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  1. I voted yes. But do keep in mind, it's on the grounds that the written rules weren't breached. Particularly if a person wasn't deathmatched.
  2. Just breaking balls. Welcome my boy. Great to have you.
  3. Any relation to Sammy Meatballs Aparo?
  4. Following. Looking forward to this.
  5. Where the f*** are our Nine Trey bloods post SixNine? lolll SOMEONE please
  6. Hyperlink time. Thread's dope love it bro.
  7. Townie

    The Polito Crew

    I'm happy to announce to our faction that we have worked thoroughly with the FST to be able to make this announcement. We are very grateful and proud to announce that our faction has just been granted permission to operate inside of the Polito Crew, within the the Genovese Organized Crime Family. I wish to see us operating within the correct boundaries of this particular family. It is a big responsibility as much as it is a big achievement for us.
  8. This thread will depict the development and fate of the character Carl Giacomello in Liberty City Roleplay. Please: * Don't spam & don't flam. * Feel free to drop a comment or screenshots of your roleplay with Carl. * Enjoy the content!
  9. Blurry photo of Carl Giacomello in 2007 in Riverhead Correctional Facility Early life of Carl Giacomello| 1970-1992 1970, Carl Giacomello was born in Deer Park Long Island Liberty State. He had a rough upbringing in the 70's, by the time he was 10 he was known for his wild temper tantrums. Some how some way he'd always get away with being outspoken and dramatic. He was troubled in school and mostly avoided due to his outbursts. By the time he was 18 in 1988, his sickened parents had shipped him off to trade school to become a mechanic. He wanted to go to college and become a botanist and his mother said "You're going to learn how to become a man, not a gardener." By 1990, at 20 years old, he was already smoking cigarettes and walking into crowds of partygoers in parking lots along Deer Park Avenue. He would become intrigued by the people around him and what was going on. The cars. The drinking. The girls, the weed, the dope, and he thought to himself that there is something rich about this. An untamed young adult walking into a world with no limits. He became a regular attender of these events and was very well liked very quickly among them. As he went through trade school he had made a lot of friends because he learned very quickly and soaked in all the knowledge about cars, and was able to converse with the partygoers who were now beginning to race in the streets among one another and take bets. Using his knowledge of cars and motors he was always asking people what they had, what they drove, and he would place his bets based on the questions he'd had asked. Giacomello even earned himself a reputation for being a fantastic mechanic among some of the racers in the neighborhood by the time he was 20. In two short years, people would begin to call him "The Wrench." Young Turks | Giacomello, Ceresa & the Deer Park Avenue Gang| 1992-1995 In 1990, Giacomello met his partner in crime he'd consider a brother for the rest of his life. Eric Ceresa was another younger guy around the neighborhood his age who hung around a lot of car people too, at the young age of 17. He said he had noticed him at one of the meets and said that he makes a lot of money at those meets talking people into buying upgrades for their cars and offering to loan them the money for the upgrades. Giacomello was immediately interested. For two years, these two made money at those meets. By the time they were 22 and 19 in 1992, they'd be placing bets on the races, street side. They would begin loaning some of their winnings to other gamblers and developing debts they could generate passive income on. Charging people interest on their loans kept them two paid nice and early in their careers. On top of that, they were supposedly known for their dealings in Oxycodone to some of the partygoers among the crowd. Giacomello would never be seen making a hand off in a crowd, he'd always have some of his friends go do it for him and hold the money till they leave. Ceresa had already developed a scary reputation as a youngster for being a womanizer and a bruiser. With Carl alongside him, people never felt the need to bother Carl either. Before it was known, the two were in charge of their own little group in the neighborhood by the time they were 23 and 20 in 1993. They had a few guys working for them, running errands and piecing together schemes. Giacomello at this age was said to have earned the recognition of some mob guys from Dukes County, rumors would spread around the neighborhood that those 2 from the car meets are probably mobbed up by now. Everyone from the neighborhood knew the rest of Giacomello's family to be pretty straight and pretty square. But