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  1. Username: Mark_White Comment: Let's hope it isnt another libtard replacing him. SAD!!!!
  2. ur so quirky and cool, i heard they're selling real personalities at walmart, you should go get yourself one ;D
  3. You have so much time on your hands... i respect it
  4. Interesting point of discussion here. On one hand, its very easy if both parties agree for a skip. On the other hand, there's only so much you can blame on "desync". If someone's going down times square at 100mph and crashes, that's not desync. I'm not really sure how better to approach it. But, I do think that "skipping" valid rp scenes shouldn't be allowed. If someone is going 100mph, then thats what they're doing icly and it should be treated as such.
  5. Hello Everyone! I'm Neo, faction leader of Vespucci University. As we progress closer to launch, we're wanting to push our idea of a fully connected network of legal factions (and businesses) through us. One of my main goals when I took over as faction leader was to create a system where ideally, all legal factions could be in someway connected, creating a network of cross-faction roleplay which isn't normally seen on a big scale in other communities. My idea for this is that each faction would have a representative who would come in on a weekly/biweekly basis and would host a class. EMT's could for example, come in and show off some equipment, host hands-on classes like basic life saving techniques, show off the ambulances. LSPD could come in and tell our students what it's like to be a cop, teach them the basics of policing, do a crash course etc. This would mean that, we could have people join VU, get some character development, take classes, maybe get an internship and then graduate into the faction of their choice with the development, skills, and history already cemented in the IC world. It could also allow other factions to screen for higher quality roleplayers if they get to see them in action, so to speak. This could also be interesting for business owners too. Obviously they wouldn't take classes, but anyone with a legal business who is interested could provide an internship program be that paid or unpaid. Law firms for example could take on interns and show them the ropes, stores could offer internships and show them the life of a retail worker. All in the sense to prepare the students for the world of work and build their resume. This topic can also serve as discussion to provide ideas and input based on how we should approach this also. That being said, if you have a legal faction or business and are interested in cross-faction roleplay and would like to host classes, offer internships etc, fire myself and/or @Scarecrow a PM and we'll see what can be done. We have a very interesting opportunity here for a lot of factions to work together to create high quality, interactive roleplay on a scale that hasn't been seen before. I hope you're all as excited as I am to take it. As always, if you want to join the faction, you can do so HERE If you want to learn more about the faction, you can do so HERE And if you would just like to join the discord, you can do so HERE
  6. I have to agree here, aside from the university being a crime free zone. This is a university after all. I fully expect minor drug use, the basketball team / fraternity / other (?) maybe roughing people up once in a while, etc etc etc. The beauty of university is, its SOMEWHAT legally gray. I have no plans to blanket ban anything, though my opinion on school shootings in particular IS leaning that way.
  7. It’s something i’m rather reluctant to allow tbh, the only instance i’d even consider it is it a faction member (and faction member only) had a very, very long history of roleplaying in a very high quality manner the mental decline of their character and shows very good reasoning for such a crime to occur. Highly unlikely i’ll ever want something like this to happen, but i’m not entirely closed off to the idea.
  8. let em advertise what they want. it’ll soon stop when arrests happen
  9. In lieu of Geo’s LOA, I’ll talk a little bit about this. Initially, The property team was divided into two sections - Property RPQM and Applications. Upon Joining, a player could make a choice as to which sub team they wanted to be a part of based on their own knowledge and skill set. When I joined PT and subsequently promoted to the assistant team lead, I decided that this format was counter intuitive and would inevitably lead to miscommunication within the team and i predicted an organisational nightmare, so i made it my first point of order to scrap the whole “two team” system in favour of a united property team in which all members would be trained in all normal duties of a property team member. In recent months, I’ve also began the process of scrapping the idea of “RPQM” in favour of a new system. At PT, we have no interest, desire or time to judge the actual roleplay quality of a certain property. It’s not worth the hassle and as such, I came up with “PRA” or “Property Regulation Assessment” PRA will exist not to determine if a property is up to roleplay standards or not, but rather to determine if a property fits within the mapping rules we have set out. We will have an internal document for our PT members to follow. This list will be comprehensive, in depth, and covering all basis of potential property violations. It will cover things to look out for and things to consider when conducting a PRA. There will not be room for interpretation. In saying this though, Im sure there will eventually be mapping violations that aren’t necessarily covered in the internal document because it may be a super specific scenario, in which case the final decision lies with Geo, Myself or K Money. I hope to make our internal guide in-depth enough to avoid such a situation from ever occurring though. In short, we’ve removed the old RPQM system which was highly subjective and replaced it with PRA - Property Regulation Assessments which will have no, or extremely little room for interpretation.
  10. Neo


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