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  1. I won't comment on TS as I have never taken a liking to nor participated in LEO Roleplay, but I do have an opinion on VOIP. I think it's a great concept, but not necessarily a concept that would directly fit in with LCRP's values. It being a Heavy Text Based roleplay, I believe that introducing avenues for even subtle or quick Voice Roleplay might give off a vibe that we are mixed. TS3 allows for rapid-changing discussion that can not be texted in a realistic manner (eg: High speed pursuits), I think this is the only logical way to mitigate that, so I am in favor of TS3, but at the same time if we can implement police radios IG in real time that would be an added element of realism so long as it doesn't strain on server resources. Some Illegal RP'ers don't like this idea because it doesn't promote equality. Although I have yet to hear tell of everyday gangbangers committing orchestrated robberies using two-way radios, in the 8 year's I've owned mine I've never heard a frequency that wasn't Trucking or Weather related. I think by having police use TS3 for communications as well as ensuring that criminals have the tools to realistically communicate with other's as they do in real life will create an equity-based outcome.
  2. Much love to all Staff Members who've worked tirelessly on this project. @Brett @Biography @Crunchy Great people and even better friends.
  3. Geo


    (I'm stealing Brett's template, idgaf, this will be deleted soon anyway.) Introduction Hello, I am Geo! Italian-Canadian, with a dual degree in Geomatics Engineering and Geographic Data Science (Minor in Satellite Eng) . Currently working in the Oil & Gas Sector. Many people believe 'Geo' means that I am Geologist, absolutely not, I hate rocks. I started my roleplaying career when I was 7 years old on Roblox, moved onto Habbo Hotel when I was 11 (Pool's Closed!), and discovered GTA RP back in 2019. Despite playing GTA IV when it hit the shelves back in 2008, I'm sure I would have enjoyed GTA RP much more than the shitty Habbo RP I played for the better part of 8 years. For the most part, my roleplaying niche knows no bounds, although I especially enjoy Business RP! Some may know me from my characters over on GTAW, I played as (note the alliteration) Beau Badeaux (the boxing champ), Maverick McKay (died on that hill, literally ^_^ ), and Bellamy Bauchau (Owner / Founder of Altitude Cinemas). Some may know me for helping them out with diagnosing RageMP problems! I joined LCRP in April of 2021 and it has been my full time home ever since. I held the Team Leader position in the Property Team for about a year, but now my focus is in overall operations and ensuring LCRP's success! Other server owners definitely hate me, and I welcome that hate :D. General Facts Favorite Movie: Once Upon a Time in America Favorite Food: My moms Carbonara Political Belief/Leaning: Conservative. Favorite Drink: Old Fashioned Interests: Python Scripting, Satellite Remote Sensing, Orbital Mechanics, Getting drunk on a Tuesday. Favorite Game on the 2005 PlayStation Portable: Ape Escape: On the Loose Fun Fact: Satellites travel at 18,000 miles per hour!
  4. Ah, thanks for the clarification watching. Since these highschools aren't mapped out spatially and are only present in GTA IV lore, we don't really know where they are unless they're physically on the map.
  5. Highschools won't be a thing on LCRP. The only educational institute will be Vespucci University, ran by @Neo and others.
  6. You make a really good point and comparing the success of different games is valid. By that logic, let's consider Cyberpunk 2077. Back when CP2077 hit online markets it caused one of the biggest upsets in gaming history. Riddled with bugs, performance issues, mediocre AI's, and definitely a premature release. Doing some research, CD Projekt admitted that investors and fans pressured the release, and while they thought it was the right move financially, the flaws in the game severely damaged CD's integrity. They could have gone against fans / investors word and waited a few more months to optimize the game further, though they might lose some revenue (in our terms donations and packages), they will release a game that will not damage CD's integrity. I would bet $ that some of our playerbase won't like what we have to offer, despite them pushing for a quick release. Players will be upset that we released too early, others will be upset we released too late. It boils down to "you can't win 'em all" type of mentality. There's a way to go about opening a RP Server, and done poorly, you risk being the server's that are open for 3 months then shut down. Obviously, we aren't about that, so our decisions are thought about critically and parameters such as hitting our release window is not taken into much consideration.