word would begin to spread that Carl has now been coordinating with a known member of the Genovese Organized Crime Family. It was also said that his friend Eric Ceresa at the time was worse than a rabid animal when it came to people, at the age of 20 years old he failed show his level of social intelligence within large groups and stuck beside Carl. By this age Eric had beaten one guy so bad that people stopped him so nobody would become an accessory to murder. The guy who he beat down refused to tell the police who did it after someone had called him an ambulance. In 1993, in their early twenties, Eric and Carl were both getting people to organize meets so others could come together, race, place bets, get high, take loans and block traffic. It was also rumored that they had been influencing other youths their age in the neighborhood to handle their dirty work, people who owed them money or people who would try to break up the events. At this time Giacomello also knocked up a neighborhood girl named Marissa D'Aquila. He was forced to marry her in 1994 by her family who did not much approve of the scenario. They had a daughter named Bianca who is now 30 years old today. And he obliged her family by taking her hand in marriage. Also, A West Babylon resident by the name of "Sammy" had taken notice to Carl and Eric in Deer Park where he also learned of Carl's situation, having just had a child. West Babylon is 1 town over from Deer Park, and the very southern piece of Deer Park Avenue ends in West Babylon. Sammy always had a lot of guys around him and it never needed to be said that he was someone important. He told his men to offer the two to keep earning in that neighborhood as long as they agreed to be under his flag and begin kicking up 10 percent of their earnings. Of course, they both accepted and continued about their business under the wing of Mr "Sammy" Aparo they'd come to now learn. Picture of Carl Giacomello with his daughter Bianca In 1994 A recently deceased guy named Donald Frisone was a wiseguy tasked with keeping his eyes on the up and coming Deer Park Avenue Gang for Sammy Meatballs. Members of the gang would usually recognize "Pal Donnies" as a higher up and a mentor as well. Donald Palerusso went down in the Deer Park Avenue Gang's history as a pillar of manhood, also fathering a current day known member, was a known hitter and a devoted wiseguy. Nobody, not even Giacomello and Ceresa ever tried to cross "Pal Donnie" because of his seniority and his already established connections within the family. Edward never once ran into his father on mob business, though they walked the same path. Early association with "Sammy Meatballs"| 1995-2001 In 1995, Ceresa was given orders by Aparo's guys to beat down a Broker local for making a distasteful comment about him. He had said that Sammy had eyes like a racoon and he's beginning to look more and more like a racoon as he gets older. With Aparo aging quickly, he had taken major offense to this. Just 1 week after, It is alleged that the 21 year old Eric and the 24 year old Carl and 4 others were have said to put the the man in the hospital. By the time they were gone and the ambulances have arrived, witnesses say 6 men in balaclavas had beaten the man while he already knocked out. "They just kept kicking him and smacking him while he was knocked out, we thought they were gonna kill him. Once we started shouting they scattered real quick!" Because the men were not from the area, authorities never were able to close this case. This remained a cold case for the disrespectful gentleman who insulted Aparo. Also by 1995, Ceresa and Giacomello had put together a scheme to launder their dirty money through the sale of used cars. Giacomello's sister Nicole had married a young man by the name of Al Palombella who was a law school student at the time. His sister was 23 when she got married. Palombella has proven to be very useful for Giacomello later on throughout his career, as Palombella went on to pass the bar exam around the time he was 30. Giacomello was 25 at the time. Around this time for six years, 1995-2001 the Aparo crew members seemed to have been in turmoil. A non DPA related guy by the name of "Cookie" D'Urso had gotten himself in trouble with upper management. As years went on, all that Carl had heard was that this guy wanted revenge for getting himself shot and his cousin murdered. As a lowly associate, he wasn't told much. "Sammy" had told Carl that it's something that he'd have to stay out of. As years would go on that same guy would've wound up turning statements against guys like Sammy. Carl and Ceresa had known "Cookie" around the time they were in their mid to late twenties, and by the time they were turning thirty, they were worried about Cookie even turning statements on them, though he never did. In 2001, Aparo was indicted on labor