, or kick them out. Something that may serve some benefit is having a Roles and Responsibilities section on the Admin Application which outlines the duties of the Admin Team. You don't have to put a quota, but this should inhibit situations like these in the future. You can not get mad at the 10 people that tested and failed to spot bugs, you've got to blame yourself for not managing your team correctly in ensuring that testing was done on a mass basis forcefully. Your Developers are to Develop and nothing more, Management knows who I'm talking about here. Get this named Developer under control or find someone else who can. I remember sitting in VC with Bio, Brett, and Lacking for hours trying to discuss how to work with this person, when said person should just be Developing. Get him under control or kick him out, and you'll see a major improvement in consistent and conformed Development. You tried and you failed, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Other servers tried and failed as well, but I applaud you for realizing that a 1:1 economy is not sustainable and are redoing things. Love it. Ultimately, it came down to the wire and you rushed a product. Which happens more IRL than you think. I will say however, that Staff were always present in Discord, IG, and were readily available to help people with issues. There was maintained professionalism in the Staff Team when the server was looking most bleak. So while you may have failed in some aspects, you succeeded in others, and you should be proud of that. Don't give up on LCRP and most of all don't give up on yourselves, because you've got a very talented (and handsome [@Crunchy]) team with lots of capability. Look forward to see what comes next.
  4. Let me say some positives before delving into the negatives. Admins at spawn were amazing. Brett, Speed, Steffy, another I forgot. Great of you to be present to help people with issues. UI's look great in some regard, character creation was nice. I experienced no Lag / FPS Drops. Things to Improve: - Increase Proximity for all UI's. Eg: People all huddled next to clothing store. - Perhaps introduce collusion spacing for vehicle spawning at dealerships so it doesn't look like an Indian scrapyard, - A nice thing to have would be drag / drop functionality into your cart, with addition to the current way of doing it. - A Keybind to start your engine. - There are some clothing items sorted incorrectly. Visa vie shirts in the Hats Category. Maybe comb through once more and sort it. - I noticed there was some absence of generic GTA Shoes. Such as white loafer vans, but other objects are present. I am very proud of Server Management, Staff and Devvies. It looks really great with loads of potential.
  5. This Speaks volumes on LCRP intent to provide an experience, and not a service. Hats off!
  6. Geo

    LCRP Launch

    Congratulations to the LCRP team and everyone who has contributed to the server. Lots of work goes on behind the scenes to provide players with entertainment, even if it's just for an hour a day. Hats off.
  7. One time I was in Grade 8 and these two girls were bickering about something unimportant and the autistic kid in the class (who was 6'2" and ugly asl) said "ladies, ladies, you're both pretty", then we bullied him extensively. Reminded me of y'all.
  8. @9TriLLo I hate to dissect what you say, and I play devil's advocate merely for the fun of it, but there are several flaws that your example proves, which can easily be transposed into other arguments as well. Skimmer's you can probably roleplay around albeit it would require either the honor system from the employee working that day to tell you how many people paid with debit or credit; or you relying on admins to pull up transaction logs. There is currently no e-mail system or attachment system for the phone so phishing links seem impossible to roleplay. Dropboxes don't exist in LCRP (So Admin dependent on this to coordinate with you.) 'He makes sure it's all untraceable too' is a very presumptuous claim. It's like saying since my character works as Club owner he's the number one club owner in the world. Be careful presuming that what you do is untraceable. You're basically conveying that you can start this operation and never get caught, which is unrealistic and unfair. While I understand that using The Onion Router is a great way for anonymous communication when on the Dark Web, still. How would the quality of these drugs fare against the one's that FST approved for the Drug Distributor's in LCRP? You will probably say 100% pure as that maximizes your profits, and if you say 25-50% then that puts you at an unfair advantage. There's no way to properly mandate this and create conformity with people who have similar ideas. I am assuming you would be selling these to NPC's as real player's have no use for a Steam Card to roleplay playing a video game (or access to an IG Internet aside from IC sections on Forums). Not to mention there is no script support for player's to cancel or lock their credit cards if fraudulent activity is suspected. I apologize if my dissection offended you as that was not my intention at all. My main objective is to convey that although very creative and imaginative ideas are welcome in all avenues of roleplay, in-depth ideas like this seem to require a lot of admin intervention, honor system, and really takes the fundamental idea of roleplay away (to roleplay with other people). APP incentives should be applied to ideas that benefit or affect a sizeable collective. While you're probably a nice guy, admins will not give a single fuck about checking your SS'es and IG-RP while they're swamped with other Administrative tasks, let alone have a round table with Management / FST to discuss a payout for it. One player is just not worth it and at the end of the day admins are just too busy to care about a niche idea like this. I know people who tried this on world and made a couple of bucks, but at the end of the day they were pestering and begging admins for a minor payout while showing them pages of logs, whereas they probably would have found much more fulfillment if they had taken other avenues of roleplay aside from RP Schemes. Just my 2¢
  9. 100% Agree, should be relatively easy to do as the animations are from base game. I believe the Management team has incentives to support businesses that make their money through unscripted roleplay. Having said that, I don't think it's wise to finance these businesses completely, as all players will just settle on that leaving scripted roleplay in the dust because you make less money doing it.
  10. Geo

