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  1. As a soon-to-be LEO roleplayer here I'm gonna vouch for having TS used by LEO factions only and exclusively for pursuits ICly, everything else has to be roleplayed out, there's nothing much you can do to regulate things when it comes to metagaming with most VOIP implementations, even this phone thing that's being suggested. I think having it usable by LEO factions only puts a standard on those factions to obviously not metagame in IC teamspeak channels and its been the standard for way too long now to break away from it and allow everryone free unregulated access to this type of thing, simply put it's not feasible to have admins watch over every VOIP convo on the server to figure out if there's metagaming or not.
  2. Sir ur penal code is illegible in dark mode! On a more serious note though, same concerns as above, repeated offences mostly! As far as different types of LEO's go, it's overcomplicating things for the sake of overcomplicating things, for me: LCPD - deals with general penal code violations Fire Marshals - deal with fire code violations (soontm) mainly and if a serious felony happens in front of them they can and will enforce the penal code in that spectrum DOC - prison stuffs idk I didn't really pay attention to what is it that the correction people do FBI - its the mf FBI you can figure that out Times look short for serious offences to me too, and while I agree that it should stay that way at least until launch I am gonna advocate for a change in the near future once the server launched and it's settled in properly.
  3. This is really cool! I'm not over the moon about it, simply me being stuck in the old ways of actually having a meaningful character stored in the back of my head with human traits and emotions that characterize them but this is pretty good!
  4. This is basically everything you need to know if you want a start in MC culture - well done, could've probably formatted it better but that's the hater in me speaking
  5. Edit: I am also part of the faction support team now
  6. not chief fire marshal anymore ha nerd welcome back tho
  7. Community's mature enough to the point of realizing that highschool roleplay just dips into all out subpar roleplay if it happens. I'm not aware of any communities having tried it in the past, and only heard rumors of such but University should be the only thing actively being roleplayed on GTA roleplay in my opinion. I'm a strong believer the community should impose a 18+ only playerbase but I also understand that is almost impossible to do or regulate.
  8. I think he's generally referring them so that people can roleplay being in highschool (assuming we'll let people roleplay 16+), there should definitely not be a highschool roleplay institution on here though.
  9. Interesting viewpoint! I for one think we’ll have to wait and see what actually transpires at server launch. This isn’t realistically one of those things you can make assumptions on because although the discord has 2k members, a lot of people that might wanna join the server in the future may also not be part of the discord server, therefore giving an estimate on how many players there will be at launch is in my opinion, rather tough. I don’t speak for community management or anything but I think there’s definitely some intention to expand onto the existing script or simply create community engagement if the server starts slowly losing its playerbase. What LCRP strives for is creating a new roleplay environment and giving players a new era of roleplay overall, and I hope we can achieve that.
  10. I guess you're due an update! The month of January so far has been slow for me, progress has been outright mediocre at best but I'm still hopeful someday this beautiful project of mine will flourish. In the meanwhile, always looking for someone with LEO knowledge to help me out or just general knowledge you think might prove useful to the bureau. I personally lack on the LEO side myself. That's your dose of transparency for now, stay awesome, thank you for following the journey.
  11. another one of the nerds
  12. Update on this: work is being made on the Liberty City Fire Code, will resume work on the manuals and handbooks hopefully in the next week and a half or after the Holiday season is over. I am gonna be on LOA from the 23rd of December to the 9th of January so keep that in mind. Again, any issues, concerns, suggestions and feedback is welcome! Happy holidays.
  13. Safe to assume he's still not found a name then
  14. Username: HellGateFinest Comment: Spittin' straight facts, fuck off #fascistturner
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