  7. Yes, the teasers in the video were only hinting at the announcement. I can understand where you would think that we would be releasing on the 27th, I did too when I saw it at face value. This really just boils down to Developers and their availability to write meaningful code. Developing isn't as easy as writing-correcting-deploying, but more so iterates that procedure until the code is perfect. If we were to write or copy/paste code like other communities actively do, then sure, we could've released in the summer. Crunchy and I were the one's who heavily supported saying 'Q1' instead of giving an exact date (Lacking and Brett we're against this). By saying a letter and a number, it loosens the imaginary grip around the Developers throats. They are now able to focus on writing good code, instead of writing whatever code necessary to produce a product by the specific date. We could be releasing on January 5th, or March 31st. Either way, our Developers focus switches to good production as a opposed to swift deliverables. If that makes sense. I partially agree with this but now we're at the point where it's time to move forward. I don't see much use of sitting and explaining what we should have done, I see more use in explaining what we can do in the future. We have realized our mistakes and will act accordingly to not let them happen again. Part of me wants to say that we want to be trusted by our players (which is true), but another part of me knows that users will just play on whatever server they like the best. So trust before the launch or not, players that have distrust in us now will return to play when we launch, so I consider it a happy mistake that we've gone about it this way, because now the only way to go is up. Your best point and I wholly agree.
  8. Some time has passed and I'm ready for my (serious) response. (I still love Yi lon mah). Reading through the comments, it makes me happy to see that LCRP's playerbase is still supportive of the project and understanding of the shortcomings that all teams have had to endure over the past few months as we've ramped up on V1->V2. The negative comments on this thread are expected and you are entitled to your opinion, unlike other communities on FiveM and RageMP, we do not silence our players if their opinion doesn't conform to our own. So, if you're going to be happy about one thing, be happy that you are in a community where you can voice your concerns without fear of repercussion or being banned. I read an interesting comment on the LCRP Discord that says something along the lines of "Strike the iron when it's hot, your opponent is down" (assuming other rp communities). To make it clear once more, LCRP's incentive to release was never to remove players from other communities. I (and I'm sure Server Management can agree with me here too) believe that you, our players, are earned. The Staff Team (aside from Developers) do not make money here, I've been in this community for just under two years and have yet to see a cent of payment, benefits, etc; and I'm OK with that! We all have our IRL careers that give us money, none of us want to be in the position where we work for LCRP full time and rely on player donations as our primary income. Keeping everyone focused on their IRL careers allows this project to focus on creating a great product, and not siphon your cash. They say when you point a finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you. It's so easy to blame the devs / Biography / other parties with the justification of feeling owed because you've donated money to a project, those are valid feelings and something I'd expect to see in the GTA RP realm. However, you, as the player, can not begin to imagine the amount of work and effort that has been put into this project by not only our staff members who have been here for a long time, but our loyal players who have created and maintained factions since LCRP first came to fruition; and yet, those same senior staff members and players do not complain at all. Bio is a good boss and friend, and you can bet that LCRP won't be the same without him (even if he moves down to a lower administrative role). Biography's online identity is as much a part of LCRP's identity as the Statue of Liberty in our LC Logo. He puts in at least 6 hours of LCRP work a day, on top of his other personal endeavors. As of right now it's 7:57AM where Bio is, and he's been online / in meetings / in staff channels since this announcement came out. He's dedicated and quite frankly you need him as the Community Manager. The decision to delay the release of the server was not to benefit us as much as it was to benefit you. Can you imagine walking into a server where there's nothing to do except buy clothes and do the garbage job? The staff team hasn't worked this hard to give that to you, you deserve more, the project deserves more. Biography's decision to postpone the release was a tough decision, but the correct one in my opinion. The devs are working tirelessly and we have many milestones to achieve together as a community.
  9. Username: OfficialKurtWeiss Comment: Clearly deflecting his poor leadership skills. No police in LC, bickering over municipal politics. Holy fuck, get someone in LCPD who knows what they are doing.