    May 5th Update

    Great job team.
  11. Geo


    Welcome, I remember your work with Michael Aparo. You are a very talented roleplayer and we're happy to have you join us here. LexBruv days, oh boy. Paul Longo was a character for sure .
  12. Much love to all Staff Members who've worked tirelessly on this project. @Brett @Biography @Crunchy Great people and even better friends.
  13. Funny that you say, I had Heat on my Netflix List for over 5 months then the day I actively sat down to watch it they took it off. Aside from that no, but I see the collateral is on Canadian netflix so that might be the movie of the day!
  14. OUATIA is one of those movies that you have to sit through the whole thing two times before you start to get things on the third. I didn't like it the first time around, I thought it was very bland and dragged out. Now when I watch it for the 60th and 61st time I understand Sergio Leone's themes on the unreliability of memory, aging with guilt and regret. The whole Robert De Niro scene in the opium den was eluding to his sense of life and him priding himself. It really jumps out at you when you see it, and you begin to realize Sergio Leone is a master at the craft. It isn't for everyone, though, and yes the dollars trilogy is amazing lmao!
  15. Once Upon a Time in America. Very great Sergio Leone film with blending of James Woods, Robert De Niro, and other famous actors. Despite the movie being 3 hours long and very difficult to follow, it will always and forever sit at the top. The rest of the list: The Irishman Casino Goodfellas A Fistful of Dollars
  16. Ah, thanks for the clarification watching. Since these highschools aren't mapped out spatially and are only present in GTA IV lore, we don't really know where they are unless they're physically on the map.
  17. Highschools won't be a thing on LCRP. The only educational institute will be Vespucci University, ran by @Neo and others.
  18. You make a really good point and comparing the success of different games is valid. By that logic, let's consider Cyberpunk 2077. Back when CP2077 hit online markets it caused one of the biggest upsets in gaming history. Riddled with bugs, performance issues, mediocre AI's, and definitely a premature release. Doing some research, CD Projekt admitted that investors and fans pressured the release, and while they thought it was the right move financially, the flaws in the game severely damaged CD's integrity. They could have gone against fans / investors word and waited a few more months to optimize the game further, though they might lose some revenue (in our terms donations and packages), they will release a game that will not damage CD's integrity. I would bet $ that some of our playerbase won't like what we have to offer, despite them pushing for a quick release. Players will be upset that we released too early, others will be upset we released too late. It boils down to "you can't win 'em all" type of mentality. There's a way to go about opening a RP Server, and done poorly, you risk being the server's that are open for 3 months then shut down. Obviously, we aren't about that, so our decisions are thought about critically and parameters such as hitting our release window is not taken into much consideration.
  19. Yes, the teasers in the video were only hinting at the announcement. I can understand where you would think that we would be releasing on the 27th, I did too when I saw it at face value. This really just boils down to Developers and their availability to write meaningful code. Developing isn't as easy as writing-correcting-deploying, but more so iterates that procedure until the code is perfect. If we were to write or copy/paste code like other communities actively do, then sure, we could've released in the summer. Crunchy and I were the one's who heavily supported saying 'Q1' instead of giving an exact date (Lacking and Brett we're against this). By saying a letter and a number, it loosens the imaginary grip around the Developers throats. They are now able to focus on writing good code, instead of writing whatever code necessary to produce a product by the specific date. We could be releasing on January 5th, or March 31st. Either way, our Developers focus switches to good production as a opposed to swift deliverables. If