racketeering charges where the FBI have discovered one of his men talking about how "hurting people" is "what its all about." Cookie D'Urso did wind up turning statements on Sammy Meatballs as well. Upon the chaos of the indictment, Ceresa and Giacomello were essentially on the shelf until they were informed by their superiors to report to a guy in Dukes County named "Carm" AKA "Carmine Pizza." Upon introduction, Carm's men sat them down to discuss a change in management for them. He had said that the two now kick up to him, and not Sammy's guys. With nowhere to go, Ceresa and Giacomello were accepted into the Dukes/Algonquin crew, though they operated in Suffolk County Long Island. Under New Management| 2001 to 2009 5 years later. In 2006, Sammy Meatballs was released from a 5 year prison sentence and effectively shelved. Although Aparo was released, Carmelo made it very clear to Giacomello that he still answers to him. "He mentored a lot of guys like you" said Carm. "But he mentored Cookie too. He ain't coming back. He's done. Leave it alone." Without any fuss, Giacomello knew to stay put with his gang and never question the authority of his superiors. In 2007, Giacomello and the DPA Gang seemed like they were in limbo now answering to this new guy Carm, after all the drama with "Cookie", and "Sammy" and meeting new people as a result of it. May 2007, Giacomello was charged with money laundering with Ceresa as his accomplice. This would be his first and only run in with the law. Giacomello and Ceresa have been laundering their money through the sale of used cars since '95 shortly after they've made their reputation known for Aparo before his indictment. It was even suspected throughout the 2 year trial that more could have come with any car with a mark up that high, illicit items such as drugs or guns. Carl's now brother-in-law Al Palombella had represented him in this case as a favor. So without paying any lawyer fees, his firm took on the case pro bono and convinced the jurors that if a person owns something, they should be able to sell it for whatever price they want. Since the prosecution had no evidence of anything criminal taking place, such as gun deals or drug deals, and only speculated this, the jurors were not presented a very strong case against Giacomello. Beyond cross examinations of the trial, it was pretty much an open and shut case, dismissed. No conviction. It is assumed that some of the jurors could've been bought or coerced. Giacomello and Ceresa have never been convicted of a crime in their journey around Long Island as associates in the Genovese affiliated circles. Eric and Carl Get Their Wings | 2009-2017 Shortly after the end to this one sided 2 year trial in 2009, the two got made alongside each other in the Polito Crew of the Genovese Organized Crime Family. The people they answered to and paid their dues to for nearly 16 years have decided that they're worth the time. The pair got straightened out and sent back to their regular neighborhood of operation to go make some more money how they do. At this time, up and coming members from the Deer Park Avenue Gang like Edward Palerusso, Samuel Vivona, Bobby Castiglione & Ralph Scorza have been paying their dues as well. All of these men from Deer Park all began kicking up to Giacomello and Ceresa in 2009 as associates. Younger guys who grew up in the same neighborhood as them were already putting in major work for these up and coming names as well. The gang expanded as Ceresa and Giacomello's reputation grew more legitimate in the mob underworld. Castiglione and Scorza would eventually have younger guys in the gang pull off robberies in the area. Anyone who got in the way of their money, Giacomello and Ceresa now in their late 30's and early 40's would send two of the more ruthless men from the Deer Park area, Samuel Vivona and Ed Palerusso to come pay them a visit. Their two most prized protégés Ralph Scorza and Castiglione are responsible for the sizeable amount of people in the gang currently, and the amount of money they've made off of their thievery since a young age. Muscle guys like Vivona and Palerusso are feared like no other within the ranks, known to the streets as the "enforcers" of the Deer Park Avenue Gang. For 14 years, these men would be the reason why the Deer Park Avenue has grown to it's size and become the money maker in Genovese's Aparo/Polito crew over the course of 30 years. Giacomello had developed a reputation among these men as a calculated, personable and intelligent man. Some of his underlings consider him a bit immature or pedantic sometimes. But nobody often questions his judgement to his face, as mostly everyone who knows him has seen him overthink something to the thousandth degree at least once. He goes down as a respected career gangster from Long Island Liberty State in this day and