  10. This is hard to say now when we don't have a very clear picture on how the economy will work. I'm sure that places that are solely owned and not necessarily operated under a corporate proprietor (eg: 24/7 Stores), it will be very difficult for business owners to pay bills, taxes, or even their mortgage if their services don't generate a lot of revenue. Put simply, if a business charges its services for cheap (because they are cheap realistically), then I believe they should receive some funding. Although this caters to non corporate entities, I think the idea should be brought up anyway, because sometimes it's difficult! Those few business owners who are "smart" enough to take revenue or profits for themselves are the same business owners who file for bankruptcy once a depression hits. These stipends should be a supplement or tool to help continue revenue generation within a company, and not a bonus so the Business Owner can go buy an apartment. I'm not saying that business owners should not be entitled to ream the benefits of this allowance, but perhaps a rule saying they are entitled to a certain percentage. I assume this is being operated under the vice of OOC allowance so there should be no taxes either. Perhaps I'm a sucker for oil and gas but can you imagine if we had multiple Oil and Gas companies on LCRP. Take Globe Oil for example, you can set up OOC deals between Canadian producers and use the Oil Refinery in Acter for some industrial RP. If you utilize the multiple refineries IG and bring in more companies like Ron, now you have a competition where gas prices can fluctuate and Gas Station owners can choose their provider. I think companies like Globe and Ron should receive ample funding to keep this type of roleplay alive, as the absence of multiple parties doesn't necessarily allow for them to generate revenue as you would in real life. A mix of NPC's and Players is fair. Some expectations that I would like to see from FST is the proper investigation and procedure when it comes to providing these players with financial aid. FST should be inquiring about the businesses employees, their pay, their cost to operate, and other parameters that present as a 'cost' to the company, and if their revenue isn't enough to fulfill the cost (not generating profit). Giving players free roam to request any number should not be allowed, especially not if there's an absence of high level investigation to see if this business needs financial aid, or wants it. Great idea, looking forward to seeing what comes of it.
  11. Our time to respond to what other servers and players have said about us will come, but it is not now. Kindly regard Verse 6 (Start at 2:12), one could deduce that Beast Coast's lyrics apply to LCRP a lot 🤷‍♂️. Great things coming soon ❤️.
  12. Geo


    mi piace! Un altro fratello 🇮🇹
  13. LIBERTY CITY ROLEPLAY Generating Revenue, Hand Over Fist - A Guide to Business Roleplay Oh, the joys of being a business owner. You pick your own hours, hire anyone you want to, and run your business how you see fit. It's very freeing. However, in a Business-oriented city like Liberty City, you should be aware of some tips and tricks to not only generate revenue, but to efficiently maintain your business. Here's a step by step to get you started in the right direction. Understanding Your Business. Your business provides some sort of service to your customer (or 'consumer'), this is how revenue is generated, an exchange of services. Business categories that are related based on their primary business activities are called Industries. Every business falls within an industry, but before we dive into that, let's consider the top three services offered in Business that is soon broken up into 'Industries' Business Services - Banks, Environmental, Oil and Gas, Clothing, Insurance, or any company where its services affects more than one consumer (usually belonging to the same company). Example: I hire a company that sends out a Pipeline Surveyor to Survey a Natural Gas Pipeline, which is required in order for development to continue. Social Services - Public Education, Infrastructure, Social Work, Food Banks, Libraries, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Public Transportation, and more. Most if not all of these services are funded by the Government, but really, it is derived from our tax dollars! Example: I collect Welfare because I do not make enough money to feed, clothe, and house myself. Personal Services - Barbers, Hairdressers, Hotels, Tutoring, Childcare, Bars, Personal Trainer, and more. These services are 1:1, where the exchange of goods directly affects the consumer. Example: I buy a Hamburger at Burger Shot on my lunch break. Asset Management. It is no mystery that companies fail because they are unable to effectively manage their assets. When you start a company, you need to figure out what you need to allocate funds towards. If you procure more assets than you need, you are lengthening the time it takes for you to generate profits. The business owner should evaluate what he or she needs in order to generate revenue, and not procure more assets until your revenue has significantly increased or