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  1. I've led faction management teams before, I've been a member of them before. Honestly? Even the best and brightest people I've had the pleasure of working with have biases. No matter how much you try to distance yourself from it, your biases inform your decisions. I genuinely support this decision despite the fact that I was part of the FST before this decision. Now, to answer the questions posed here. Yes, I would like to see such a system take place. Leader and co-leader of all influential factions should be in the senate. That way even if the leader isn't around, the faction's stance can be heard in a reliable capacity from the co-leader. We would have to impose certain limitations, such as a certain time must have passed of the faction being around, actual influence of that faction in the server as well as how much that faction has followed game, forum and faction rules in the past. That way we don't have bad faith actors, or people who made a faction 2 minutes ago just to get a voice in the senate. There shouldn't be a specific number of maximum "senators", it all would depend on how many factions meet the criteria at any given time.
  2. Welcome, brotherman Bill.
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    LCN Q&A

    Hey, so Biography already replied as from the management side of things, I will reply as a co-leader of one of the 3 starting families. Hopefully this will clear up even more things for you. 1. The 2 remaining families (Genovese and Colombo) will only be opened for players to start up when the 3 initial families are pretty solid in their numbers and strength. There is no point in having more families than the playerbase can support and having like 10 people RPing in each. I believe both management and rest of the WG would agree that the first of the two we'd ever consider opening would be the Colombo family. Genovese is a very difficult concept to translate into gameplay and do realistically as the information on them is very limited. That family has been ultra secretive, even more so than they usually were in the past decade. Whereas you don't need too much experience and knowledge to pull off a decent job replicating the Colombos and their internal struggles, you need tenfold the experience and knowledge for the Genoveses. 2. The imbalance if a large group joins is a fair point to make and we have discussed this extensively. The best route that is to our knowledge available is to create the starting structure and leadership from RPers that we know are experienced, knowledgeable, serious and would be able to carry the burden of setting up the starting grounds for LCN RP. Sure, it may seem like biased picks, but that is exactly what we need to start off on the right foot. I will remind you that the leadership of these families will change throughout time and just because there are certain people in leadership positions does not mean they will be there in a year from now. What would we do with the new groups? Well, as I established, we have a net of trusted RPers that would through the LCN structure manage and teach the newcomers to be in the same system as we are. If certain crews start behaving out of the ordinary, they will be dealt with appropriately ICly. If they start plotting things OOCly it won't work out as the families will be under heavy supervision and scrutiny from the management - if you are a capo and suddenly decide you want to overthrow the administration, you will need not only the IC means for it but also OOC permission from management as well as other parties involved. 3. The schemes in of themselves will not fall under the WG's jurisdiction, but I can assure you that we will constantly be on lookout for expanding white collar crime possibilities both scriptwise and rule-wise. Violent crime and low-end crime such as robberies, scams, extortions make up a small percentage of what LCN is actually involved in and limits the portrayal of organized crime not just for LCN factions but all organized crime factions. The exact steps can be creating server rules to regulate loan economy, encouragement to do white collar crime by faction leaders, FST's support on the matter, certain scripts that allow for it and more. 4. As I've mentioned in my 3rd point, walking away from the overused crimes of gun/drug dealing and things of that nature is super, super, super important to create a good and lively organized crime atmosphere. I don't know about you but I personally get super bored doing the crimes I've done on virtually every server so far, any good RPer will want to try new things, search for new methods. I think that things like money laundering, fencing of stolen goods, online scams, online gambling rings, online prostitution rings can all be implemented with the help of rules and script. 5. Again, you are very spot-on in your take on the OOC influences and power dynamics that took place in other servers, most notably LS:RP. As Biography mentioned before, the LCN WG and other WGs are just temporary institutions to help kickstart the roleplay they're responsible for and make sure that factions in that sphere will be of high quality as well as inclusion. We are trying our best to avoid any OOC power plays and/or influences that would cloud the possibilities for other, especially solo players. I have full trust in the leaders of all 3 families to remain professional, but for the future leaders? We just don't know how they will be. That is why the current leaders will have the difficult job of creating the infrastructure, internal rules and work ethic to make sure that quality and realism remains top priorities no matter who becomes the next boss of a family. Think of it as a PD faction. Sure, there are some changes depending on who leads the police department, but the general infrastructure and regulations stay the same despite who is in charge. The same will apply here. Additionally, the leadership will keep management informed of any OOC dangers the factions face (i.e. an internal grouping of players who are OOC friends to influence things) so that there would be no chances for OOC takeovers that have little to nothing to do with IC events. 6. Since the start will be difficult and will require high level of alert from the players that will be the starting leaders of the families, we will take criticism, offers and suggestions from players outside very seriously. If you want to reach out to any of us, point out problems that you perceive that we might not have seen coming - feel free to do so. 7. The FST and members of the WGs will not have nowhere near the power and/or influence FM had in LS:RP so no need to worry about corruption there.
  4. As long as they don't behave like American cops, they're solid in my book.
  5. As the saying goes, time is money. If people put in time and effort to make this server and community a better place? Why not reward them. I'm all for it.
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    LCN Q&A