that makes sense. I partially agree with this but now we're at the point where it's time to move forward. I don't see much use of sitting and explaining what we should have done, I see more use in explaining what we can do in the future. We have realized our mistakes and will act accordingly to not let them happen again. Part of me wants to say that we want to be trusted by our players (which is true), but another part of me knows that users will just play on whatever server they like the best. So trust before the launch or not, players that have distrust in us now will return to play when we launch, so I consider it a happy mistake that we've gone about it this way, because now the only way to go is up. Your best point and I wholly agree.
  20. Some time has passed and I'm ready for my (serious) response. (I still love Yi lon mah). Reading through the comments, it makes me happy to see that LCRP's playerbase is still supportive of the project and understanding of the shortcomings that all teams have had to endure over the past few months as we've ramped up on V1->V2. The negative comments on this thread are expected and you are entitled to your opinion, unlike other communities on FiveM and RageMP, we do not silence our players if their opinion doesn't conform to our own. So, if you're going to be happy about one thing, be happy that you are in a community where you can voice your concerns without fear of repercussion or being banned. I read an interesting comment on the LCRP Discord that says something along the lines of "Strike the iron when it's hot, your opponent is down" (assuming other rp communities). To make it clear once more, LCRP's incentive to release was never to remove players from other communities. I (and I'm sure Server Management can agree with me here too) believe that you, our players, are earned. The Staff Team (aside from Developers) do not make money here, I've been in this community for just under two years and have yet to see a cent of payment, benefits, etc; and I'm OK with that! We all have our IRL careers that give us money, none of us want to be in the position where we work for LCRP full time and rely on player donations as our primary income. Keeping everyone focused on their IRL careers allows this project to focus on creating a great product, and not siphon your cash. They say when you point a finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you. It's so easy to blame the devs / Biography / other parties with the justification of feeling owed because you've donated money to a project, those are valid feelings and something I'd expect to see in the GTA RP realm. However, you, as the player, can not begin to imagine the amount of work and effort that has been put into this project by not only our staff members who have been here for a long time, but our loyal players who have created and maintained factions since LCRP first came to fruition; and yet, those same senior staff members and players do not complain at all. Bio is a good boss and friend, and you can bet that LCRP won't be the same without him (even if he moves down to a lower administrative role). Biography's online identity is as much a part of LCRP's identity as the Statue of Liberty in our LC Logo. He puts in at least 6 hours of LCRP work a day, on top of his other personal endeavors. As of right now it's 7:57AM where Bio is, and he's been online / in meetings / in staff channels since this announcement came out. He's dedicated and quite frankly you need him as the Community Manager. The decision to delay the release of the server was not to benefit us as much as it was to benefit you. Can you imagine walking into a server where there's nothing to do except buy clothes and do the garbage job? The staff team hasn't worked this hard to give that to you, you deserve more, the project deserves more. Biography's decision to postpone the release was a tough decision, but the correct one in my opinion. The devs are working tirelessly and we have many milestones to achieve together as a community.
  21. Username: OfficialKurtWeiss Comment: Clearly deflecting his poor leadership skills. No police in LC, bickering over municipal politics. Holy fuck, get someone in LCPD who knows what they are doing.
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