your company has generated profit. Money should be kept in a Business account at the bank, expenses and asset procurement should be paid from money inside the business bank account. The separation of business and personal assets are now evenly split, and it's easier for bookkeeping purposes. Moreover, businesses are treated as a separate entity, and as such the personal assets of the owner are now sheltered from potential liability (except in the case of gross negligence). Knowing what makes you money. Your business should charge the consumer in one of three ways. Hourly - Mainly used for project-based companies. These businesses set a fixed rate and evaluate the amount of time it takes to deliver the product to the consumer. The time it takes is multiplied by the hourly rate, and the consumer is charged. Example - It took me 5 hours to look over your paperwork, and I charge myself out at 100 dollars an hour, you owe me $500. Fixed Price - Fixed Price services charges the same value for a product every day, until its decided that the fixed value is changed. Most Personal Service Businesses charge the consumer at a fixed price, as it is convenient for the business owner to understand the profit margins of the sale against the cost associated with making the product. Example, I pay $3.00 for a cup of coffee. Value - A unique way of charging your consumer, you charge the consumer based on the worth of the product. There are many factors that determine the worth of a product, and that is usually left to the discretion of the business owner or manufacturer. Example - I buy a $20,000 vehicle from the Car Dealership. Consumer Outreach. Your business needs to stand out from your competitors. here's some things you can do to get consumers eyes on your business. Socialite Page Advertisements (Either Script wise or Liberty Tree Wise) Partnerships Sales on Goods - People love promotions, offering a percentage of a discount over a short period of time is scientifically proven to generate 10% more consumer interaction. You started generating revenue, how about profit? Revenue is money coming into your company, profit is the money that's left over once your expenses are paid. Some business owners make $20,000 a day but have $24,000 a day in expenses; this business is not making any money! When you generate revenue, it is wise to pay off your assets in attempts to start generating profit sooner. If you generate a lot of revenue over a short period of time, business owners are known to allocate additional funding to pay off their assets. The main goal once your business starts making money is to pay off what it owes. Do not procure more assets as you are unaware of where your business will be tomorrow, your safest bet is to allocate your funding to paying off your staff, assets, and other necessities required to run your business. Some business owners risk procuring more product to sell, but that is left to the discretion of the business owner. Profit enters the room! Congratulations, your assets are either fully paid off or mostly paid off and you are now generating more revenue than you owe! Here's some ways to spend your hard earned profits. Pay raises for staff retention Save for possible downfall in industry. Procurement of more assets (Cars, Buildings, alternative business lines) Increase in marketing dollars to grow your customer base. Hiring on more staff. Pay Fully or Refinance debt. Maintaining Revenue and Profits Business owners believe that the hardest part of a business is making profits, where the real challenge is maintaining them. In a rapidly changing economy, your business could be making thousands of dollars a day to $10 the next day, so it's important to know where you're at and where you want to be. Here are some tips that help with maintaining revenue and increasing it. Adjust your Pricing Strategy (raise 'em!). Offer Discounts and Rebates Maintain Marketing Strategy Get the consumer to buy more. Get the consumer to buy more frequently. Retarget the consumer. Closing Remarks Owning a business will be tough here. Unlike neighboring roleplay servers, you've got an economy, loads of competition and taxes to worry about! It's not as simple as making $1,000 when you walk in the door anymore. Business owners will have to be perseverant, smart, and driven to create a realistic market. I hope this guide has provided some guidance to those wanting to obtain a business!
  14. @Celibano and @Midsomer both raise really good points, we're wanting to do something different and that's what makes us unique. It was never a race to see who got to the finish line first, nor will it ever be. They're doing their thing, we're doing ours. It was a business-motivated power play, frog legs are expensive and taxes are high in France, I get it. For those who are here for a new idea of roleplay, which focuses on less admin oversight and unique ideas in terms of economy, illegal roleplay, and drug distribution, we welcome you with open arms. For those who will flock to whatever server releases first, we wish you luck. We have a talented Development Team, enthusiastic and motivated Administration Team, and great leaders @Biography @papa ore.