    No, we will be keeping everything as much as we can in-character. However, if there are any OOC items on the table, the leaders can always reach out to each other on Discord. 4) That really depends on the group that joins, if it is a group that is motivated and knowledgeable, things can be worked out for the starting date within the specific family and it's administration prior to server's launch. Otherwise they will need to ICly build their reputation and work up the ladder. There will be more attention paid to white-collar crime and the families internally will push for that focus as well. The way the mob evolved into the current day is not much about history rather than technology. Advancement in the government's technology, informants being common and more led to them being as clandestine and less violent as they are now so that will not be going away anywhere.
  7. The 'dai lo' or big brothers are veteran members affiliated with the triad society that organize the youth and in addition serve as enforcers. Unlike the gwai-lo that wrote this thread. ((jk, great guide.))
  8. While I agree with the proposal to not allow factions that would be unrealistic and to limit the amounts of other types, this is very counter-productive. I voted no.
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    It's those damn Romanians again.
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    LCN Q&A

    We'll be trying to make sure the families are somewhat balanced so players and other organizations have more choice, but we're not going to force one family to be weaker than the other. The IRL lore ends in 2011 and from there on out each of the families is on their own path to either success or failure. Since there won't be any actual wars between the 3 families as it would be wildly unrealistic, I doubt they will fall at any time.
  11. Talking to Steph is like:
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    Fancy seeing you here.
  13. Welcome to the server, in that case. When LCN WG was still in early stages of creating the LCN scene, I brought up the same point, you can look it up in the released discussions. I brought up the fact that some players might feel distaste when seeing those names simply because it will remind them of those poorly-made noobish factions who just used the IRL mob names because they didn't know what they were doing. However, I think employing that lore and those names in this context is a good thing. Remember that context is /very/ important. So first thing's first, I want to assure you that there will be no _Gambino, _Gotti, _Lucchese, _Bonanno or whatever people running around in-game. Those names are simply used as namesakes of the families. If you look at the current leadership of all 5 families, none of them have the same names of the family namesakes. So yeah, let's just get that out of the way. Secondly, it might not seem so on the cover of the book, but the families have various key differences between them and IRL history is what shapped those differences. Bonanno family openly allows for drug dealing while Lucchese and Gambino members have to do it in secret. Gambino family's strongest crew/faction is Sicilian, while Bonanno and Lucchese have Italian-Americans in leadership positions. Lucchese family for a long time did not recognize Bonannos as a family because their boss Joseph Massino testified and this could be RPed too. There are many many other details that draw differences between different borgatas and we can capitalize on it ICly. Also, using the real lore and history will let us enforce roleplay of the modern LCN with shelving instead of murder, with politics instead of shootouts and with friendships between families instead of competitions. There's more benefits beyond what you see, so yeah, I am with you there and I understand that the names may look cringe, but please look past them and look into the possibility of what we could do within the LCN scene utilizing all of the history, lore and information.
  14. Love the use of primecrime.ru, good shit fellas! Best of luck!
  15. We do know each other from our time during RP, but we aren't all from the same faction or community. Sure, with the limited amount of quality LCN portrayals, some of us have been in the same factions previously. When the server launches, all 3 families will be run by certain groups of people to ensure standards are upkept at all chains. It has already been discussed how and potentially when we would let down leadership to other people. It is also important to us that everyone that wasn't added at the start has the ability to climb up the ranks. We're not saying it is going to be easy as we want the top positions of the families to be positions of power, but you can get there. So, to conclude, we're not as much focused on allowing random people to get high ranks quick, we're more interested in making sure that even when those people become in charge that the high LCN RP standard is upkept. As for the people in specific? I don't know if they want to introduce themselves with their past usernames or not, but quite a few are from the Valenti family of LSRP, others from Las Venturas Mafia in RCRP. Very much the peak LCN quality factions of those both servers. There are some members that aren't from either as well. I can personally vouch for everyone in the group that they'll do a solid job from their start to the eventual transition.
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