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  1. I mean, IT IS up to them whether to enact it or not.
  2. Can I ask how strong is their presence is in New York? In term of population. I know Haitians would have strong presence due to many of them escaping the dictatorship of Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier but not the Jamaicans
  3. That's why they go in pair of two so one can speak in the radio while the other drivers
  4. Good point. I withdraw my previous idea and say Team Speak for government employees ONLY honestly VOIP in this kind of server might ruin it in my opinion.
  5. If that's the case I have a different idea: EITHER make 2 team speak servers 1 for Government Officials such as officers Fire Fighters Correctional Officers FBI agents and 1 for civilians which will be heavily regulated OR to the current team speak add civilian channels that none government officials can access but CANNOT move to government one
  6. I don't like the VOIP idea at all. Sure it might be helpful to like PD FD DOC and FBI but it will be better for text base
  7. Stop speeding through everyone's thoughts (bad joke/pun)
  8. due to personal reasons, I have changed it that anyone who wish to apply just need to message me here to tell me who they wish to apply for first come first get it
  9. Thanks for giving us this information
  10. I mean it'd be more or less realistic but okay
  11. No offense but won't it be better if it will be as it is IRL? I am asking out of confusion
  12. Question: Will it be the same as IRL where u go into court with an attorney for a trial and go through the same proceedings as IRL us court?
  13. It depends. either Gangrel or Tremere but was open for others too
  14. Usually Camarilla of the Masquerade
  15. While I won't say my personal name I go by Shar. I'm a gamer and RPER started RP back in middle school at D&D and World Of Darkness in Vampire: The Masquerade. I'm a video game and book enthusiast. I'm in my now late 20's
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