  15. We are in a clear disagreement in terms of the Security of Ambulances, and hey, that's OK! I will touch on a few of your other points though. My main argument for this was the dismissal of someone operating a vehicle if they are not certified to and someone stealing it, both of them are illegal, but one of them is OK morally. A more realistic and frequent example is an ambulance being in the way of something and a member of an FD faction moving it IC'ly. Although illegal, completely harmless. Yet we dismiss this because it is so irrelevant, when IRL you'd lose your job if you tried moving an ambulance you are not certified nor insured to drive. What I meant to say but failed to is this: If the rules surrounding vehicle break-ins are standardized, then the reports you'd get would be night and day. Maybe you'd get more, I don't know. But you'd need to provide more justification for stealing a LEO vehicle as opposed to a civilian vehicle, so the reports are either heavily justified or not justified at all, I don't really see there being an 'in-between', at least not for me. Our current Member count is 2,158, gtaw's is 25,000's. I'm being generous in saying we're a medium sized server. As much as I hate to say it, we won't have 2,158 people online on our opening day, and although we are certain to grow in the future, we will implement changes to combat the influx of players. Administrative workflow should not have an impact on what we allow to happen IC'ly. I could say that Deathmatching brings a lot of forum reports, but we're not going to ban it completely and turn LCRP into Minecraft Peaceful Mode because it'll "overrun us", why? Because it's a part of life, it's a part of Roleplay. This is not the first time I've been told that I put too much trust in our playerbase, and probably won't be the last time either lol. Upcoming RP Servers have the opportunity to do things differently from the get-go, and if they double back because it doesn't work, then that's OK. What I would hate to see is us grow exponentially THEN integrate a new onslaught of rules and practices, because why would we want to integrate something when it could already have been a part of the server since its launch. That's my argument for that, we should be trying new things. LCRP's main goal is "Less Admin Oversight", so not only have I been putting more trust in our playerbase, but LCRP Management has since Day 1. That's our thing, that's what makes us cool beanies. Although this will have definite drawbacks, it's what makes us unique. If stealing faction vehicles is allowed, and someone does it poorly, they'll be punished for it. Simple as that.
  16. One could argue that an ambulance carries several items of value that will incentivize a player to steal one. Let's think open-mindedly. Medicine / Medical Supplies What's an RP server without a Bandage Item healing 10HP? Well, ambulances would be chock-full of Bandages, Dressings, and Gauze then! One could roleplay removing the couple 10 Liter Oxygen Cylinders, depressurize it and BAM, you've got a unpressurized container to carry the anhydrous ammonia that is used to make Meth. Depending on the state, different ambulances are required to carry different medication. Here is some of the medication I found: epinephrine, atropine, amiodarone, channel blockers, beta blockers, aspirin, vasopressor, albuterol, ipratropium bromide, midazolam, calcium chloride, and many more. What Chef wouldn't love to cut their cocaine with any of the mentioned before? Ambulances have needles, I don't need to explain what power sterilized needles have to the Drug Economy here. Car Parts Ah yes, the Type II Ford Transit, which uses a 3.7L X6 Duratec Engine, pretty durable engine. Some ambulances even have bull-bars and other cosmetic upgrades, dirty mechanics would love to chop one of these down and get a shit ton of components, I know I sure would. Although there's two, a lot of the time it's case-dependent. If a group of illegal roleplayers were planning a heist for half a year which consisted of disguising themselves as paramedics to rob a bank, but couldn't get their hands on an ambulance, where's the fun in that, how is it fair to force illegal roleplayers to tweak a (in my opinion) very good idea because it's simply not possible to enter a vehicle IC'ly? To me this is a poor excuse to steal any vehicle, let alone an emergency one. Prefacing your justification with being under the influence of drugs does not justify the means of committing grand theft auto. However, if the player was realistically portraying their symptoms of being on meth, then I'd allow it. It's one thing to get in an ambulance and put it in gear, it's another thing