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  1. dare to differentiate, embrace a more rigid form of roleplay regulation and shy away from the established norms on other servers with their LEOs. police are not above other players, they shouldnt be given any special privileges that the common player wouldnt have, especially illicit factions. if the suspect gets away in a pursuit, so be it. its not the end of the world. you're going to see whats happening already elsewhere: crappy roleplay because people r talking to one another more than they're typing. instead of officers vasquez and smith chatting IC about their wives bitching them out or how admin is coming down on their asses they're gonna be in ts like "bro look at her description it says 5'2'' big titties LOL" nobody focuses on scenes rn at other servers, they dont small talk ic, its literally 10 minutes of silence followed by a generic robotic ingame response when they recognize they have to say SOMETHING and cant just use their police character as an avatar for themselves
  2. or how about the walkie talkie is literally the ingame one? which is legitimately the actual radio. use that. ts3 isnt needed, this is a serious roleplay server that we dont need to win that badly that we resort to ts3
  3. okay so you lose the suspect. whats the issue there exactly? you're ic law enforcement, not server police. big distinction between the two. the whole ts3 + voip thing is just hugely unnecessary imo, it leads to degraded roleplay quality, and its unfair for people on the illegal side. big no from me but i respect that people grew up with it in the gta community n cant shake it.
  4. i gotta be real with you strictly monitored is echoed everywhere and this is the same policy for other rp servers, it always devolves into shit-tier quality and a metafest. people spend more time socializing ooc than ic. this is a roleplay server, a serious one at that. we dont need the advantages provided by using our real voices and LARPing as police officers. im here to be immersed u know? and its hard to do that when ppl r giggling in TS circlejerking off-topic (and it definitely affects scenes, let me tell you. wow, people cannot pay attention when they're talking with one another) and i especially lose my ability to take it seriously when the 22 y/o petite female swat lieutenant calls mutual aid in their deep eastern European accent (love n respect to euros)
  5. this is a heavy rp server. as a longtime leo roleplayer myself i can tell you that TS contributes to low quality, shitty roleplay more than anything else. it becomes 5 people huddled in a channel distracted and metagaming with their police status and its never enforced. they dont need an added advantage of coordination via TS, work on perfecting that ingame. yes, pursuits are hard to call in in the middle of rp but this is why you prioritize engaging in pursuits with a partner (which is totally not taking into account the NYPD's sparse pursuit policy, they just dont do it)
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