age. Polito Gets Indicted|| 2017-2022 Carmelo Polito AKA "Carmine Pizza" gets indicted on gambling racketeering charges in a 2016 bust of a local gambling parlors hidden in the back of a number of legal fronts in Long Island Liberty State. Among a few members of the Bonanno Crime Family, him and a number of other guys were charged with gambling racketeering charges. This sent the Polito Crew into chaos. For 6 years, members of the crew have been scrambling to organize a new wave of associates who are looking to join up in the ranks and get ahead of Polito's nearing fate. Inducted members like Ceresa, Giacomello and Castiglione are trying to maintain order within their lower ranks. (Indicted on Racketeering Charges in 2016) 2018, Donald Palerusso, "Pal Donnie" the father of the trusted DPA enforcer Edward Palerusso dies. He was a respected member of the Aparo/Polito Crew, who was not affiliated with the Deer Park Avenue Gang, but did live in Deer Park where he raised his 2 sons. This dealt a big blow to the morale of some of the older members, signifying what seem like the dying breaths of Polito's influence on the street. A man in the ranks named John Brescio or "Hollywood" is now telling Giacomello and Ceresa that they'll be under new management soon once again. Some of the lower level guys within the remaining ranks are upset about this, along with Giacomello. But Giacomello realizes that he must play the game. Right now, there are youtube videos of the suspected leader hanging around pizzerias, causing a load of tension among the DPA Gang and himself. With Polito under investigation, he had strongly urged Carl to follow the rules, because he's been through this before with Sammy Meatballs. As usual, Giacomello instructs his men to oblige. For 3 years, new management takes it course once again. DPA Gang Goes Hollywood| 2022 - Present At Age 53, Giacomello lives in Dukes county, not too far from his daughter Bianca. He has been under police radar for long enough. Bianca's pretty aware of what her father does for a living and decided to take up her hand in the world of mechanics. Staying on the straight and narrow, her father is currently trying to help her fund an auto body shop in East Island City, Dukes. Bianca stays very quiet about the work of her father which she doesn't have any actual details on. She just knows he loved cars before her time and people constantly say that he's mobbed up. She tends to stick to her craft and focus on herself as a businesswoman, which Carl can be a proud father for. Today as Giacomello moves around, they suspect that either he or his counterpart are very close to being promoted to an important role in the Genovese Organization. LCPD authorities have not yet managed to connect the dots on who Giacomello or Ceresa belong to. But authorities feel like they're close to a conclusion. After about 30 years of tradecraft, people do tend to get sloppy they figure. Cookie D'Urso had come out 19 years later challenging and warning his old crew members. Informants on the streets suggest that a disgusted Giacomello is beginning to run things under the nose of this new guy "Hollywood" because of the way things are getting. It is known that he is upset with the way he behaves. Giacomello is now too big for Hollywood to do anything about him, but he's giving this guy everything he's entitled to and is not causing a ruckus because those were his instructions from Carm, who is now out on bond and staying away from any street related business. As Ceresa and Giacomello scramble to reorganize their inner circles, the guy is out there making a spectacle of himself on the internet promoting his Algonquin pizzeria on Youtube. Giacomello suspects that Hollywood will eventually get shelved because of his behavior and prepares himself to take over the crew without making any political mistakes. He continues to loyally kick up to this guy Hollywood under the instruction of Polito for 3 years now. As the members chatter under their breath about the current confusion, Giacomello prepares to take the form of a leader among all his men beside Ceresa and Castiglione. Giacomello is currently a soldier in the Polito Crew in the Genovese Organized Crime Family.
  10. You've likely saved me thousands personality trait rolls. I hope to see this go very far.
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    The Polito Crew

    Reserved for our faction development after 6 months.
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    The Polito Crew

    Faction Lore Character Stories "Wrench" Giacomello "Bobby Boy" Castiglione "Gus" DiBartolo "Uncle Al" Palombella
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    The Polito Crew

    (2022 photo of the bond hearing for Carmelo Polito(middle) and his associates in a 2016 gambling bust)
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