to drive it across the city with such skill and successfully evade police while you're tweaking. Nothing other than the greater chance the officer will come and find you in his car. He or She will also have a Pistol when they do. It's high risk, high reward. Now, I know Police Cars have come a long way, where they install locked brackets on rifles and shotguns mounted in cars, so I don't think it should be as easy as picking the lock, opening the truck and filling your arms. But, the deterrence of breaking into a marked police car will surely track a lot of intention, so there should be some means of justification on breaking into one in the first place. For me personally, I would handle it by case, I would prefer if a player put out a report and allowed me to spectate the breakin, as I feel that's the best way to keep things fair and the criminal player protected. Because at the end of the day, you're right, people will cherry-pick police cars because it has guns inside, it happens in real life too! You seem to fixate on clear shortcomings from gtaw when it comes to people stealing cars. Of course this is a poor excuse, and I would meet an excuse like this with administrative punishment. By keeping faction vehicles unlocked, it's enabling the 5% who take Illegal RP seriously to actually put in the work to pull something like this off, not to enable the 95% to steal cop cars and toss out this excuse. People who have excuses like this either know what they're doing is against the server rules, or they're too young to roleplay seriously; both of those are met with administrative punishments. A part of me wants to agree with you, but another part of me begs to differ. Check out the link here: https://www.ems1.com/stolen-ambulance/. Seems to me like 1-3 Ambulances a month are being stolen in America. So whatever you're talking about in terms of drivetrain security installed in LEO vehicles in the USA, I'd love to see it. Even if there was, clearly people are finding workarounds to it, so I don't see it as an excuse to keep them locked, I see it as an added deterrent for Illegal Roleplayers to not steal LEO vehicles in the first place! This is where I get confused. Unless all LCPD Officers are required to obtain a Class B (Trucker / Emergency Vehicle) License, it is illegal to operate a vehicle if you are not certified to operate it. Emergency or not, now the LCPD officer is operating a vehicle that he or she is not certified to operate, at high speeds, on public roads, while on duty. Tell me how you can justify this over someone stealing a vehicle. I see the cop as a criminal just as much as the person wanting to steal the car. But what's the justification for this? "He won't get kicked out because 'faction car'". You've just doubled down on your argument and have echoed to this server that LEO's are able to bend the rules of law, but illegal roleplayers can not. Why? Because it is not convenient for the Faction. That is what is unfair. So, we should not be inclusive to the Illegal RP Community for the fear of waiting for a report should one arise? I don't see any logic in that. If anything, If all vehicles were treated the same in terms of breakin rules and there were no special case rules for breaking into LEO vehicles, you'd get less forum reports. Our server is medium sized, we have the capable Administrative and Player Support Team to handle reports in a timely manner, I don't think suspending roleplay ideas from any avenue of roleplay would be good if it means having us do less work. We're here to create a fun, but realistic rp server after all.
  17. You're wrong if you believe that people would rather pay a company $200 as opposed to setting it up IC'ly themselves, players are greedy like that, it's just the reality. This large scope of existing Security Companies in world just bank on the ideology that all players will go through a security company. These means of generating revenue does not justify your other assets you've listed before, regardless of how long the company has been active for. This is why security companies fail yet receive angel funding from the server. Your business needs to create that need for your staff to provide services without the help (no, reliance) on the server. People who overlook this are the same people who own a business for 2 weeks. Putting a firm value on your company's worth via assets when it doesn't even exist is a bad business tactic. You should be starting with ONE Vehicle. You will not be receiving angel funding from the server, so you should be very careful with who and what you spend your money on. I think involving other factions to help supplement roleplay and services is a wonderful idea.
  18. I'm late to this party, Clearly this Discussion is against LEO's and Illegal Roleplayers, and we've clearly seen through the poll attached that people are catering towards leaving them unlocked. For those who want to leave them locked, I ask why? If someone from FD drives an ambulance to a location and leaves the door swung open to go attend to a victim, why couldn't someone just hop in and drive off? Because it disrupts your roleplay? Because you're so entitled that you don't want to take the necessary precautions to realistically secure your vehicle in a world full of savages? Come on. If it's open, it's open. If it has a lock, it can be picked. This OOC protection for Faction's just removes a very fun and rewarding part of Roleplay for the Illegal world, and keeping it locked is unfair to them. My vote is to keep everything unlocked. Have faction vehicles, sure, but no special locking permissions.
  19. ^ This. We will look into Property Alarms (Possibly even Tiered Alarm Systems) post launch. However, here are a few things I see wrong with Security Companies and the RP Surrounding it. 1) The funding and expenditures are very black and white. Security Companies on World have the best gadgets, a fleet of vehicles that are usually never touched and a plethora of staff, when in reality, their work consists of pacing around the University. Unless this company starts getting CONTRACT based work in right away, I don't see it lasting very long. Because you can't make steady income unless you've got contracts. 2) The Roleplay that surrounds setting up the Alarm Systems is very piss-poor, and for me does not justify the ridiculous prices that Security companies at other servers charge. There should extensive information on setting up each alarm system, running conduits and basic electrical technician practices. Doing a "/me peels off adhesive tape, sticks on the wall and turns on" is not going to cut it. 3) Players are now reliant on a PRIVATE security company to get their alarm installed. Although this is how it works IRL, our Security companies must make sure they have enough staff to handle everyone's needs. If I have to wait days for an alarm, and can't go to your competitor because they don't exist, I will be very pissed off. I'd advocate for different alarm systems that can be set up by the player or the security company, but that's a conversation for another day. 4) You ask that Security Companies get access to certain limit vehicles but my opinion of this is as follows: Companies that obtain assets that are at risk (in this case: Vehicles) should be purchasing them outright instead of leasing. If this was real life, the insurance you'd pay for a leased vehicle would pay said vehicle off in 4 years, it's expensive. IG Companies that claim they are empires yet are holding out their hand with the expectation that their assets come at a discount is not OK, nor realistic. If it were up to me, I'd give you special access, but you're buying the vehicle at cost, not renting a security vehicle from an unknown company.
  20. Here's my opinion on this matter. In terms of situations like these, there are two probable outcomes, let's dive into them. 1) The player kills a bunch of innocent Teachers and Students, and gets killed by the Police (In fact, a CK should be forced on the shooter in this matter). 2) The player kills a bunch of innocent Teachers and Students, and somehow is detained by the Police. Now, option one just ruins the roleplay and immersion for everyone. Although school shootings are becoming more frequent or mainstream in American culture, the chances of it happening at your school are very slim. On top of that, I don't see much benefit for any party, as the students get PK'ed, and the shooter gets CK'ed. Sure, it would provide some news, but other than that, it really serves no benefit but to ruin everyone's fun. I'd rather keep the University a safe space (I'd even advocate it to be a Crime Free Zone) just with the amount of Legal RP opportunities that it welcomes (aside from Renegade Faction intertwining with VU Renegades that is; but that discussion is to be had on another day). Option two does the exact same as option one but now the character is imprisoned. From there, the character will either Roleplay in prison for some time and get bored, or just namechange right away. Really serves 0 benefit for the longevity of Roleplaying a character. People go and shoot up places all the time in world, and merely just namechange once they're inside or delete the character. To me, shoot shootings don't really offer the chance to bring good quality roleplay in LCRP. It would just be a short burst of meaningless killings that result in everything being forgotten in a week. For me, it's a no.
  21. I am all for the XXL / Heavyset body type, I think that's a wonderful idea. 'Buste', Six-Pack, and Pregnancy mods are all unneeded and I wholeheartedly think that our talented modding team has 'bigger fish to fry' than to make these rather irrelevant additions in the game this early. My personal opinion: All of what you suggest can be done by typing a few word's in your characters description, thus saving the modding team hours of work, and lightening up server resources. Not having a curvy latina and CBum looking characters won't impact your QoL in this game. If it does, if it is really that important to you, people just see you as a long-tailed rodent who frequents visits to the mall.
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